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will Bella be a vampire?

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Laura Ok. I just finished all three books this last week.. i know I am behind, anyway, i just can't see how Stephenie will make her a vampire. It doesnt seem to work. ANy thoughts?

Emma  Blue I would love it if she did, but it's just not going to happen.

Brooke bella cant be a vanpire, theres too many problums with it.
like for one, she cant stand the smell of blood, and jacob and her will never work, pluss she worries to much about charlie&& theres a TON MORE!

Ashley wow! you read ALL three books in one week?

Wendy But of course! If not, the journey is for nothing. Heck, I want to be a vampire now!

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I really doubt it. Bella, being her, will be like C'MON CHANGE ME and then once Edward says he will she'll be like, no, I can't do this to charlie and renee and jacob...

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Its easy to do that, I read all three books in one day.

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Jeanne I don't know what her ability will be or if she will have one but I think she will be more powerful in general than the Cullens originally thought. I think it will shock the Cullens and maybe she will become the threat to everyone?
However I have doubt if she will become a vampire because she hates the smell of blood but also I think in the way SM has portrayed the way a vampire is in the first few years after they're turned, gives me doubts as to whether SM will want Bella to go through that. However in regards to my point about her being more powerful, I can see her being turned and instead of giving into the pain she realised she has more power, she's different and instead she overcomes it and surprises everyone by it.

Kate I can see it both ways...

First of all, she kind of has to become a vampire because of the Voulturi. If she doesn't they will kill them all. And if she doesn't, she will grow old, and she can't stand the thought of being older than Edward (well, in appearance, he is already waaay older than her). To her, this is the only way for them to be together, at least, at the moment.

On the other hand, if she becomes a vampire, the treaty will be broken, and there won't be any more friendly terms with the werewolfs, if there was any in the first place. Her friendship with Jacob will never be the same, especially if she stays with Edward. And there's her family: she can't just leave them.

It's kind of a lose/lose situation. Personally, I want her to become a vampire and be with Edward, but I don't know how Meyer is going to pull everything together. I can't think of how she can piece it all together without some trouble involved. And that worries me....

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Marie Seriously, I hope you guys are wrong! Bella needs to be a vampire. What about poor Edward, he's just so perfect. Man, I would even turn into a damn vampire for him. I mean I can understand her being worried about her family and friends and everything, but the way they love each other and everything they've been through, I think its only right that they both end up happy together. If she doesn't become a vampire and marry Edward I'm going to hate these books. Hard to believe since I've been waiting since May for the fourth book to come out and its driving me crazy to know what's going to happen next. However, I am hoping for a happy ending. Well I'm hoping for the happy ending that I've been thinking about since she first fell in love with Edward and the whole idea of her becoming a vampire came up. But anyway, I've been reading things about what people think is going to happen in the book and little trailers about what is believed to happen... but to be honest, it's only making the wait worse then it has to be. At the end though I do feel bad for Bella because this is a tough decision, but she loves Edward and I am hoping that she does end up with him as a vampire. Actually, scratch the hoping part, I'm wishing. Ha-Ha So yeah, that's what I think.

Cassy Kennedy Belle will be a vampire. She and the Cullens just wont be allowed to go to Forks anymore.

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Here is my take. I think Bella will become a vampire. In New Moon they proved they can't live without each other. I do, however, think something will happen at the wedding. Jacob will get involved. I feel that Jacob will die in the end trying to save Bella from making eternal mistake. Someone has to die...It is too "Romeo and Juliet" for there not to be a death. I think Bella's mother will get involved somehow. She has hardly made an appearance. Also..another take... Maybe Charlie is part Native American and Bella can't be changed...It doesn't work. However it is resolved, Stephenie Meyer will have Bella and Edward live happily ever after. She owes it to her fans. We have all suffered too much with Bella and Edward.

Kayla I think something will happen where her vampireness will keep being postponed or something, or maybe she gets kidnapped by an evil vampire or something. Besides, I would rather be surprised and have the story go on and on and on and on, wouldn't you?

Kayla Maybe she might get cold feet at the last minute, and run away, and Edward is so heartbroken that he doesn't follow her. THat would be so not cool.

Kayla omigosh I love Stephenie Meyer! She went to BYU!! That's where I'm going. (GO MORMON GIRLS!!)

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Lori Jane

I think we are passed Romeo and Juliet at this point. I mean, New Moon was a 'close-call' Romeo and Juliet fate. This will be different. On your view of Bella not being able to be changed; She has proven in Twilight that she can.

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Dani I think she will. But I guess she only has one more book left so it will be hard to have that happen. I'll be dissapointed if she doesn't become a vampire though.

