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((Roleplay here))

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Torn walked around the camp, watching as apprentices left to train and as kits played. All seemed relatively normal, so he wasnt worried.

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Glide stretched and walked out to get a mouse from the fresh-kill pile. She was on morning patrol. She sharpened her claws against a tree and got ready for a fight. There seemed to always be one, what with the war with LightningClan going on.

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Torn jumped down the ledge and met with his deputy, Storm. "Storm, prepare the warriors. We are to launch an attack now. The time is now. If we wait any longer, we will be the invaded. Now, get ready," Torn ordered. Storm nodded, then ran to the warriors.

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(One against 3! So unfair!))

Glide looked up when she saw the Clan leader, Wind, calling everyone to a meeting. "We must prepare an attack. The LightningClan warriors will come soon, we must be prepared. Glide, gather all the warriors. Queens, keep the kits in the nursery. Elders, stay up in your den. I want 3 warriors protecting the kits and 2 protecting the elders. All others gaurd the entrances and prepare for an attack." Wind leapt off the High Rock and went to help guard the kits. "Warriors! Over here! Slither and Ice, guard the elders. Sunset, Lime, and Berry guard the entrances. Everyone else prepare for an attack." Glide said urgently. AirClan was ready. Was LightningClan?

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Spring sat in front of Storm and listened to what he had to say. She was going to explore, but now she couldn't. Stupid war between the Clans. Spring would fight anyway though. She had too.

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Glide sat back on her haunches, ready for an attack. AirClan cats were extremely alert of their surroundings. If a LightningClan even touched a leaf, an AirClan cat would know.

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"Alright, let's move," Torn ordered. The warriors fledd the camp, flying through the forests. LightningClan was known for being extremely strong, extremely fast, and very powerful. When they got to AirClan's camp, Torn gave the signal, and the warriors poured in.

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Glide heard the warriors before she saw them. She gave the alarm and the warriors got to their positions. She was feeling brave. She went right to Torn. He was occupied, making sure everyone got in, so when she pounced she caught him by surprise. She landed a blow on his head, and blood started dripping from above his eye. She grabbed onto his back and bit down on the back of his neck, hoping to get him unconscious. She swiped at his paw and he yelped in pain. He got in a couple swipes to her haunches, which were bleeding freely and stung like crazy. ut she didin't give up. AirClan cats were known for being slealthy, fast, and graceful. She dodged some slashes and kept fighting. Oh when would this war ever end?

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Just then Spring pounced at Glide sending her off of Torn. Torn could fight the other Leader. He didn't need to be occupied by this Warrior. Spring landed a blow on Glide, sending her into the ground. Spring reared up on her haunches and landed on Glide pinning her on the ground. She stood there for what seemed like ever. Why were they fighting? They were exactly the same. They were cats. No different. Glide seemed to notice the exact same thing at the exact same moment...

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"I have to protect my Clan..." said Glide awkwardly. She didn't want to fight Spring. She didn't want to fight anybody. They were all cats, all the same. Why were they fighting so much? Glide stood up and looked at Spring they seemed to be thinking the exact same thing...

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Spring stepped back and looked at Glide. Spring didn't want to fight. This was stupid. Her mother Leaf, wanted her to be the best Warrior, but Spring knew she could never be that. Spring took off into the woods and ran. Her mother would know she was gone. Maybe they'd listen if she ran away... Maybe they didn't care.

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Glide looked around at her Clan. They were all fighting for a purpose that she didn't even know. She saw Spring run into the woods. She has the right idea, she thought. Slither and Ice would be fine without her. She was a good warrior, but she wasn't the best. She took one last look around at her camp and raced into the woods after Spring.

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Spring heard footsteps coming closer to where she was. She thought it was a LightningClan Warrior, but it was only Glide. She stopped and looked at the cat. She was no different than herself. It was only a matter of time until Torn sent out a search party. Then she would get found and yelled at. She didn't mind being yelled at... but only by Torn. To tell you the truth, Spring kinda liked him. She knew she didn't have a chance so running away would be a good thing. "Glide... You understand don't you?" asked Spring," This needs to stop."

