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message 1: by Brent (new)

Brent I just finished The Old Man and the Sea last week. I read it sort of as a break from everything else I have been doing.
Now I totally understand why this book is as highly regarded as it is.
Just like anything else with Hemingway, so simple, yet there's so much going on beneath the surface of the words.

message 2: by Gary (new)

Gary | 400 comments Mod
I have read this book numerous times,and love it, love it, love it.
Did it for my bookclub,and some members also hated it, but others loved it. Took me 7 years to get them to do another Hemingway novel. We did A FAREWELL TO ARMS,and it got more favorable reviews in the group, but still lots of criticisms. I just think Hemingway is amazing. Always have. Nothing changes my mind. You hit the nail on the head, Brent, so simple, yet so much to say between those lines of prose!

message 3: by Historybuff93 (new)

Historybuff93 | 1 comments I agree! The Old Man and the Sea is one of my all-time favorite books. It is one of the books that I continually re-read. Hemingway's prose is brilliant, and has been a major influence on my own writing.

message 4: by Brent (new)

Brent I love Hemingway's commentary on life here, how once you've worked your ass off and reeled in the big fish...the sharks start circling. They attack and attack, and even though he was in no shape to fight them off, he kept fighting.

message 5: by John (new)

John Karr (karr) | 21 comments For me, it's Hemingway's best work.

message 6: by G. (new)

G. (geewhiz) | 17 comments This is my favorite Hemingway, as well. Quietly deserving of the Nobel Prize.

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