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The young royalty from many nations come together in a thrilling role play. The neighboring nations must unite to battle against their one enemy...Lenina...a very strong nation that has become an enemy of all our character's nations.

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Leslie rode her silver dappled mare, Rythm, into Resia's town square. She stopped the horse infront of a big, fancy building as a stable hand came to greet her and take her Rythm into the side stable. Leslie climbed the stairs gracefully and entered the "Royalty Hall". She stepped into a large room where three other teens sat patiently. "Hello everyone", Lelie smiled when someone pulled a chair out for her. "How is everyone?"

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Leah Kay | 42 comments Kisyona waits gracefully in the hall of royalty and greets the newest entering member

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((Will you be one of the teens?))

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Leah Kay | 42 comments (( yes))

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--Thanks! :)

Kids at the table:
Kade(Les's brother, 15 year old)

Leslie smiled brightly, "Shall we start? What is our topic today?"

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Leah Kay | 42 comments "It's about itme." said kisyona impationtly, "What took you so long?"

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Samantha sat there quietly, looking around.

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