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appearance: (Preferably a picture)
(Leaders only) How many lives left:

For personality and history you are expected to have at least 3 sentences at minimum. I may go back and ask you to add more or change something I disapprove of.

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Sephiroth (Cinderbolt) | 26 comments Name: Flamesoul
Gender: tom
Rank: Warrior
Kin; Open
Mate/crush: Open
apprentice: None at the moment

Appearance: Flamesoul is an average-size reddish-orange tom. As his name suggests, his pelt is in the colors of flames, and so are his eyes-his eyes are a dark amber-yellow mix. His paws are neat and light and his claws sharp. He has mastered the art of being almost silent in his pawsteps.

Personality: Flamesoul has always been regarded as 'quiet.' And also antisocial. Flamesoul does not necessarily work well in teams but prefers to do things alone. He has a slow temper and rarely gets angry.

He doesn't get mad. He gets even.

History: Flamekit was born on a night when the clouds covered up the moon. The clouds covered the moon at the very moment of his birth. No one really cared, or noticed this small omen from StarClan themselves. Flamekit right from the start had a lot of ambition and was quick to learn fighting techniques, but was not so quick on the code; to this day, he sees no need for so many rules, though he does not say this out loud.

Flamepaw was apprenticed to a senior warrior who would later die in a vicious battle against ThunderClan over Sunningrocks. Flamepaw was taught exceptionally well by this cat, especially where it concerned fighting.

He was given the name Flamesoul because the leader thought his spirit was vigorous and powerful, like flame; and Flamesoul began his slow takeover of the Clan from the inside, beginning with the naive leader Stormstar. Stormstar meant well when he gave Flamesoul an apprentice, thinking that Flamesoul would later make an excellent choice for his deputy, as the current one was contemplating retirement at the time.

Splashstar, when the deputy retired from age, Stormfire was made deputy, contrary to what Flamesoul wanted. Flamesoul resented Splashfire's deputy position and did what he could to rid the Clan of Splashstar so Flamesoul himself could more quickly become deputy.

Splashstar dissapeared mysteriously one Gathering night when Splashstar had been forced to stay at camp due to greencough. Splashstar was never seen again and nor was his body found, but this disappearance made Stormfire Stormstar, and paved the way for Flamesoul's subsequent deputy appointment. Only it didn't work that way, and Flamesoul was not placed in the deputy position, a choice of Stormstar;'s that he deeply resents.

Flamesoul's ambition has only continued to grow. As he tries to obtain the position of deputy any way he can, he checks himself and his actions time and time again, to make sure nothing is suspected of his actions.

Flamesoul is one cat who threatens to ruin everything.

Extra Info: Flamesoul has a tendency to be able to convince almost any cat to do most anything; many cats whisper behind his back that his name should have been Silvertongue and not Flamesoul.

But no one but himself understands just how fitting his name is for him.

Because Flamesoul intends to wreak havoc from the inside, rather than the outside.

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Sephiroth (Cinderbolt) | 26 comments Name: Minkfire
Gender: tom
Rank: warrior
kin: Tortoisesoul, Midnightstar, Sablemarten, Foxstorm
Mate/crush: OPen

Appearance: Looks almost exactly like Midnightstar. His pelt is thick and sleek due to being raised in RiverClan. His pelt is a shade of unmarred jet black. HIs eyes are a bright, luminous yellow.

Personality: Cunning and quiet, Minkfire knows how to use the actions of others to his advantage. He likes to hide and knows when to keep his mouth shut. He hasn't told anyone about his parents.

History: Minkkit was born on moondark night along with Sablekit and Foxkit. He was immediately given to RiverClan and raised there without much event. When Minkkit became Minkpaw, the leader told him about his parents. In a fit of rage at that knowledge, he disowned his parents before the medicine cat and the leader. He refuses to speak of them and views himself as having no parents. He rarely speaks to Foxstorm and Sablemarten.

