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 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) | 7314 comments Mod
Here is A.M. Wells, in her own words:

First, thanks, Danielle, for inviting me to be a part of this forum.

As a member of this group for quite some time now, most of you already know me by my real name, but have yet to get know A.M. Wells, the writer. I hope what follows will give you a bit more insight into who I am as a writer.

I am a newly published author with my first work, Susanna’s Heart, having been released this past May. I’m hard at work on my next story, a full length novel, Venus Revealed. I hope to see it in print before the end of 2012.


1. So how did you get into writing?

I was pushed literally into writing by a good friend who happens be
not only a brilliant multi-published writer but very giving of her time as well.

While developing one of her web sites,, I suggested she might want to add a page that would feature secondary/supporting characters from the book written in first person point of view. Her response was to suggest I do it. To which I responded no way, I’m not a writer. But she insisted. So I did. She liked what I wrote so much that she kept prodding/encouraging me to write something else.

I cringe now when I go back and read those words I first put to paper. But I also smile remembering if not for someone else seeing the writer in me I would have never set out on this wonderful journey.

2. How long have you been writing?

Going on five years now.

3. What was the first story you got published? How did you get it published?

Susanna’s Heart. I wrote it for a contest that I can’t remember the name. Anyway I submitted and nothing happened. So I set it aside and forgot about it. Then two years ago, I picked it up again, tweaked it and submitted it to three e-publishers. I got one quick, no, then another rejection which was very nice, but it still hurt. So I set the story aside again. Six months later I heard from Red Rose. The editor said she liked the story, pointed out what I needed to fix in order to resubmit to them. So I did the fixes and…nothing. Three months go by and I finally email the editor only to find out, you guessed it, that person was no longer there, but the new editor still liked the story. So after a few more changes, I was offered a contract. And that’s how I got my first story published.

4. What genres do you write in? What attracted you to those genres?

I would say that my writing does not fall into one particular genre. I mainly write contemporary fictions with romantic elements that feature interracial couples, wm/bw. I’ve even brought some paranormal aspects into my stories.

5. What inspires you as an author and why? Which writers have been influential on you and why?

Every day life inspires the stories I write. Dyanne Davis, Sandra Kitt, Sandra Brown, Lori Foster, just to name a few. What influenced me is each of their unique writing styles and their ability to weave really good stories that held my interest from page one to the end of the book.

6. So why do you write interracial romance?

I write the story as the character presents it to me.

7. Tell us about your current work.

I have several stories in varies stages of completion at the moment. But the one I’m most focused on is called Venus Revealed.

Venus as the name implies embodies the face and body of a goddess or so the hero, Anthony Denton, believes when he first sets eyes on her one night when he walks into the nightclub where Venus performs.

Venus Jones has never felt comfortable in her own skin and believes Anthony is merely enamored with a woman who only exists on stage. Her insecurity is only one of many obstacles that they must overcome on the road to finding true love.

8. What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

Join a critique group. Don’t take not so positive feedback as a personal insult, learn to listen. Be open to change, don’t get attached to every word you write.

Never, ever, under any circumstance give up on your dream. Write, write, write, and did I mention write, why because duh, you’re a writer and that’s what we do. Write.

9. What are your goals as a writer? Where do you see your writing career in five years?

My goals are:

1. To finish all of the WIP I’ve started, right now I’m at about twenty and counting
2. Continue to have my work published by submitting to both e-publishers and traditional publishers.
3. Build a fan base/readership.

Where do I see myself in five years? Exhausted, successful, and still happily horning my craft.

10. What message are you trying to convey through your writing? What do you want to say to your reading audience and future readers?

The message I’m trying to convey is that true love has no boundaries. In all of my stories my goal is to give the readers a good plot that has a beginning, a middle, and a happily ever after/happy for now ending. To my reading audience and future readers of my work all have to say is…thank you.

11. Who is your biggest role model in life? As a writer?

In life, my mother, grandmother, all my aunties. They each set the example for me of how I should live my life and that nothing was impossible if I just set my mind to it.