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"Yes. I feel bad about abandoning my clan, but I don't want to be a part of a war. I may be a warrior, but I think I'll put my skills to a better use: hunting." she said. She saw Springs eyes were glazed over, maybe she was thinking about something else. Glide thought it was probably about a Tomcat. She was one of the only people she knew who wasn't in love with a tomcat. Her friends thought she was crazy, and heck maybe she was, but she didn't mind. She heard a rustle in the bushes. She sniffed. Lightningclan. And it wasn't Spring. She shot Spring a look and darted up a tree. The branches intertwinedwith many other trees, so she ran like the wind along them, not stopping until she found an abandoned owl nest big enough for her to squeeze into. She shuddered to think what would have happened to her if it was Torn.

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Spring stood still, her eyes still glazed over. Just then Torn walked through the bushes and stood in front of Spring. He sniffed around and then looked at Spring, harshly. Spring let her head hang. She knew she had let Torn down. She had to. Even though she liked him, by the look in his eyes, you could tell he wanted her gone.

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Once Glide's racing heart had slowed down, she slowly went back to where Spring was. Torn was there. He was obviously disappointed in her. Glide crouched down and bared her teeth. If he did anything to Spring she would defend her friend. They might be from seperate clans, but Glide felt a kinship with Spring.

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Spring sniffed around quickly. Glide had a scent close to hers. Spring had always thought she was an only kit. Glide also looked a lot like Spring. Torn looked directly at Spring and growled. It was a warning. Spring just looked at him. What could she do?

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Glide hissed at Thorn from her tree. She gave a low growl and jumped down protectively in front of Spring. Torn's eyes widened in shock. He took a swipe at her but Glide dodged and hissed at him again. No one was getting near Spring on her watch.

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Torn growled. "You think you can defeat me? A puny warrior like you? Do you knwo how many warriors I have ripped away from life? If you dont move, you'll be next," Torn challenged. Plus, he had warriors behind him in the bushes. Glide would be dead before she could move.

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"Its alright..." said Spring to Glide, her head hanging," I deserve this... I ran away..."

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Torn nodded. "Good choice. Spring, you deserted your clan in a time of war. Have you nothing to say?"

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"Yes I have something to say," Spring said, her head raising," Why are we fighting? We're exactly the same. Why do we fight and lose lives over our differences? I don't think that thats right. Punish me if you must, but I will do anything to save at least one cats life."

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Torn spit. "You think that's what it's about? We fight for survival. If we had that fox dung in our territory, than we would lose all our food and waterr and our kits would all die. That's why we fight. And here is yout punishment," Torn growled. He slashed Spring across her face, claws extended, knocking her unconscious. Glide sprang to help, but was taken down by two LightningClan warriors. "Let her go. She's just a young one. We have nothing against her, besides her attidtue," Torn ordered. Torn turned. "And you, Spring, are bainshed from LightningClan. If we ind you on our territory, well, just start digging your grave."

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Spring lay on the ground her silvery-blue pelt glistening in the stars light. Torn had banished her. It could've been worse. He could've killed her. At least he hadn't harmed Glide as much as he could've. Spring had an idea. If she could get her mother and a few others to come with them... it would work. LightningClan wouldn't have enough Warriors. Then maybe Torn would listen to her. He was brave, yes, but very very stubborn. He would have to listen sooner or later.

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Spring got up shakily. She knew a cat... A loner, who could get her mother her message. River. She was allowed in the camp. She would be in the camp tonight. Spring ran the few short bounds to River's home. She gave her the message and then River was off. She hoped desperately that this worked. No more cats should die. Not for Torn or any other Leader. A few moments later, River returned with Spring's mother and 2 other Warriors. Good. Her Plan was working.

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Torn's army of warriors marched back to camp. He had many, and was now the most powerful Clan in the forest. "Feeding time. Feed them, now, River. River, river? Where is she?" Torn asked suspiciously. He raised his brow.

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Spring told River to sneak back into camp and bring more Warriors back to her. River immediately ran into the camp unsighted and rounded up 5 Warriors this time. She brought them back and then went back for more. All the time she was unsighted. Finally Spring had rounded up half of LightningClan. More were on the way. Torn would listen one way or another.

