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message 1: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 37 comments Saffy looked around her as the flames from her portal fire died down around her. A few tounges of flame stuck to her clothes and backpack.

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Bella Crystal calmly flew above the forest, making noise only when flapping her wings.

Rynn mounted Arokh and petted his neck "Lets fly!" she said. Arokh nodded "As you please, Rynn." he said in his deep voice and flew off with her on his back, until she told him to stop somewhere.

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Rynn sat back on Arokh and he started landing, soon already fully stepping to the ground. He folded his wings back, closed and pushed up with his hind legs for Rynn to jump off. She landed on the ground and looked around her. She took a deep breath and let it out, sniffing the cool fresh forest air. Arokh flapped his wings and looked at Rynn.

message 4: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 37 comments Saffy ventured forward, stopping right at the edge of a clearing.

message 5: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 37 comments She peered out through the trees, seeing someone.

message 6: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 37 comments ((*sighs* Well, there needs to be some interaction, so too bad for Marindrader.))

Saffy slowly contined forward, unsure if the person was good or bad.

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Rynn looked around her and took a deep breath. She took out her Wooden Bow and loaded it with a fire arrow. She aimed high up and shot it. It landed right in front of Saffy and the fire kept on for a few minutes, but not starting any forest fire. Rynn was just looking for some life, if there was any.

Arokh looked at her and flicked his tail left and right, saying in his deep voice "Life searching, huh?" he asked. Rynn turned at him "Sure I am.. This place seems empty, but probably there are other beings around here, maybe humans also." she took back her Wooden Bow on her back and clapped her hands to take off the 'dust' off them. Arokh looked up and roared loudly so someone could hear him.

message 8: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 37 comments Saffy plucked the flaming arrow out of the ground, not minding the least bit when the flames licked her hands. She turned around, heading torwards where the arrow- and the roaring sound- had come from.

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Arokh kicks his hind legs one by one, kicking the dirt behind him. He looked at Rynn.

Rynn looked around and heard bronches breaking, bushes moving. It was it! She found some life in the woods, but was unsure what it was, so for self protection she took out the Rune Blade and waited if that someone was danger or not.

message 10: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 37 comments She stepped out into a clearing and her hand flew to the hilt of her sword when she saw the other blade.

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Rynn saw the girl and held her Rune Blade in case "Who are you?" she asked.

Arokh stood behind Rynn, looking at the new person. His wings spreaded high up, he waited.

message 12: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 37 comments "I am a daughter of the one and only true king. I won't attack you, if that's why you have out your sword. And you are?"

((By the one and only true king she means God.))

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments (( yeah, I know. ))

Rynn slowly put back her sword "Your name first." she said as Arokh slowly stepped beside Rynn and looked down at the girl.

message 14: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 37 comments "Sappheire, but everyone calls me Saffy." She relaxed a bit, knowing that the sword was away. She was still a bit wary, though.

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Rynn raised a brow "My name is Rynn, Elder Breed Dragon dragon rider." she said "And this is my dragon Arokh." she said looking up at him. Arokh looked at Saffy, but stayed silent. He curled his tail. Rynn put up a hand and Arokh stopped from the move he was about to make.

message 16: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 37 comments "It is nice to meet you, Rynn." She then looked over at the dragon. "And it is an honer to meet you, noble dragon."

((I think that keeping on the good side of a dragon is a good idea.))

message 17: by Diamond_the_ancient (last edited Oct 15, 2010 01:11PM) (new)

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments (( he is the last Dragon of the Order, so he isn't evil. Have you played Drakan? ))

Rynn smiled "Its an honor to meet you, daughter of the God." she said with respect at her.

Arokh grinned "Pleasure to meet you, Sappheire." he said in his deep voice. Although it was known that his kind don't speak, this would probably suprise the girl.

message 18: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 37 comments ((No, but I know a bit about dragons. Have you ever read the Dragons in our Midst series?))

She shifted her backpack straps, making her wings more comfortable. "Do you know what dimension this is?"

message 19: by Diamond_the_ancient (last edited Oct 15, 2010 01:15PM) (new)

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments (( No... But you gotta try out Drakan, you wont be sorry.. I'm not that much at books though.. ))

Rynn lifted her shoulders "No, I'm just exploring new lands." she said.

Arokh waved his tail behind him and looked at Rynn "Somewhere here is the last Gateway to Surdona, Rynn." he said in his deep voice.

Rynn put a hand up again "Arokh, we are going tomorrow." she said firmly.

Arokh lowered his head and obeyed.

message 20: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 37 comments "Surdona?" she asked, intrigued.

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Rynn nodded "Yeah, we had a call from that town. We need to awaken the Dragon Mother." she said.

Arokh tilted his head in annoyance of Rynn sharing too much information, but he couldn't protest againts her, they were already blood-bonded, so he had no choice but to listen to her.

message 22: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 37 comments ((gtg))

"I've not heard of there..."

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments (( kk ))

Rynn noticed Arokh's annoyance and looked at Saffy "I think that was enough for you to know.." she pointed with her head at Arokh.

Arokh noticed, but pretented he didn't saw anything, so he lifted his head and looked at them.

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Arokh heard a noise and looked at Rynn. She gave him premission with nodding and he flew after the person. He silently landed and walked over to the human.