As a writer, without a doubt that would be Dyanne Davis. Not only is Dyanne a role model, but a dear friend to me. I will share with you the best advice she ever gave me. “Write, Brenda, write.”

12. Is there anything you want to ask the members of this group?

No, not at this moment.

13. Is there anything else you want us to know about you?

I love being a writer. I love the feedback I get from readers in response to my writing. This gift I’ve been given I hope to continue sharing with you the readers for years to come.

Stay tuned.

Thanks, A.M, for sharing yourself here with the members on the Fans of Interracial Romance group!

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A.M. | 349 comments Good afternoon all,

I thought I share some excepts from my WIPs. Below is the first of three I'll be sharing over the next fews days. Enjoy.


Excepts from WIP

Road to Damascus

Entering the kitchen Carissa found Jason loading the dishwasher. She watched as he carefully placed each plate on the rack. She couldn’t help but admire his muscular build and thought how sexy he looked in this domestic setting. She knew she really needed to stop this train of thought before…

“Hey, didn’t see you there.”

Carissa walked over to stand in front of him and noticed his disheveled hair. “I, I ah, came to...” On impulse she swept the dark brown locks back that hung low over his eyes, caressed his jaw and smiled up at him, "Much better."

Jason caught her hand and held it close to his heart. He looked down upon her lovely face as his head slowly lowered. He searched her golden eyes for a sign that he should retreat. Heaven help him, but this was more than lust, more than just wanting to the feel his lips firmly pressed against hers. No, this was the beginning and if she didn’t stop him, Jason knew he would never willing let her go.

Carissa ran her tongue across her top lip in anticipation. She couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe, his lips where mere centimeter away. Instinctively she tilted her head in open invitation as she gazed into his emerald eyes. At last, she sighed at the first soft tentative press of his lips to hers.

Jason kissed her with a tenderness that reawakened desires within him that for far too long had lain dormant. So sweet, this, Jason thought, was what had been missing all these years from his life, Carissa. He encircled her waist as he pulled her close and deepened the kiss.

Damn, this feels so good, so right. Carissa’s fears and anxieties melted away as she wrapped her arms around Jason’s neck and twined her fingers in his silken locks. She moaned softly when his tongue pressed at the seam of her mouth, her lips parted slightly just enough to grant him access. Who knew the lingering taste of fried chicken could stir such a wanton need within her very core. She sucked him in deeper, swirling her tongue around his. She could feel his growing desire pressing against her, fanning the flames of her own mounting passion. It was unlike anything she’d experienced before. Amazing, Carissa thought, how a kiss, his kiss, could wreak such havoc on her senses.

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 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) | 7314 comments Mod
A.M, it was great to read about your story as a writer. I look forward to reading Susannah's Heart, which I've already downloaded. Good idea to post excerpts!

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A.M. | 349 comments Thanks, Danielle. I'll be posting another except later today.

Also here's a link to my website:

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Vanessa Johnson (VanessaAJohnson) | 58 comments Hi A.M. Loved the excerpt and the interview. I'm also with RRP. I look forward to exploring more of your works. Continued blessings.

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Arch  | 6619 comments Mod
Thanks for posting the excerpt A.M.

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A.M. | 349 comments Thanks Vanessa, Arch.

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A.M. | 349 comments Happy friday, everyone. Below is first chapter of a short story.

