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((where is this taking place?))

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((dc and area around it))

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Katrina was at the Four Seasons Hotel in D.C. The people there knew her so well (which might be a bad thing in her profession) that they let her stay for free. She had just finished a mission offer for an undercover group. She needed a break.

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Annabelle left the Langley, VA CIA headquarters and drove back to her apartment in DC

Mason was on a flight back to the US from England. He had just been transferred

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She walked out into the veranda and looked over the beautiful sky. It was a really bright day.

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Belle got to her apartment soon after

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Katrina decided to head down to a certain restaurant. The Gizzo was a really nice place. She got into her Cayman S (by Porshe) and drove there. She was walking down when she bumped into a person who was probably walking into the apartments next door.

"I am so sorry!"she apologized quickly.

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"Oh no it's fine." Annabelle said

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Katrina smiled. This person looked familiar though. Like she seen her on one of her custom missions.

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Annabelle felt like She knew Katrina. She didn't say anything though

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Kat slipped around her and went into Gizzo.

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Belle went into her building

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After lunch, Katrina still couldn't relax. She needed to do...something. She drove to the closest theater and watched "Conviction". But she was still fidgety.

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Belle did some paperwork before leaving her house to go to her old spy school where her mom was the headmistress.

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Mason's flight landed in DC. He had come a few days early and went to check himself in at the Four Seasons Hotel before the CIA told him where he would now be living

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Kat called her mom and talked for a few minutes. Her forever busy mom didn't really ever have time to talk. Soon she decided to go back to the hotel. When she got there,though, she realized she forgot her cardkey in the room. Slapping her forehead, she came down to the lobby where she saw someone checking in. He looked about her age, and somehow when she saw him, she had a sudden flash of her bumping into the woman by Gizzo. She shook her head, telling herself that there was no possible connection.

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Mason grabbed his cardkey and smiled at the women behind the desk. "Thank you." he said

Annabelle pulled into the visitor parking lot after being checked over by the security guards at the front gate of the school

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Kat asked the guy behind the desk for a spare and he gave her one. This card looked a little different somehow. Or maybe she was being paranoid. It worked, so no big deal.

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Mason walked over to the elevator

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Kat went in and plopped onto her four poster bed. What regalia! She didn't realize it, but she fell asleep. And her hotel room door wasn't completely closed...

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Mason walked to his room and saw a door slightly ajar. He looked in and saw Kat. He knocked quietly

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Kat was a light sleeper. She heard a noise and groggily got up. When she saw someone in her doorway, she freaked out for a second, and then hissed, "Who are you? Get out!" Then she realized it was the guy at the lobby. Strange...

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"I'm sorry." Mason said even though he wasn't, "I just saw the door opened and wanted to let you know."

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Kat read his emotions and said angrily, "Fine, then leave!"

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Mason grinned, "will do, Kat." he started to leave

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Kat's breath stopped in her throat. How did he know her name? She ran after him as he walked down the halfway. "Stop, stop!" She asked, "How do you know who I am?" She would have been less frightened if he said Katrina or something, but Kat was only used by her closest group of people.

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"Lucky guess." Mason smirked. Truth is he had to tail her once when she did a CIA job

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Kat stared him in the face for a second before muttering 'liar' and walking back to her room. Complete with a slam of her door. She was still afraid, but she didn't want to show it.

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Mason grinned and went into his room, the one next to hers

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((omigod! next to hers?))

Kat couldn't sleep the whole night. One solution. Check out, right now. Kat's room was specifically hers, and didn't matter if she left stuff in there. But this time, she took all her important things, ID's, permits, anything with her information on it. She put the handbag over her shoulder and closed the door, quietly, with no sound, like the spy she was. And she walked out the lobby door, and drove off in her Porche, just like that.

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Mason heard her leave. She may have been a spy and left quietly but he had been trained well and knew what to listen for. He wondered who shee was currently working for

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Kat didn't know where she was driving, but she just drove. If he knew her name, did he also know what she did? Most of her private missions weren't illegal, but they could be.

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Mason took out his laptop. He pulled up an old file from a case he worked on when he had first graduated the spy school

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Kat stopped right in front of a neon club and sighed. She used to have a nightlife. She stayed like that for a while. Tomorrow was research.

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Annabelle got home after meeting with her mom. She did not understand why her mom wanted her at the schools welcome back dinner. She had graduated years ago and had never gone back for the welcome back dinners

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Kat drove to an old hotel. It was dingy, but only until she could find another place. She started researching this person who knew her name.

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Mason emailed the director at the CIA letting him know he was back in town early

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