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Kayla Name: Whitefur
Gender: Female
Clan: RiverClan
Rank: Warrior
Kin: Open
Mate: Open
Personality: She is a very determined cat and wants to please her elders and friends, whether it be by playing with them or doing her work right. She never complains out loud about anything she has to do, and she is pretty quiet, but she will get into playing. She is very excited about being the Medicine Cat apprentice, and she takes her training very seriously. She is an all around peace-keeper (I tend to like making those cats, don't I?)
History: She was born in RiverClan. Her mother was kind of a low-on-the-totem-pole cat, and her father wasn't even a Clan cat. But she was raised into the RiverClan ways and she is very good at swimming now. Her mother was killed by a ShadowClan warrior and every since, she rejects battles.
Other: She is a wonderful swimmer and she can also jump very high and far.
Appearance: Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Jennifer | 60 comments Name: Silverblaze

Gender: F

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Silverblaze is a stunning silver cat with green eyes.

Personality: Silverblaze is a honest cat. She is loyal and protective of her clan. She hates it when other clans make useless comments about the weakness of her clan or how the leader is being unjust or rude. She is quick to defend her clan and fight to the death. She doesn't really like half-clan cats or kittypets, loners, or rogues joining the clan. She agrees with Soulstar on keeping the clan pure. Silverblaze is a fair cat and won't make snappish decisions.

History: Silverblaze was raised with her brother Nightkit. She never really had the joy of having fun with kin. She loved listening to the elders talk about the battles they fought in. She turned out to be a good warrior. Her father and mother were killed by foxes.

Kin: Nightshadow

Crush: open

Mate: open

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Jennifer | 60 comments Name: Nightshadow

Gender: Male

Clan: River

Rank: Warrior


Personality: Nightshadow isn't the type of cat to argue in front of his clanmates. He is brave and loyal to his clan. Nightshadow is one of the senior warriors. He is wise and thinks before he does anything. He is warm-hearted and doesn't insult others because of their blood type. Nightshadow won't hesitate to attack when commanded, and is an honest cat. He is hesitant to spill blood, unless commanded to. He has a lot of courage and is rarely aggressive. He is very strategic.

History: Nightshadow was an only kit. He grew quickly and was strong as an apprentice. He had a good mentor, who taught him valuable lessons about thinking and strategies. Nightshadow turned out to be a great credit to his clan. He learned to repect from his mother. His mom and dad died in battle, but he's doing pretty well without them.

Kin: Silverblaze

Crush: Open

Mate: Open



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Jennifer | 60 comments Name: Lilystar

Gender: Female

Clan: Riverclan

Rank: Leader

Appearance: Lilystar is a smokey gray cat. Her belly and chest fur are both a paler white color. Her eyes are also a smokey and haunting blue color. One of her ears are torn at the tip.

Lilystar is a wise and patient cat. She has fierce pride of her clan, and is usually unwilling to admit defeat in battle. She stubborn, and quite hard to convince. It's not likely that you can change her mind easily. Once she has a goal, her mind is set on it and nothing can through her off course. Her focus is sharp in battle and determined as well. She is terribly hostile to outsiders:loners, kittypets, and rogues. Lilystar always is threatening to other members from other clans around the lake/forest. She won't hesitate to rip off an intruder's ears. Although she is usually quick to fight, she thinks before she does something that requires injuries. Even though she's aggressive towards other outsiders, Lilystar is caring towards her own clan. She would never do anything to hurt them or put them in danger. Lilystar is playful with the younger cats-apprentices and kits, and gentle and understanding with elders. She treats her warriors equally and listens carefully to what they need to say.

Lilystar was really adventruous and willing to explore as a kit. Lilykit loved to bother the warriors to train her how to do the hunter's crouch. Like most kits, she longed to be a warrior quickly. She was inspiried to train hard as an apprentice when she saw the warriors coming back with fresh kill or battle wounds.