Two Unexpected Loves
Chapter 1

He was being watched. Eli Kern sensed someone was in the room with him. He’d had the feeling since returning from the vending machine twenty minutes earlier. It was late, everyone had gone home for the day and the only other person on this floor was the cleaning lady. Looking up from the legal brief he had spent the last hour working on, he glanced about his office and found nothing seemed to be out of place.
Then he heard it, the sound was coming from underneath his desk. He pushed his chair back, bent down to investigate and was not prepared as he looked upon the most angelic of faces.
What in the world. Eli completely disarmed by a pair of sparkling blue eyes, café au latte skin, and head covered in light brown curls. A small hand covered her mouth to sniffle a giggle. He smiled then got down on his haunches.
“Hello, where did you come from?” Eli held out his hands.
As if it were the most natural of thing in the world to do, the little girl crawled from underneath the desk into his waiting arms. He scooped her in his arms then sat her on his desk away from the keyboard.
The little girl stared up at Eli in wonder then blessed him with a grin that transformed and lit up her entire face. She reached out with tiny hands and pulled Eli’s black rimmed glasses from his face then placed them on her own.
Eli laughed as she smiled up at him. He was completely smitten with the little tike. But how did she get here and who did she belong to?
It didn’t take long for the answer to come. The distressed feminine voice coming from just outside his office alerted him that it could only belong to the child’s mother.
“Gracie, honey where are you?”
“In here.” Eli called out.
Leigh Ann Jenkins stopped her frantic search and turned in the direction the voice coming from one of lawyer’s offices. Oh no, she thought now she would be in for it. Darn it, she couldn’t afford to loose this job. When her sitter canceled on her at the last minute having to take care of a family emergency, she’d had no choice but to bring Gracie to work with her.
Conference room she’d thought would be a safe place to leave the sleeping child on a blanket while she went about her work. Leigh Ann figured she would be finished cleaning the second floor law offices before Graces woke up. Several times, she’d checked on Gracie to find her sound asleep each time. Except for when she’d check this last time before putting the cleaning supplies away, Gracie was gone. Panic had immediately set in as she began frantic search of the offices for her child.
She took a deep breath as she entered the office and went straight to her daughter. She picked her up and held the child close as tears of relief linked from her eyes.
“Oh, Gracie, don’t ever scare Mommy like that again.”
Mommy, Eli looked at the women’s smooth brown skin then at the child she held tightly in her arms. She was petite, wearing jeans, a sweatshirt, and her long hair was pulled back in ponytail. She looked to be no more than a child herself. Then big brown eyes stared up into his and for a moment Eli found it hard to breathe as he watched as a tremulous smile formed on her full lips.
“Thank you. I’d check on her several times and she was sound asleep. I know I shouldn’t even have her here, but…”
Not wanting to hear any more, Eli held up his hand to silence her. What was she thinking? He thought he should fire her right here on the spot. Give her a good lecture on leaving her child untended. And he would have done just that, if not for his being distracted by Gracie who began to squirm in protest at being held so tight. Eli watch fascinated as her mother loosened her hold and Gracie reached her chubby arms out to him.
“Gracie no, we’ve taken up enough of Mr.—”
“Names Eli Kern,” he told her.
Taken aback, she gasped. “Oh, Mr. Kern, I didn’t realize. I mean I thought you’d be older.”
“It’s okay I get that a lot. May I?”
Leigh Ann reluctantly let him take Gracie. From the child’s excited chatter, Leigh Ann gathered she enjoyed being held in the handsome man’s arms.
Who wouldn’t? The man was tall, not quite six feet with brown hair and blue eyes just like Gracie’s. Leigh Ann closely observed him as he conversed with her daughter, realizing that this was the first time Gracie had experienced a male presences in her life. From the moment she’d felt her growing inside her, it had just been the two them.
“So Gracie, does your mommy have a name?” Eli directed his question to the child, but his eyes were on her mother.
“Ah, I’m sorry, Leigh Ann Jenkins, I come in three nights a week to clean.”
Eli held out his hand and said. “Well it’s nice to make both your acquaintance.”
Just barely touching the offered hand, before quickly releasing it, Leigh Ann took a step back. She tried to hide the panic the simple act had evoked in her. For a moment she closed her eyes then took a calming breathe. There is no danger here. When she opened her eyes she found concerned blues eyes staring back at her.
“You okay?” Eli asked.
“Yes, I am fine.”
“I’m sure. I skipped lunch, just felt light headed for minute. We really should be going.” Leigh Ann reached for her daughter, who protested being removed from Eli arms.
Gracie looked over her mother shoulders and waved good bye to Eli.
Halfway to the door Leigh Ann paused then turned. “I know it was wrong of me to bring her with me, but there was no one I could trust to leave her with on such short notice.”
“We’ll just over look it this time. Try not to let it happen again, okay.”
A bit puzzled, Leigh Ann could only nod her head in response before continuing out the office.
The site of Gracie grinning at him over her mother’s shoulder as she was carried out of the office had Eli grinning also. I must be getting soft in head.

