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Peroxide Blond  (twits500) | 213 comments Mod
This is gonna be the Reaping roleplay and training one... where we meet the characters understand their personalities and abilities more. Where you meet the mentors. At the beginning I'll play as Mentors and as Stylists but i may get JD in to do some stuff like that, she'll be a sponsor :)

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Any work posted on this RP is purely fictional and not an reflection on the author (Suzanne Collins') work. We make no profit and hold no rights.

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(*Though everyone knows Rose would steal it anyday* o_O)

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Twitch Is Last-nameless and Pleased by This (learnhowtolivefromthedead) | 140 comments ((And Star would help.))

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((And I would dress like a ninja everyday.))

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((And I'd tag along all Elektra like.))

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Lunabell | 198 comments ((ROLEPLAY TIME?!?!?!?))

Braden A.K.A B-Ballin (b-ballin) | 56 comments ((I was just about to ask that!))

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((YES LETS GOOOOO! Wait... I can't remember my characters ;'D))

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((Got it... didn't notice that both of their names begin with A :D))

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((Mattyyyyy... you wanna start?))

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Twitch Is Last-nameless and Pleased by This (learnhowtolivefromthedead) | 140 comments ((Yes! Do we start at the reaping?))

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((Trying to get him to see this! Haha.))

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Dominick stood in the crowd, bunched in with all the other boys his age waiting. Waiting to know if they had been chosen. It was sickening to think that anyone would be chosen for such a sport but that was how life went on.
Personally he didn't want it to be him, but deep down he had a thought that he DID want ot be picked. Maybe he'd win, or die trying... which was the whole point of the games. Better than starving to death.
He stood in the crowd, his head down, as the MC begn to draw the names out.

Braden A.K.A B-Ballin (b-ballin) | 56 comments ((So i'm guessing it's okay to post? Well i have nothing better to do.))

Zack had butterflies in his stomach. Standing there waiting on them to pick a name was like torture. He was surrounded by other guys from distcit 6. He hated this more than anything. waiting, picturing what it would be like to be reaped. If he was gonna be in the games this year he would rather know now, rather than wait for it.

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Boone didn't want to see his sister go up. That would be unbearable. If she was picked, or if Milla, her best friend, was picked, he'd go up for them. He vowed that to himself right then.
Another boy from District 8 bumped into him. He didn't even turn his head to see who he had collided with. Boone put his hand on the younger boy's shoulder and said, "Watch where you're going. I could be dead in a few weeks."

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Cecila shuffled through the crowd with a scowl upon her lips. She hated crowds, she hated dressing up, and she the Hunger Games.
"Cecila! Stay with us!" Her sister screamed, grabbing Cecila's arm.
Cecila yanked her arm out of her sister's grip and was about to make a snappy reply when the MC announced they would be drawing names shortly.

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Callista did her best to avoid the people of District 12 who apparently never learned to walk.

Jorge and Lewis, her hulking twin big brothers were behind her, probably thinking the same thoughts as they pushed her head, guiding her with their hands on her shoulders. Usually, that would annoy her, but they were tall and knew exactly where they were going, whereas Callista did not.

Well, she did. The annual Reaping. But it's quite hard to get to the destination when screaming toddlers splashed around in mud and young mothers begged them to stop.

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Alaira stood in the crowd of teenage girls, her palms sweating in anxiousness. God Alaira, get a grip she thought, brushing her knotted hair out of her eyes the likelihood of your name being picked is extremely low. But she knew that even though the odds were in her favour, there was still the chance she'd be the unlucky one.
A woman stood on the stage - obviously a Capitol woman by her bizarre attire. She was tapping her foot impatiently as she stared down at the crowd of teenagers disdainfully. Alaira knew what they were to her. A source of entertainment. Just players in another one of those stupid games.
Come on! Just get it over with! She felt her heart race as the woman walked towards the glass ball filled with their names. Her legs began to feel weak and useless. She began to lean upon those around her desperately, feeling pathetic that her third reaping should be the one she would lose it at.
"The female tribute from district four," the Capitol woman said in her monotonous voice, "Is Alaira Meest."
"It's Miste..." Alaira whispered to herself, keeling over onto the floor.

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Addie drank in the fear emanating from the teenagers around her, watching the whimpering expressions fade into pure fear. This was only her second reaping and yet she was totally confident. She'd already decided her plan. She would volunteer.
So yeah, there was the 23 in 24 chance that she'd die, but would it really be so bad? Working in a textiles factory seemed to Addie to be a mundane existence. The way she saw it, "what was life at all if you don't seek adventure?". At least she'd be able to say that she didn't live her entire life making clothes for the people she hates.

