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The Undead Heart

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message 1: by Tate (new)

Tate Jackson (tatejackson) | 1 comments So, here’s the thing. I spent so much time promoting The Undead Heart by Tate Jackson (me) after it was published that I kinda lost my train of thought. I had all kinds of awesome ideas for the next installment of The Blood Thirst Series but I didn’t take care of them like I should have and they all died {really, in my yard is a row of my ideas, all with plant tags on them to serve as their headstones. I had had hopes that they would grow back after my dog started watering them everyday but no such luck}. Now I need your help!
If you would like a chance to read your idea in my next novel then this blog is for you! You will have to read The Undead Heart to submit your ideas but unfortunately I can’t just give copies away {Amazon doesn’t like it and I can understand that. They’re running a business and they don’t make money by just giving books away}. But I came up with a compromise.
You can go to and get a copy of the Kindle version of The Undead Heart for $6.99 {a lot cheaper than the hard copy version at $18.99} and you don’t even have to have a kindle handheld device to get it! Amazon offers a Kindle PC eBook reader download for free on their site! They also offer a free download for Macs and free Kindle eBook reader apps for mobile phones! I promise that this is not a ploy to sell books {mostly because at $6.99 I’m only making $.09 per copy sold. YIPPEE!}.
I honestly need your help. I want you to read the book and send me your ideas for the second book in the series, Blood Thirst {little ideas, big ideas, ANY IDEAS AT ALL!!} You can send plot ideas or just things you’d like to see your favorite characters say or do. I need your ideas as quickly as possible because I’ve promised Blood Thirst would be out by March 2011 (that’s only 5 months away, folks}. Send your ideas to If I pick your idea I will (a.) give you full credit in the book for pulling my ass out of the fire, (b.) Stay in constant contact with you throughout the writing of Blood Thirst {just in case you have anymore great ideas I can pick from your brain}. (c.) Write you in as a character in Blood Thirst or the 3rd and last book in the series {I’ll leave that choice up to you). I’ll also send you a free hard copy of Blood Thirst when it’s released in March.
{The Undead Heart is not an erotica novel but does contain sex, adult language and adult humor. Parental discretion is advised}

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Bobbie I saw your book being talked about somewhere on
You might want to try this post over in that group
Book looks interesting might just pick it up myself

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