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Dee (Joycee) | 103 comments AM,

this is great. Keep up the good work.


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A.M. | 349 comments Thank you, Dee.

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A.M. | 349 comments Good morning, wanted share one more chapter form Two Unexpected Loves. Enjoy

Chapter 2
Eli strolled through City Park, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air of the autumn day. After spending the morning in court, he had needed time to decompress before going back to the office. Taking a seat on a park bench, Eli loosened his tie, breathing deeply he closed his eyes and lift his face absorbing the warmth of the sun’s rays steaming though the golden leaves of the trees. A persistent tugging on his pant leg brought him out his musing. Looking down, Eli smiled in recognition of the toddler grinning up him.
“Gracie!” Eli lifted her up and sat on his lap.
Gracie began to babble while playing with his tie.
Eli glanced around and was not surprised in least to see Leigh Ann hurrying over to them.
“Grace Elizabeth Jenkins, what has gotten into you?” Leigh Ann admonished the child, but knew she really didn’t understand.
Gracie just stared up at her mother with a look of bewilderment then returned her attention to Eli’s tie.
Dear Lord what must he think of me and why in world has my child latched on this man of all people. Today she’d not bothered with the stroller, since they had taken the bus downtown to Gracie’s pediatrician which was just a short walk from the bus stop. It was such a nice day. Leigh Ann thought a detour through the park would be a nice excursion on their way home.
What joy Leigh Ann had felt watching her child examine a fallen leaf, sneak up a butterfly resting on a marigold, and delight over a doodle bug’s progress as it made its way over the gravel walk into the grass.
Then Gracie had spotted Eli sitting on a park bench, broke free of her mother’s hand and taken off running as fast her short chubby legs could carry her towards him.
“Relax, sit down, its okay.” Eli told her.
It was when she sat down Eli noted how stiff she sat with her back ram rode straight. Almost as if she where afraid they might touch, even placing the diaper bag between them like a wall.
That didn’t, however, deter him from also noticing how different she looked today, hair parted on the side and pulled back into a bun. The simple blue skirt and sweater with a white blouse underneath were he thought quite flattering to her petite figure. Eli’s gaze traveled further down to her smooth brown legs then back up to her hands tightly clasp in her lap, finally resting on her face and brown eyes that stared straight ahead.
On further observation, Eli came away with the impression that she dressed so as not to draw attention to herself. He sighed thinking she needn’t have bothered.
At that moment Gracie decided to crawl over the diaper bag into her mother’s waiting arms.
Witnessing Leigh Ann tousle the child’s curls then place a kiss on her forehead, gave Eli a feeling of unexpected warmth he never experienced before. He purposely stretched out his long legs and cleared his throat in an effort to refocus his thoughts away from the women sitting next to him. Eli readjusted his tie. “So, what brings the two you out today?”
“Gracie had a doctor’s appointment.”
“Why, what’s wrong with her?”
“Oh no she’s fine.” Leigh Ann relaxed a little at his show of genuine concern for Gracie’s well being. “It was her eighteen month check up.”
Eli studied Gracie closely, who was at that moment engrossed with exploring the diaper bag, looking up she rewarded him with toothy grin then patted his cheeks with tiny hands.
“Dada,” Gracie squealed.
“Oh, Gracie; Eli, Mr. Kern, I, I am so sorry.”
Leigh Ann gathered her child, the diaper bag and practically ran from the park.
Eli stared after them, wondering what the big deal was. Then realization struck him—dada, daddy.
Outside the park, Leigh Ann silently ordered herself slow down to a normal walk.
Gracie had sensed her mother’s distress and had become fretful and started to squirm in her mother’s arms.
“It’s okay, sweetie.” Leigh Ann kissed her baby then continued to speak soothingly to the child. She suddenly felt foolish for over reacting to Gracie’s innocent remark. A remark that had triggered memories of a dark period in her life that she’d strived to put behind her.
Don’t go there. Focus on the good in your life, on Gracie. Leigh Ann silently told herself before she started the short walk home. Their basement apartment was located in a well kept twenty year old row house about a block over from the park. After descending the steps, she reached in the diaper bag to retrieve her keys, but came up empty handed. Not wanting to panic or upset Gracie again, Leigh tried to think where she might have lost her keys, when a familiar masculine voice spoke from behind her.
“Looking for these?”