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Peroxide Blond  (twits500) | 213 comments Mod
Dominick kept his head down as the Capitol official plunged her hand into the ball of names. His name would be in there, there in that ball of death. There was even a pause when the official drew the name and Dom thought he was home free, not picked. But he heard his name over the monitor and he froze. He'd been picked. Bloody typical.

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"Come on Cal, afraid you're going to get picked?" Lewis teased, though she could tell her regretted the words instantly as they lowered in level. Callista shook her head, ignoring him. She and her brothers were now surrounded by other teens and (already) crying mothers and fathers.

Anticipation built up as the lady [whom Cal couldn't put her name on] burrowed her acrylic nails into the glass bowl, hundreds of paper names floating away from her fingers as if running away from being picked.

Callista kept her head down, knowing she wasn't going to get pi--"CALLISTA GREY!"


"Congratulations CALLISTA GREY!"

Oh no. Oh no no no. Please, god no.

Callista's eyes became trained to the ground, though she could feel the horrified gaze of neighbors boring into her, Jorge and Lewis's hands were on and around her. She couldn't bear to look at them.

Her vision fuzzied as she let herself look up, to Jorge and Lewis with their identical expression of grim and sorrow, gasps and murmurs lingering in the thick, humid air. Callista even missed the name of the boy who was called.

Cal turned, gave her brothers something of a meaningful look, then made her way towards the stage, but not before her ankle gave out beneath her and plunged forward, falling into sleep even before she the ground.

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((Haha, you have no u in neighbours :D))

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"Up you come Alaira," said the Capitol woman, a bored expression on her overly made up face. Alaira forced herself to step forwards, each tiny movement feeling unnatural. This couldn't be happening. This really couldn't be happy. She stepped up onto the stage and stared at the empty faces around her. Would anyone volunteer? It seemed doubtful. Did no one care about her?
The woman walked over to the boy's glass ball, thrusting her hand inside ready to seal someone's fate.
"Everdeen Castle," she read, glancing towards the bulk of teenage boys who were relaxing their tense muscles, relieved. Alaira studied Everdeen, who she knew from the village. His strong legs carried him effortless up the steep steps to the stage, the green highlights in his hair highlighting his deep eyes. Dang, he can't live if I live. Alaira thought, dropping to the floor.

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Addie stared at her battered watch impatiently, her eyes following the jerky second hand as it pivoted round the centre. A chubby man bounced onto the stage. Literally. His bright, playful eyes surveyed the crowd oddly wistfully.
"Welcome! Welcome citizens of District Eight to this joyous occasion on our calenders!" Joyous? What's joyous about death? "Well, I won't beat about the bush! Let's announce the lucky female tribute!" He leaped over to the huge glass ball that reflected the bright sun of the day. His hand plunged into the mess of names, and every girl in the crowd held her breath worriedly. What are they thinking? None of them will go. I will.
"Our female tribute will be..." Pause. Addie supposed he did this for effect. The suspense must have been killing the other girls. "Will be..." Seconds ticked by, feeling like hours. Just read it for God's sake! "Will be... Clairina Marsain." A cry flew from the crowd as Clairina's mother collapsed to the floor. Clairina took a dubious step forward, but Addie blocked her path.
"I volunteer," she said clearly, raising her hand, and Clairina uttered a word of thanks before slumping to the floor.

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Cecila's sister's nail dug unto her arms, drawing blood from Cecial's pale flesh. She could hear her sister chanting quietly to herself, "Please not me, please not me, please not me."
Ceclia eblowed her sister hard just as the female name was drawn. She froze.
"Cecila Melvin! Cecila Melvin!" She felt as if someone had frozen her, goosebumps ran up and down her arms, and a shiver traveled up her spine.
Finally, Cecila tilted her chin up and squared her shoulders.
The remainder of her siblings and her crying, parents tried to hold her back from her fate, but she shook them off. This was something she had to do, no one would ever volenteer for the depressed, anti-social food theif anyway.
She ascended the few stairs to the stage with what she hoped was a brave face.
"Congradulations Cecila!" The announcer woman smiled terribly at her.
Cecila glared at the woman with her coldest gaze, a silent accusation that the woman had purposely pulled her name.
The woman quickly turned to pick the male contestant and Cecila stared out into the crowd watching her, wondering if they secretly actually wanted her to die.

