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A New Jane Porter Story From Dominique Adair

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AuthorIsland Today at www.CyberLaunchParty.blogspot.com, we're celebrating a new release in Dominique Adair's bestselling Jane Porter Series!

Who says three's a crowd?

HOT FOR TEACHER - A new Jane Porter Story from Dominique Adair

Entrepreneur, fashionista and submissive-in-training, Jane Porter is headed to New Orleans with her lovers, Antonio and Santos. Armed with an invitation to the exclusive Marché d’Esclave, a members-only pleasure club, Jane steps into a world where submissives are auctioned to new masters for training. Happy with her current masters, Jane has no intentions of going up on the block herself until she comes to face to face with a man she'd thought never to see again...

Among the patrons is the mysterious Archer, a master from Europe with legendary skills in the art of training. His submissives command the highest prices at auction and for those in search of a master, he is the one they crave. Intrigued by the beautiful Jane, he employs his considerable talents in the hopes of seducing her away from her lovers and returning to his home for a little higher education.

Will Jane resist temptation or will she accept Archer's invitation to explore more of the pleasure she's come to crave...

Warning: Extreme bondage, spanking, sexy men doing very naughty things to themselves and others, more spanking and the creative misuse of fruit.

Learn more at www.DominiqueAdair.com

WIN - Leave a comment for Dominique today at www.CyberLaunchParty.blogspot.com and your name will go in the hat for a prize from the AuthorIsland prize closet!

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