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Arokh stood a few cantimeters away from the girl, his wings spreaded high up.

Rynn looked at Saffy "Wait here." she ran after Arokh, to come out to another person.

Arokh looked at the girl and stepped forward once.

Rynn swiftly stood between them, few steps away from Arokh and put up a hand.

Arokh lowered his head and stopped, obeying.

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments (( whats wrong with that? Rynn wants to find more people, and tries to keep Arokh from making a wrong move when meeting them... idk whats the problem... O.O ))

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments (( servants? lol, no! Rynn is just looking for more life, cuz the forest seems too lonely for her, so she wants someone to talk to and meet new people before her journey on the next day. lol, no servants, she aint that stupid to come up with that xD ))

Arokh stood still.

Rynn turned around at the girl "Hello. Its good to see more life in this place, I thought only me and Arokh were the only ones." she blinked once fast "Oh, by the way, my name is Rynn." she said with a smile.

Arokh stood silent.

message 28: by Diamond_the_ancient (last edited Oct 15, 2010 01:53PM) (new)

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Rynn raised a brow "Kill you? Not in any chance.." she said. She rolled her eyes "So, anything interesting you would like to add about yourself?" she asked in curiousity.

Arokh rolled his eyes.

message 29: by Diamond_the_ancient (last edited Oct 15, 2010 01:59PM) (new)

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments (( Male dragon. Check out the characters, you'll find his info and click on the link for the pic. ))

Rynn nodded "Ok..." she looked at her staring at Arokh.

Arokh stared back.

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Rynn wided her eyes and looked at Arokh "Wow, she is weird... Lets go." she got on him and they flew off, but would be back at sunset.

message 31: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 37 comments ((sorry I was gone all of today. Yesterday I went to the bookstore and bought The Lost Hero... I didn't want to stop reading. And then today I went to visit a college with my family- for my brother, not me. The icecream place wasn't even open. So what happened?))

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments (( well, Rynn and Arokh went after Mariande... whatever, and then they flew off, but would be back to your charrie 'till sunset ))

message 33: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 37 comments ((k))

Saffy climbed one of the large trees, barely touching each branch before she was up on the next.

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Rynn decided to stop and go back to Saffy, though she almost forgot about her. She sat back on Arokh "Back to Saffy." she ordered him. Arokh nodded and circled back, soon seeing her on the top of the trees. Rynn half-yells "Hey, hows it going up there?" she waves.

message 35: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 37 comments She looked up and smiled. "Quite well. And you?"

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Rynn smiled "Good." she raised her hands in the air and stretched, leaning to the left, looking like she is about to fall. Arokh keeps his balance while flying.

message 37: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 37 comments "Careful up there. Falling wouldn't be good."

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Rynn retrieves her balance up on Arokh's back "A little magic would help to keep me up here." she laughed "Don't worry, our bonding made magic that would hold me up here even if I do Belly Dance." she giggled.

Arokh rolled his eyes "I would love to see you try it." he laughed also, saying in his deep voice.

message 39: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 37 comments "You don't seem to be the belly dancing type."

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Rynn rolled her eyes and sat back on Arokh. He landed and Rynn jumped off him. She looked up "Wanna bet?" she grinned.

Arokh looked back up and saw it was getting dark "Get on with the dance, Rynn, 'cause tomorrow we need to get up early." he said.

message 41: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 37 comments Saffy smiled. "I don't bet, but this could be interesting." she climbed down the tree, gracefully jumping from branch to branch.

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Rynn noticed its getting dark also and looked at Arokh "Go get some woods to set up a fire for the night." she ordered him. She then looked at Saffy and raised a brow "Ladies first!" she proposed, with a light bow, waving her hand and putting it againts her belly.

Arokh nodded at Rynn and flew off.

message 43: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 37 comments "I'm not going to do a belly dance, but you have fun." she smiled, watching.

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Rynn smiled "Instead of a belly dance, why not trying out some fighting skills?" she raised a brow with a smirk.

message 45: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 37 comments "Alright then. A spar. Swords or no swords?" she asked, eyes bright.

message 46: by Diamond_the_ancient (last edited Oct 17, 2010 12:19PM) (new)

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Rynn took out her Rune Blade and a rift crystal that shined like thousends of stars in blue "Swords.." she said, her eyes reflecting the light. She putted the crystal at the bottom of the sword in a claw-like post. The blade's ancient signs lighted in blue all over it and she looked at Saffy "This is just an addition, its no cheating, BUT it gives me +100 in battles AND I used it to take down Navaros." she grinned and waved her Rune Blade around.

Arokh sensed the activation of the sword, but noticed it was just training, so he kept on his search.

message 47: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 37 comments Saffy pulled Excalibur out of it's sheath. "One moment before we start..." she took off her backpack, placing it on the edge of the clearing, and spread her wings.

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Rynn looked at her and waited, but noticed her wings "No flying." she said with a brow raised.

message 49: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 37 comments "I didn't plan on it." Excalibur glowed softly in her hands.

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Rynn nodded and walked in circles, waving the Rune Blade, her naked belly moving in such ease, making careful steps "You are first." she said, preparing herself for the strike.

(( btw I hope you saw her pic and her clothing to know what I mean by 'her naked belly' :) ))

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