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The boy nodded at Boone and walked away. Boone straightened up just in time to hear the name of the boy tribute.
Boone's heart sank. He looked over at Amma. She looked at him, tears already streaming down her face. Amma ran clumsily over and Boone caught her. She buried her face in his shirt, sobbing and shaking. Boone rubbed her back, feeling every bump of spine and ribcage beneath her thin shirt. He lifted her chin and whispered for only her to hear, with tears in his eyes:
I'll come back.
He picked Amma up and gave her to her friends who gently sat her down on the ground. They patted her hair and she wailed on as Boone walked, head held high, onto the stage.

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Lunabell | 198 comments Maeve held her breath while the names were drawn. She had just wimped out at the last minute from her plan. The idea was that if her little sister got chosen, she would volunteer. She was not needed in the house- she was not the cute child, nor the strong older brother. She could go and no one would care.
But a sudden twist in her gut made her change her mind. Guilt filled her heart and mind, yes, but she was filled with a sense of relief, that there was 1/3 as much chance she would die as there had been a few minutes before.
But her heart didn't stop pounding, because there was still a chance.

The female name was called, and it took Maeve long seconds to process it. Her heart skipped a beat, and she clutched it with her right hand, as a sick feeling filled up her throat. But she managed to stumble onstage, because it was her name. She managed to make eye contact with the crowd. Would anyone volunteer, anyone?... At all? But they rarely did, in District 6. Very rarely.
And it was time for some other male to meet the same fate that she just had.

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Lunabell | 198 comments Sage beamed with pride and confidence at the crowd, hopefully hiding the little thump-thump, thump-thump that was her heart. Why was her heart betraying her at a time like this? This was her moment.There was no need to be nervous. She was going to win. She turned, and slowly shook the hand of her male counterpart. She looked them in the eye, and she knew they were both thinking the same thing- befriend, betray, kill, win. Only, Sage knew that she was the one that had the last two steps right. She was going to win.

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Addie stared at the girl who had just collapsed to the ground away from her brother, Amma Byron. God, get a grip she thought, You're not even going!. Kicking the mud off of her shabby boots, she rose to the stage majestically, smiling gracefully at the crowd as she did so. Make them like you, act sincere, she thought, thinking of all the help she could reel in just by playing her part correctly.
"Wow, what's your name then?" the Capitol man said to Addie, obviously impressed by the small amount of drama in what would normally be a boring district.
"Addie Hartlum," Addie announced, holding her head high in what she hoped looked like an act of attempted bravery. "Well, Adelaide really."
"Well Addie, aren't you brave?" the man said, surveying her lean figure disdainfully. He stared at the boy with the spiked hair, having to tilt his chubby head to see up to the boy's face.
"Boone," Addie acknowledged, feeling a pang of guilt. He would never see his ill sister again, not if Addie had anything to do with it. She shook his hand, not releasing her gaze as she did so. It then dawned on her. This was war.

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After collapsing on stage, Alaira was hurried off quickly. It didn't look good for a district if their tribute was weak and useless. But then again, no one would bother her. No one would think to attack her, thinking she wasn't a threat.
Yes, Alaira had a gameplan. And it was a good one.

The town hall was more majestic than Alaira had imagined it. The walls were adorned with beautiful sculptures of sea creatures and tridents and Poseidon, the sea god.
"This way," said the Capitol woman, her huge shoes making an echo with each tiny step. "I'm Minerala Willow." Stupid name! Stupid Capitol! Stupid games!
Alaira followed after her, Everdeen trailing along next to her, an arrogant look of confidence on his face.
"Why so happy?" Alaira said, her voice sounding shaky and unfamiliar.
"Just nostalgic. I'll never come back here. Just remembering my district for all its good points."
"Don't think like that, there's a chance you will."
"Is there?"

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Callista awoke to pure light. It blinded her eyes sending surpise shoots of pain into her cornia's. Her memory was foggy and her body numb, but it only took her a second to realize what happen.

Her name. Callista Grey. the Reaping...she was called. And then Darkness? Oh god, it dawned on her with horror, she had actually passed out!

"Come on, Cal!" Lewis had disappeared, but Jorge's strong arms were immediately around her, swooping her up in his big build. Cal cringed against him as she walked. Callista kept her eyes closed, shutting out the embarrassment.

"MOVE!" Jorge bellowed as people continued to take pictures, the yellow light hot and bright, boring down onto Callista. Then Cal was falling forward again, once more she was shocked to see that she was able to stand. and that she was on the stage. The lady wearing a grimace but covering it up with her half fake smile, eyes forced into cheeriness.

