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Haroun > Practicality v. Imagination: Ch. 7 - 10

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message 1: by Diana (new)

Diana | 18 comments Mod
How has our reading and discussion influenced your thinking on the following topic?

Is it more valuable to be practical, or to be imaginative? Why?

Support your ideas with specific references to characters, events, and quotations in Haroun (Ch. 7 - 10). Read, and build on what your classmates say before posting (rather than repeating what's already been said).

I also encourage you to incorporate connections to other stories, fictional and/or real (e.g. historical).

message 2: by Iaan Song (new)

Iaan Song | 13 comments Nowdays, people like to think practical about a situation. However, I strongly believe that people should be imaginative as well. In our story Haroun, Haroun sometimes finds himself in a situation where he has to make a wish. He also reminds himself that he has to "wish harder". I think we can really interpret that phrase as: "Imagine clearer of what you're wishing for". I think it is appropriate to interpret it that way because, making a wish is like writing a letter to the wish maker. Since the wish maker is not you, you have to express it clear enough so that the wish maker grants exactly what you want him to do. Therefore, it is not always bad to be imaginative. Therefore, I believe that we should value the imaginative thoughts more than the practical thoughts, since we already know how to be "real"

message 3: by Kate (new)

Kate Becker | 2 comments I think you need to be practical and also have imagination. If everything was built off of imagination, nothing would make sense. We would all be living in other people's thoughts and ideas and none of our own. We need some imagination, but we also need to be practical. In order to survive properly we need to do certain things. I think there needs to be a certain balance of each. For example, in the sad city there was almost no imagination. The city was always depressing and even forgot its own name. If there was even a small bit of imagination in the town, besides Rashid then i think the city wouldn't have been so sad.

message 4: by Guy (new)

Guy | 11 comments I believe that both being practical and imaginative is important. An example from the book of this is when Haroun wished for the sun to rise on the dark side, making all the shadows melt. He was practical in the sense that when a shadow is directly below a light, it will become very small. He was imaginative when he decided to wish for the sun to be that light. A real world example is when you are writing a fictional book. You have to be imaginative for it to be interesting. But for the book to be published and written at all, you must be practical. In conclusion, both are necessities.

message 5: by Hannah (last edited Oct 12, 2010 04:25PM) (new)

Hannah | 10 comments Living in our society (not some Kahani or Sad City) it is important to be both practical and imaginative. If everything you did was based off of your imagination not only would things not make sense but, they wouldn't be true. If everything was practical then, nothing would be interesting; and no one wants to live a boring life (other than Mr.Sengupta). Another issue with being completely practical in the book was that, Rashid was so involved in telling his made up stories that he forgot about Soraya and Haroun. A real world example is when you're being interviewed. In the interview you must be pracical and show that you are serious but also a little imaginative by showing ideas that could help and also showing that you're not just a robot.

message 6: by Noga (new)

Noga | 10 comments I think that it is very valuable to be both imaginative and practical. In our everyday lives, we use our imagination but we also know that our creations need to be practical. This is also applied in the book, because as we know, Rashid is very imaginative when creating stories, but also practical because he relates many things to real life. The Chupwalas are also imaginative, because they came up with the Dark Ship, with the poison buckets, cranes, etc, yet they are still practical. If everything we invented was just practical without an imaginative twist, nothing would ever be fun or interesting; this is why we want to be imaginative and creative, and why it's important.

message 7: by William (new)

William K | 9 comments I believe its good to be both practical and imaginative. People love to use our imagination, it takes our focus off of reality, which most of the time is worse then our imaginary idea. In the book, Haroun imagined the sun coming out in Chup, and wished with all his might, and it came true. This is an example of him using his imagination to create a good wish. But it is also good to be practical, because you have to accept reality even when you dont want to, because u cant be stuck in an imagination. You have to be practical and come up with the best possible solutions for every problem, so bother are necessities of life.

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