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Peroxide Blond  (twits500) | 213 comments Mod
Now there's been a lot of debate about this and i think we'll to what seems easiest, basically what Luna suggested.
There will be 24 characters, eight will die at the cornucopia. alliances, hatreds and vendetta's are made and all that jazz ;) Characters will have to die, inactive characters will die etc etc.
The last few (one from each member, maybe 2) will fight it out but it can't be just e.g.

Greg snuck upon Sarah and quickly stabbed her in the back.

If oyu are planning to kill someone
1. roleplay so the target can react
2. Warn them via message so you can prepare the victorious charrie.

Also if you die off you can play as mentors, past vitors and sponsors. So if a character is in a tight spot then message in brackets to whoever is the mentor of a certain district

e.g. Matt: ((District 4 mentor, gift e.g. bread))

Now you can't give gifts willynilly, so don't or i'll just remove the post.
Eventually there will be one victor and then we;ll reset and do this again.

Also I'm playing as the Hunger Games officials, if things go too dull then i'll concoct a little madness ;) Also i'll describe the arena at the beginning.

Sound good? Great, lets begin :)

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Peroxide Blond  (twits500) | 213 comments Mod
((No ones posts until all the characters are sorted out... and i need to describe the arena, clothing worn by the tributes and what-not :P))

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((Phew! I came close to posting something then went "Nahh, I'll wait until my hubby gives the OK." Hahah.))

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((Shouldn't we do the reapings and some training first? Just for kicks ;D))

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Peroxide Blond  (twits500) | 213 comments Mod
((Sure...when all the charries are made :) I recommend you make another :D ))

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Lunabell | 198 comments ((We should do reapings, and trainings, and chariot stuff first. If anyone wants to see a successful hunger games RP, just google "hunger games roleplay" and the second link that pops up is one that I'm in on Goodreads, that is going really well.))

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((I agree, Reapings First...then should we like jump to the trains where they take us to the trainings/Capital etc?))

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Any work posted on this RP is purely fictional and not an reflection on the author (Suzanne Collins') work. We make no profit and hold no rights.

((Sorry, you're supposedly meant to put disclaimers on fanfiction and I don't really want to be sued...))

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((I don't like being sued. You see, I only have about 2 dollars. :P ))

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((I don't really want my birthday money to go... HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR TOMORROW :D :D :D))

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((Hahha thank you!))

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Jay | 271 comments ((Your birthday's tomorrow? if so, HAPPY B-DAY!!!))

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((Well I'd know as we're TWINS :D))

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Jay | 271 comments ((I'm new to the family world!))

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((Happy almost b-day, Rosie!))

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Jay | 271 comments ((Frankie! was that you that checked out my site?))

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((Argh! I forgot about your site JD, I'll go noww!))

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Jay | 271 comments ((YAY!!! Then who was the other person that looked at it... And thank you for veiwing it Frankie!anything i need to fix? (this goes for you to Rose) :b))

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Lunabell | 198 comments ((HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR TOMORROW ROSE!!!!))

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Jay | 271 comments ((Yes, HAPPY B-DAY, ROSE!!!))

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((THANKS LUNA AND JD! I LOVE YOU GUYS! ^^ And so far so good on your site JD!))

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((I don't think so ... but this might not be the best place to discuss this. Message me if you will, please!))

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Jay | 271 comments ((Otay and thank you, Rose!))

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(( Stop.posting.about.irrelevant stuff on this page!))

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Jay | 271 comments ((Sorry, Matt....:/))

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