"Well that was sure an entrance!" She giggled, ushering Cal with two fingers behind her. Jorge disappeared again, and she begged herself not to try. She didn't. Callista could get through this. It would all be okay. It would.


(Meh, at school, will make next post later;P)

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Twitch Is Last-nameless and Pleased by This (learnhowtolivefromthedead) | 140 comments Arya Firepoint stood near the front of the stage, alone in a sea of faces rising around her. Above her was a woman in a green bob wig, holding a microphone and sporting three inch long eyelashes and nails. She looked hideous, in Arya's view. The woman shouted a 'warm welcome' to the crowd of orphans, handicapped, families with children, and meat-sellers; bouncing ridiculously in her wiry shoes. Really, they were wiry- they were made completely out of a billion loops of metal thread. Figures- this woman always had to outdo herself.

Arya's mind once more pushed the thought of being chosen at her, but she blocked it away; determined to block it away as if it were a pesky fly at her head. But really, Arya was very worried. In fact, she felt sick to her stomach, and the numbers her calculating brain had served her were beginning to wash over her like acid. She had 7 slips of paper in that jar- she frequently missed her curfew. Here, if you were a ward of the district, you could be given a slip if you were up to ten seconds late. This was an industrial district- no emotions, no humanity, no mercy. It was as if Arya lived in a city of robots, save the families that actually worked to earn a living here- not that it was much. The only thing that could sway people here was family, and anyone with disabilities. Unfortunately for Arya, people didn't think half-functioning biceps was bad enough to even be pitied. If she was in the games, she might make it out of this metallic h- Wait, no; either way she'd make it out. The only problem was that Arya didn't fancy dying.

The woman finished her mediocre and depressing speech, and the few families here clung together and looked like ghosts, images of their loved ones in the games screaming through their loving minds. Arya was alone here- she'd never made a friend.

"Alright- let's begin with the girl tribute?" the woman proclaimed, Arya's mind automatically thinking it was a question. The woman stumbled to the glass jar, and withdrew a slip of paper, as if in slow motion. Arya heard the words, but they didn't sink in.

Arya Firepoint.

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Peroxide Blond  (twits500) | 213 comments Mod
Dominick had made his way to the stage when he heard the girl tribute's name called out. Callista Grey.
They'd met before, breifly going through school corridors, but that was it. He heard the shouts of alarm and turned to see her faint and fall to the ground. Ah, this wasn't going to be an easy reaping.
He stood and waited for the girl to finally make her way to the stage.

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Braden A.K.A B-Ballin (b-ballin) | 56 comments Zack watched as the girl tribute walked on stage. It must suck knowing your most likely gonna die in the next week. But maybe she had a chance. Zack wasnt sure, but he sure as heck didnt want to have the same fate as that girl. He watched as no one stepped up to be this girls volunteer.

He'd seen her around before. Nothing more than that though. As the lady drew stuck her hand in to pick a boys name. His heart skipped a beat. Never has that happened before. He had a bad feeling deep in his gut and when the name was read off he almost already knew who it would be.

"Zack Hallow!"

His stomach hurt worse than ever before. He couldnt catch his breath. As he half limped towards the stage and tears filled his eyes he thought Ohh god, they must think im wimp. If i'm ever gonna get sponsors I must look tough. He stood up straight fixed a smile on his face and laughed as he walked up the steps.

He wasnt laughing at the fact that he was chosen, he only laughed cause of how ridiculous he mustve looked. At that he laughed again as he waited to see if some kid would volunteer.

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Boone watched as Amma continued to sob, cough, and sob some more. She was shuddering violently. Boone was worried that she would tear herself apart if he didn't do his best. He'd make sure that he did great for her.

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Twitch Is Last-nameless and Pleased by This (learnhowtolivefromthedead) | 140 comments Arya groaned, internally screaming. Why? Maybe this would be better, if she could win. But only one person won, and she would bet money it wouldn't be her. If she had money, that is. The woman called for volunteers, and Arya's eyes spilled over with tears. A few families looked sad for her, but most just looked relieved.

"Are there really no volunteers to take this lucky girl's place? Remember the glory you could win!"

She was desperate, Arya thought, swiping at her flowing eyes. They didn't want an impaired tribute; it didn't make for good action. Then again, this woman was human too. She could just be wanting to help Arya. Arya clambered up on stage, breaking off the woman's final request.

"Don't bother," she snapped, bitterly standing. "No one cares. Just move on."

The words were more of an order to herself than to the woman with the green wig.

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