Marie I know, just thinking about the possibility of Bella not being turned into a Vampire gets me all depressed and a bit upset too, and it'll be even more disappointing if she doesn't end up marrying Edward. But what can we do, nothing, just wait. I'm counting the days though, waiting for the book to come out. And wow, does it seem like the days are growing way too long ha-ha. Anyways, I don't know. Do you really think that Jacob will die or try to get involved with the wedding or the whole vampire change with Bella and Edward? It seems so unlikely. I mean, I know he's hurting and all but remember at the end of the third book how he told her no matter what he just wanted her to be happy. Honestly, I'm hoping no one dies. I just want my happy ending, and who knows, maybe Jacob will find his one true love like the rest of the pack. It could happen. Its not like it was Bella anyway. Maybe there's someone out there for him. If we're lucky, Stephenie Meyer will continue to write about Bella and Edward. About how life will be for them if, "once" Bella is turned into a vampire and they are married. This just can't be the last book. There has to be more. The books are so addicting. Do you think she'll just leave us at that? With four books and nothing else to continue the story of how life turns out for them? (Gosh, I hope not!) We'll just have to wait and see...

Hanna hehe. I read it in like three days. :)
i tend to become.... slightly obsessed with things like this.

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Lily me too, the book is the best, i think that Bella will so become a vampire, after all, didnt she just send out wedding invitations? Edward said that if she married him, then he would turn her into a vampire...

Kayla Yeah, I think that maybe she'll be a vampire eventually but since she can't stand the smell of blood she'll not even be tempted or anything. She'll be an even weirder brand of vampire than the Cullens.
Oh and she'll get jealous of Tanya

Riley I think that something will happen to the wedding, but I also think that Edward won't be the one to transform Bella. I think that Alice will.

Kayla I don't see how she could have proven that she could, cuz what if it was slowly killing her because of her wolf blood, instead of changing her, but no one knew it? I mean, didn't the vampire in Billy's story in the second book ( or was it the third? ) kill one of the werewolf dudes by biting him? i really don't know. just a few more days until we know for sure! (or will we...)

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Lori Kayla

Her 'wolf blood'? What is that about?

Larissa I love these books. I want Bella to be a vampire, but I don't. I just hope that if and when she becomes a vampire hers and Edwards relationship doesn't change to much you know?

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Lily no, he promised that if she married him, which she is doing now, he would transform her which is what she wanted, not Alice.

Marie Yeah, but remember they aren't married yet. Anything can happen from now until their wedding. What if Bella changes her mind at the last minute? You know how Bella is, she thinks of others way too much. I mean I can understand her thinking about her parents and friends but I think she deserves to be happy too and the only person who can really make her happy is Edward. The only way that they'll be together for all eternity is for her to be turned into a vampire. I'm only hoping that she doesn't change her mind at the last minute. There's still plenty of time for her to decide that it would be better for her to stay human for her parents and friends. We'll find out though, only a few more days for the fourth book to come out. Gosh, I can't wait to see what happens. Its only a matter of time. (Counting the days!)

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Lori Stephenie Meyer told us in EW today of a spoiler. If you want to know what it is, go to and read what she said.

Marie Okay, so now we know that Bella and Edward are going to be married. That's a sure thing. However, what are the unexpected things that are supposed to happen throughout the rest of the story? Hopefully its nothing too bad, I still want my happy ending. Having Bella and Edward married is only a small portion of the happy ending that I am expecting. So what do you think, any ideas...?

Larissa I am glad about Bella and Edward. Stephanie Meyer said that she liked happy endings, I just hope not too many horrible things will happen.

I am scared that someone might die, I truly hope not, but...I don't know.

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Lori Bella and Edward getting married is apparently a small part of this book. The main focus, I think, is getting her changed into a vampire. There are all sorts of things that can happen where this is concerned. The Volturi, the werewolves, the coven in Denali, Jacob, Bella's family needs to be considered, Mike (apparently he plays some role in this book - quotes of the day). Any others? I think all of these people will play a part in BD. I guess that's enough subject matter to write a book.

Marie Even more reason to be worried. So many things can happen and we only know so much. She's obviously having fun keeping us waiting and of course for us this is torture. However, it seems unlikely that the coven in Denali is going to have some sort of part in Bella being turned into a Vampire. What about Mike though? What is it that Mike is supposedly going to do? Does anyone know, because until now there hasn't been much talk of Mike. Meyer, has only made it seem like he has a little crush on her. I wonder what Meyer is going to do with all the loose ends. How everything is going to turn out. I'm anxious to find out. So anyways... What do you think of the coven in Denali and of Mike? How do you suppose they are going to be portrayed in the book this time...?