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Delaney Diamond (delaney_diamond) The short story is great. I especially like how you ended Chapter 2 with a hook. I can't wait to see what happens in Chapter 3!

message 13: by A.M. (new)

A.M. | 349 comments Delaney, Thank you so much, I'm glad you're enjoying the story.

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CaliGirlRae (rae_l) | 2002 comments Mod
Great short story, A.M. Gracie is so adorable!

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A.M. | 349 comments Rae, Thank you. Below is one more chapter. And I have question for you and the group.

This story started out as short, but has taken on a life of its own. I know it won't be erotic romance, because I am a prude and don't personally believe that when children are involved in a story that element should be brought in. Not that there is not the posiblitity that the main charters will not do the deed, but not in such graphic detail. Now that said my question is...what are your thoughts on sweet romances where children play apart in getting the two main charter together?

Enjoy the below,

Chapter 3

This is just not my day, Leigh Ann groaned as she slowly turned to face Eli. She should simply thank him, retrieve her keys, and send him on his way. However at the moment her feet seemed to be rooted to the spot. She was afraid to get closer for fear she would embarrass herself like she had earlier in the park. But what was most disconcerting was the way he was looking at her and sensations it stirred within her.
After a moment’s hesitation, Eli walked past her to take charge of the situation. He unlocked the door then scooped Gracie up in his arms and headed into the apartment. He glanced back over his shoulder. "Are you coming?"

As if I have choice. Leigh Ann followed them into the apartment. Now what, she stood by watching as Eli deposited Gracie in her play pen then removed her jacket.

Instead of leaving Eli closed the door then went into small galley kitchen.

"What are doing?" Leigh watched him as he rummaged through the cupboards and refrigerator.

"I’m starving, thought I’d fix us some lunch. What does Gracie normally have?"

"Now look!" Leigh Ann became annoyed. Though she’d been momentarily stuck on stupid, she didn’t need or want him fixing them lunch. Leigh was about to tell him just that. It would appear however her anger only brought an amused smile to his lips, which only served to irritate her even more. "What!"



"You’re beautiful when you’re angry"

"Oh, please that the oldest line in the book."

"But it’s so true. Here I thought you where this little mouse afraid of her own shadow" Eli took a step closer into her personnel space. "But you, Mrs. Jenkins, are no mouse".

"It’s Ms." Leigh Ann didn’t miss the gleam in his blues eyes that told her he already suspected that. "If you will excuse me, Gracie needs a diaper change and I…"

"I understand completely. While you’re doing that I’ll start lunch." he indicated the loaf of bread, sliced cheese, and two cans of vegetable soup he’d unearthed. "Grill cheese sandwiches and soup coming right up." Eli ushered her out of the kitchen.

"Fine," Leigh Ann spoke through greeted teeth before marching over to the play pen to lift Gracie out and carried her the short distance to the bedroom they shared just off the living room.

"Just who does he think he is? Bossy, arrogant," Leigh Ann mumbled as she changed Gracie’s diaper. "Coming in here taking over, this is my house. Well we certainly don’t need him, do we, Gracie."

"Dada," Gracie clapped her hands.