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Glide growled and rose unsteadily to her paws. She thought of the sweet thoughts of revenge against Torn. She ran after Spring. She knew her clan would be looking for her, but she had to sacrifice it. Spring was working to bring down Torn, and that was fine with her. She smiled slyly when she saw the army Spring had put into action. Torn thought he was the strongest clan in the forest? He better think again! She knew some things about the old clans. She knew about Tigerstar. And Torn was just like him. He was proud of ripping away the lives of other cats. That is one thing a warrior mentor would advise their apprentice not to do. A warrior does not take the lives of cats unless they have to. Torn is gonna pay. Big time.

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Spring this time, followed River. She had to take the chance of dying. It was for her Clan. Torn would understand someday. She wanted to protect him too. She had a crush on Torn. Big deal. He didn't care. If Glide found out... Another story. Trouble. Just then Torn jumped out of the bushes and pounced on Spring. Spring looked into his eyes and saw his ferocity. He looked into hers and saw something he apparently hadn't ever seen. Spring showed affection. Something Torn didn't know. Maybe he would see her affection and listen to her... Maybe more... Or not.

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Silver ((hi))

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((whats up))

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((hey, I was wondering if I could join for a short time and have someone tell the clans about the history, when there were four clans. Do you mind?))

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((any 1 here?))

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((im here and that would be cool))

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Torn stepped through the woods, looking for an extra warrior to his army. He already had enough, but he could always use more. He found a few warriors and rounded them up. Soon, an unneccesary war would begin/

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((cool. Can I do it now? And are there leaders of the two clans?))

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"What are you looking for Torn?" Flower made her way through the undergrowth, "I was hunting, but I can stop if you need me to."

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"Flower, there is trouble. I am lucky I have a warrior as loyal as you. A branch of LightningClan and some AirClan cats that aren't dead have joined together to battle LightningClan. But we cant let them win. They don't know what they're doing. They don't know of the secret Clan. They know not of the clan that could bring our entire forest down. We've have kept them at bay with the barriers, but when LightningClan is gone, the barriers will fall. RockClan will soon rise again..." Torn swallowed. Only he, Flower, and Storm knew of RockClan. RockClan is the most powerful Clan left, one who could rip the clans to shreds.

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"No," Flower breathed, "There must be something that we can do. If only there was another powerful clan. One on our side."

((who does Rockclan descend from?)

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"Yes if only you knew what kept you strong," Diamondpelt brethed, accidentally letting words of Starclan float through the air for the first time in many, many seasons.

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((um, how about the mountain clans from the book Outcasts?))

Torn swallowed. "Well, RockClan has warriors there that show some loyalty to me. I used to be a member of RockClan before the Great War where they murdered and destroyed LeafClan. LeafClan had ten times as many warriors. There are now none left. That shows the strength of RockClan. They are ruthless, they will kill their own warriors if they have too. One warrior was killed by my leader for looking at him wrong. They are heartless. We have to join togther with the rebels if we are to survive the attack. Otherwise, we are doomed," Torn said.

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"Yes, but that can't be the only way?" Flower suddenly heard the whisper, "Did you hear that?" she spun around, "Who's there?" no cat beside her and Torn were there.

((who did Leafclan descend from? I like the mountain idea.))

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Spring ran back to the Clan she had formed. They were going to attack sooner or later. Spring wished to fight Torn in the war. This war started because of her and it would end one of their lives. It was between them now.

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((sorry for asking all of these questions.))

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((no problem. Um, they can be from like maybe from BloodClan?))

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((Like from the streets? In the other rp, the forest cats destroyed a big group of cats and dogs, so that works.))

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Torn shook his head. "I heard it too. But we must focus. War is coming. I have an idea, buts it's risky. When the rebels attack, and after the battle is over, either I or Spring will be dead. If I die, RockClan will kill us all. If Spring dies, RockClan wont come, but we would have to wipe out the entire rebel force. And that means killing the warriors from LightningClan stupid enough to leave. They will pay. But first, we must prepare ourselves for the battle. Let's mve," Torn ordered. He wondered who had been talking. Puzzling.

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"Wait!" Flower chased after Torn, "What about Airclan? They have enemies there too. I know we have something against them, but this is our land. If we are wiped out, Airclan will be too. Maybe they..." Flower stopped. She followed Torn and continued to think. Where was the whisper coming from? She didn't know what to do. Fear engulfed her. There was something that could save her clan and it didn't even seem to exist.

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