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Here at Hope Wood School, there are seven years in total. There are four forms in each year. The letters of the forms correspond to the letters in the word Hope. So H O P and E. So if you are in year nine, and are in P, then you are in 9P. Okay? Okay. In each class there are an equal number of boys and girls. (So no clogging it up with just girls please!) There are 18 subjects in total.

Citizenship (you don't have Citizenship in year 7)

Science (Triple or double science once you reach year 10 - Physics, Chemistry and Biology.)

Spanish (compulsory for year 7-9)
French (year 8+)
German (year 9+)
Latin (year 10+)

MAD lessons

Technology (Textiles, Woodwork and Food technology)
Business Studies (year 9+)
ICT (This is not taught in years 8 and 9)

Years are

Year 7 - 11-12
Year 8 - 12-13
Year 9 - 13-14
Year 10 - 14-15
Year 11 - 15-16
Year 12 - 16-17
Year 13 - 17-18

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Appearance (no anime please):
Rank (Goth, nerd etc)
Fave. Subject:
Crush (year 8 upwards):
Close friends:

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Name: Akira
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Year: 9
Form: 9R
Personality: Sweet, bubbly, can be shy, caring, ambitious.
Rank: Nerd
Fave Subject: Music, Art and Drama.
Crush: Nobody to have one on. =/
Close friends: No people to be friends with. =|
Other: ---

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Name: Brielle
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Year: 9
Form: 9R
Appearance (no anime please): She's about 5 feet high, 2 inches. She has sandy-blonde hair and grey-blue eyes. She is very pale skinned, but has a bridge of nine freckles across her thin face. She is slim, but not skinny, nor pot-bellied. Her hands are usually drawn all over with ornate designs. She is healthy-looking figure-wise, but she rarely smiles.
Personality: Brielle is a shy girl. She doesn't say much, but she draws a lot. She has very advanced drawing skills, and a vivid imagination. She loves being alone, and might open up a bit to people who reach out to her. She knows things other people don't. She knows secrets of the school, and she knnows more about you than others do. She knows if you've been abused, or why you act the way you do. No-one really knows why she knows.
Rank: Newbie, weirdo, loner.
Fave. Subject: Art
Crush (year 8 upwards): ...
Close friends: ...
Other: She has a pet bird, which she keeps in her bag. It's a bluetit and it's name is Carrow. Carrow is actually a bird-shapeshifter, and can change into other birds.

Did I mention the school wasn't quite normal?

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No, you just said it was an average British school.

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