Kayla Lori

I was really just responding to someone else's post, where they theorized that maybe Bella won't be able to change into a vampire because maybe Charlie has some Indian blood in him, being kind of a native in that area ( Forks ) You know, if she had werewolf blood in her, and werewolves and vampires are mortal and natural enemies so they wouldn't be able to mix.

I was just thinking randomly actually! :)

Marie That'll be a weird mix if you ask me. Lol Can you imagine what she'll end up turning into with werewolf blood in her as well as with a vampire bite. Lol (Thinking!)

Larissa The wedding is a small part, but Stephanie says that she believes in happy endings, so surely that means they'll be together right? I just hope everyone will be alright.

Mike, I don't know. That is a good question. I wonder if the Denali clan will come in to help against the Volturi? Tanya, I don't know maybe to help Bella realize that Edward doesn't EVER want someone else and make her completely secure in how he feels about her? Or they're just there for the wedding.

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Lori I still think that Tanya has some weird love power. She was one of the original succubus, after all. And if when you are a vampire all your abilities, talents, etc. are enhanced, wouldn't that make sense? Maybe she'll be the one to change Bella - just to make the fight for Edward even. HA!

I don't know if I really think that. It's funny, anyway.

Riley But at the end of the third book he said "deals off" He said she didn't have to marry him. So, Edward doesn't HAVE to change her himself.

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Lori I don't think Edward will be the one who changes her. That is just my own personal conclusion.

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Toni Probably, if only to wank about how it wasn't all the wonderful and special things she thought it would everyone has been trying to tell her since the idea popped into her head.


She'll have a complete shift in personality, testing/straining her relationship with Edward.


Either way, expect to be buried under wangst and the stupidly obvious.

Marie I hope that having Bella changed into a vampire doesn't change her relationship with Edward, it'll break his heart. Poor guy loves her so much. But he said that it wouldn't change the way that they'll feel about each other no matter what...

Larissa I agree. I don't want their relationship to change, that's one of the things I'm worried about.

Marie I'm worried about what's going to happen in the book. I know for sure that Bella and Edward are going to be married, but all the unexpected things that are supposed to happen throughout the rest of the book have me anxious and scared, enough to make me worried about reading the book Ha-Ha. So as much as I want to read the book, I'm dreading it just the same. Lol... It won't be long now though, the book comes out in a little over a day. So yeah, only a matter of time... (Giggles)

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Kate I'm also a little worried that if/when Bella is a vampire, they won't love each other the same way. I just re-read the first one, and the whole time, Edward is obsessed with her smell, and her blood. I know that he said that that wouldn't change things if she does become a vampire, but he might feel differently once it is already done. And she might feel different as a vampire, with all the new things that comes with being a vampire. I have my fingers crossed!

Marie I didn't even think about that. I was so engrossed on thinking about how Bella would act once she was turned into a vampire that I completely forgot to even wonder how Edward would feel afterward. So yes, Bella's priorities may change when she becomes a vampire, but what you said, about Edward not feeling the same way for Bella because of the difference in her smell and her blood... as well as the sound of her heartbeat. He always said that he did love that about her. Now that I think about it, that can be something to worry about. I never really thought about it before, but those things do have a lot to do with their relationship.

Larissa I know, which is one of the things I'm worried about. Is their relationship going to change? I don't want it to, but that is part of it and Stephanie Meyer said that the big thing about their relationship 'is that he's a vampire and she is not', I'm just so worried. I hope that they'll still love each other just as strong as before.

And I am dreading it because of all the unknown and the quotes but I'm also looking forward to it.

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Hmm. I've been thinking. If Bella becomes a vamp, she might go and kill Jacob. :o. Or billy. Billy hasn't played a large role, and I think maybe now he will. Just maybe.

Marie Seriously, I am actually scared to read the book. It comes out in about two and a half hours and I don't know what to expect. I've been waiting for the book to come out for a long time and I think that is one of the reasons why I'm going to read it, that and the fact that I'm completely obsessed with the Twilight series. Anyways, now I am passed being worried and who knows what other stage I am currently in. I just want to read the book to get it over with. Not because I don't want to read the book, but because I am dieing to know what is really going to happen. No matter how many different ideas I come up with for what I think is going to happen, it doesn't change the fact that I'm still wondering if I'm wrong or right. I am so anxious to read the book now that the hours seem to be going by slower than they did at the beginning of my wait a few months ago. Not long now...

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Nida No .. i dont think that's ever going to happen dats wat i think but we all have to read the fourth book to find out =)

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Rena I know for a fact she will. I can tell by how Edward talks to her near the end. Plus why would he break a promise! I alreay have the new book and why would he not? She is marrying him! I mean why would ne not turn Bella.

Kayla GRRRRRR OMIGOSH!!!! I CANT GET THE BOOK YET!! I'm going to DIE of anxiety!!!!

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