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Patty Smith Hall is at seekerville today

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message 1: by Ausjenny (new)

Ausjenny | 4955 comments Patty who shared her first book is coming out in July next year Hearts in Flight is in seekerville and her story is one you will want to read.

message 2: by Lyn (new)

Lyn (lyncote) | 1644 comments Mod
I can't keep track of all these new authors! Thanks for the headsup, Jenny.

message 3: by Ausjenny (new)

Ausjenny | 4955 comments It is hard isn't it but exciting too. I cant keep up with all the books.

message 4: by Patty (new)

Patty Hall | 211 comments Thanks so much for mentioning my blogpost, Ausjenny! I appreciate it!

message 5: by Ausjenny (new)

Ausjenny | 4955 comments Your welcome Patty. will have to get in contact with you to have you on my blog too.

message 6: by Patty (new)

Patty Hall | 211 comments I'd love that!

message 7: by Christine (new)

Christine Johnson | 1102 comments Thank you for sharing your call story, Patty. Very inspirational!

message 8: by JanetTronstad (new)

JanetTronstad Author Tronstad | 2759 comments Mod
I'm with Ausjenny on how exciting it is to have both Christine and Patty here -- woohoooo!

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