When Lilykit became Lilypaw, she trained hard with her mentor. She longed to gain respect as a warrior, and fight for her clan. Lilypaw never wanted to become a important rank; all she wanted was to protect her clan. She never really liked cleaning the elder's den, but knew that no one else would do it, only the apprentices. Lilypaw enjoyed practicing hunting and fighting with her fellow clanmates.

After Lilypaw trained as an apprentice for moons, she became a warrior. She was given the name, Lilyheart. Lilyheart loved hunting, and the trill of going on patrols to protect her clan. Her greatest joy was fighting to defend her clan in battle. She wears her battle wounds with pride. Her wish was fulfilled-to become a great warrior.

Lilyheart was both surprised and joyful when she was announced deputy after the old one died in battle. She vowed to serve her clan well, and protect Thunderclan as good as she could. Moons later, the leader died, losing all of their lives. Lilyheart traveled to the Moonpool/Moonrock to recieve her nine lives. Lilystar returned, promising to do her best to be a good leader.

Lilystar has lost three lives so far. One from greencough, one from an angry badger, and one from a bad battle wound.

Kin: Mother and father are deceased.



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Misfit #1 Name:PetalFrost
Rank:Medicine Cat
Personality:PetalFrost is a very funny, fun-loving cat. She is loyal to RiverClan and will help any cat she can. Kittypet, rouge, loner, rival, etc. Helping is what she loves to do and she loves caring for other people. She will get defensive and strict if she has to and takes things up with StarClan before she makes a big decision. Beside being an excellent healer, she is also a gret hunter, fighter, and swimmer and will give her life up for anyone. She is patient, forgiving, understanding, curious and not quick to judge others. She outran the other apprentices when she was one by a foxlength or two ahead. She hopes to be a great MedicineCat and will defend her clan when needed.
History:PetalFrost was born in ShadowClan but she was the smallest and was always picked on by her brothers and parents. She did not like this and went to join RiverClan at 1/2 a moon. She loved the water but was forbidden to go near it so that is one of the reasons she joined RiverClan instead of being a kittypet. She never saw her parents again

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Jennifer | 60 comments Name: Ebonypaw
Gender: Female
Rank: Apprentice
Clan: Riverclan
Personality: Ebonypaw is a friendly cat. She is usually active and willing to do anything. Always two paws ahead of everyone else, she is likely to get into trouble. Eager to learn new things, Ebonypaw is one of the most enthusiastic apprentices. She often is fun-loving to be around. As active as she is, Ebonypaw respects the warrior code and the older cats, although she might not agree with them on certain topics. She can be very stubborn sometimes, and unwilling to change her mind. Once she has a goal, she will do basically anything to achieve it. Although she might seem a bit forgetful, Ebonypaw doesn't let her clanmates down and will do her best to serve her clan. Because her mother and father are both deceased, it makes her feel down sometimes because she has no one with her in her life. Since she doesn't have kin with her, she is more determined and courageous because of that.
History: Ebonypaw had a normal kithood. She did all the normal things you would expect a kit to do. Like bothering the apprentices and warriors to teach them battle moves, pestering the elders to tell them stories, and whining to their mothers about going out of camp. She did not have any siblings, and is an only child. Her mother is deceased due to foxes, and her father because of greencough. Although she is alone in the world without any kin to guide her, she doesn't let it bring her down.
Kin: Mother and father are deceased.
Crush/Mate: Opened, although she is too young

Vanity'sAngel*ILoveHim* (momovanity) Um I swear I had a charrie here but it gone.. And it.was dep or leader I thought..

Vanity'sAngel*ILoveHim* (momovanity) HELP!?!?!?

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Flamestar/Landon (flamestar) | 7 comments by Sephiroth, INACTIVE TILL JANUARY (last edited Oct 01, 2010 07:44am) Oct 01, 2010 07:42am
Name: Flamesoul
Gender: tom
Rank: Warrior
Kin; Open
Mate/crush: Open
apprentice: None at the moment

It says CLAM instead of CLAN! LOLZZZZ....! ;P

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