"Forget it, little girl, not going to happen." It was then Leigh Ann realized she was trying to reason with an 18 month old. How ridiculous, she thought. After all what was the big deal? It was only lunch and nothing would come of it.

Apparently Gracie had other ideas, to Leigh Ann’s dismay the little traitor refused to eat unless Eli fed her. She’d kept calling him dada which should have sent him running for the door, but didn’t seem to faze him one bit. He even let her feed him part of her grilled cheese sandwich. Leigh Ann found she couldn’t help but smile, as she watched the two of them interacting.

"Wow Gracie, would you look at that!" Eli exclaimed.

"What?" Leigh Ann glanced around the room trying to figure out what he was talking about until she realized he was staring directly at her.

"You should do that more often, it’s very becoming."

A bit taken aback at teasing, she also caught on to the fact that he was also flirting with her at the same time.

Not wanting to encourage him, Leigh Ann didn’t respond. Instead she chose to begin clearing the table. In the hope that he would take it as sign that it was time for him to leave.

"Here, I’ll help." Eli removed Gracie from her highchair.

"Down," Gracie commanded.

Eli set her on the floor and followed her as the she toddled over the coffee table picked up one of her books.

"Read, Dada, read."

"All right," Eli took the child by the hand and led her over to the sofa. After settling Gracie on his lap, Eli began to read to her.

His voice had soothing lulling quality, Leigh Ann noted as she listened to Eli read to her daughter while she went about tidying up the kitchen. More than once, she found glancing out into living room at the two. By the time Leigh had finished and come back out into living room he’d finished the story, Gracie was sound asleep.

"I’ll take her," Leigh Ann carried the sleeping child into the bedroom and placed her in her crib. Brushing her hand over the child soft curls, Leigh Ann leaned over and placed a kiss on Gracie’s cheek. She came out of the bedroom to find Eli putting his suit jacket on. "Well, I ah, thanks for—"

"Not necessary it was my pleasure," Eli replied then walked over to the desk in the corner. He picked up a sketch of Gracie as she slept, "You do this? It’s really good."

Leigh Ann said nothing as he laid the sketch back on the desk.

Eli then proceeded to examine the contents of her desk, the sketches and watercolors on the wall above. His curiosity satisfied, he walked back over to her.

"Listen, there’s a Fall Festival being held at the old fair grounds this weekend. So, what say I pick you and Gracie up around ten?"


"Why not?"

"Well for one thing you didn’t ask me."

"You don’t want to go?"

"I didn’t say that, I said you didn’t ask me and beside I don’t have a car seat."

"So, I’ll take care of the car seat and pick you both up at ten. Wear something warm." Before thinking better of it Eli bent down and placed a quick kiss on her lips then left.

Leigh Ann stared at the closed door long after he had departed. She touched her fingers to her lips and whispered. "Oh, Gracie, honey what have you done.

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CaliGirlRae (rae_l) | 2002 comments Mod
To answer your q, I'm not a huge fan of children in romance stories. I tend to avoid the ones that HQN puts out because I feel they're schmaltzy. mind can always be changed. I read Nitonni Chianni's Activity Partner and Layne Blacque's Worth Her Wait which both had children and I simply loved them! Both were sweet romances btw.

So, in saying that, definitely write the story the way you should feel. Minds can always be changed especially if the story is a well written one. I'm proof! Judging from what I read here, I would definitely read the story especially if it's sweet to sensual. Plus, I would feel comfy sharing it with my mom who I've converted to IR romance (hehe). Big pluses all around!

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CaliGirlRae (rae_l) | 2002 comments Mod
Oh! Forgot another one, Three Wishes by Seressia Glass had a child in it and that's another of my faves also. :-)

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A.M. | 349 comments Rae, I have read and own a copy of Three Wishes. Will have to check the two you mention out.

Thanks for your input and encouragement.

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CaliGirlRae (rae_l) | 2002 comments Mod
Excellent! Hope you enjoy them. And np! :-)

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A.M. | 349 comments Also, if you haven't checked out the first chapter of Susanna's Heart, here's the link.


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