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Haroun > Speech v. Silence: Ch. 7 - 10

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message 1: by Diana (new)

Diana | 19 comments Mod
How has our reading and discussion influenced your thinking on the following topic?

What is the value of speech? What is the value of silence? Is one more important than the other?

Support your thinking with specific references to characters, events, and quotations in Haroun (Ch. 7 - 10). Read, and build on what your classmates say before posting (rather than repeating what's already been said).

I also encourage you to incorporate connections to other stories, fictional and/or real (e.g. historical).

message 2: by J. (new)

J. Ni | 11 comments The value of speech is that it allows us to communicate. Speech is an invention that makes humans human, since this is the development that allowed civilization to spring forth.
The value of silence is that you can hear what other people say. Silence allows those who talk to much to let those who don't talk as much talk. It opens your eyes [ears, actually] to things you wouldn't have noticed when you were talking.

Both of them are equally important. One would need speech and silence to learn. Speech is the foundation of civilization, yet silence is what allows for ideas of civilization to be heard. Many people may think that silence is bad, which is portrayed by Khattum shud and Bezaban, but Mudra is the good representation of silence. He shows Haroun that 'silence had its own beauty and grace (just as speech could be graceless and ugly' (Pg. 125) Thus, I believe that both these qualities are equally important.

message 3: by Richard (new)

Richard | 11 comments I think that speech and silence's values can vary. For example, speech can be bad, and good. It is the same for silence. When you speak, you can say bad things, or good things. In the book, Princess Batcheat has a terrible singing voice. That shows that speech isn't always good. But, if you didn't have speech, which the Gups love, then we wouldn't be able to communicate, or share ideas. Silence also has values. You have to be silent to listen to the other person talk. However, silence and speech can be used simultaneously. One example is when Mudra uses the ancient gesture language, Ahbinaya. He was silent, but he used gestures to communicate. I think that speech is important, but not as important as silence, because speech is used to communicate, but if you communicate with gesture language, you can combine the ability to communicate and be silent at the same time.

message 4: by Nick (new)

Nick Blake | 10 comments Like how I posted on my other response, speech and silence are equal. They are both important, and socially they make up our lives. The true knowledge needed is when to be silent and when to speak. This balance is important. Silence can be valued as beautiful, interesting, and a form of art in a way. When Mudra and his shadow are dancing, Rushdie tells it in a poetic form. The way they fight sounds beautiful, more beautiful than words can be.
Speech also have values, but they are different. Even though silence is beautiful, speech can have its values. For instance, words can inspire and motivate people. It is communication, which without, Haroun would never have known to drink the wishwater. I think that also Rashid inspires with his stories. But they are both equally important and should be treated that way.

message 5: by Hadar (last edited Oct 11, 2010 06:27PM) (new)

Hadar | 5 comments The value of speech is that it allows us to share ideas and knowledge. it helps us get messages across to each other and it's very important.without it, the world would be going crazy, but you also need silence. you need someone there to listen to what you're saying, to listen to your ideas and knowledge, or else you speaking and communicating has no point or meaning. that's why silence is also very important. a lot of feelings and emotions can be shown with silence. for example, if someone asks you a question, and you're ashamed of your answer. staying silent can answer the question without having to say a word at all.
this is why they are both equally valuable. because without the Chups, there would be no Gups to compare to. if there was no sea of stories, there would be no need for K-S.

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