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message 1: by Carson (new)

Carson August 21! I'm twelve!

message 2: by Carson (new)

Carson When's yours?

message 3: by Carson (new)

Carson Neat.

TinCanKreations (TCCreationsKable) | 93 comments Mod
No rules....MUAHAHAHAHA!!

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

May Second.... I'm twelve.

message 6: by Carson (new)

Carson Me too.

message 7: by Kate (last edited Oct 09, 2010 06:15PM) (new)

Kate Duerksen I'm August 27. It's so weird because there are always at least one movie that opens that day. Weirrrrrrd. Oh and I'm twelve

message 8: by ɐzzıɹʞ (new)

ɐzzıɹʞ 10.10.10
Today's my birthday!! I'm 15 :D

message 9: by ♪Chloe (new)

♪Chloe  the Beatles Fanatic♫ (chloe_loves_thebeatles_and_books) | 27 comments HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

My b-day is 8-30

message 10: by Kate (new)

Kate Duerksen Happy Birthday Everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 11: by Carson (new)

Carson ..Hi..*my name is Celine*ɐzzıɹʞɐzzıɹʞ wrote: "10.10.10
Today's my birthday!! I'm 15 :D"

Happy bithday!!!!! My sister's birthday is 11.11

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

Mine is 11-16.

message 13: by Carson (new)

Carson Cool.

message 14: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 64 comments My birthday is 5/23.

message 15: by Victor (new)

Victor | 7 comments November 9th :)

message 16: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 64 comments Cool.

message 17: by Victor (new)

Victor | 7 comments so your a Gemini (HOROSCOPE)

message 18: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 64 comments Yeah, but I don't pay attention to horoscopes.

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

Scorpio, I think.

message 20: by Carson (new)

Carson Scorpio for me too.

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)


message 22: by Kate (new)

Kate Duerksen I got Virgo

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