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message 1: by Carson (new)

Carson Hi. You know me but to the people who don't I'm Cartle.

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) Hi im mallory!

message 3: by Carson (new)

Carson Heyyyy

message 5: by Carson (new)

Carson No much. You?

message 10: by Carson (new)

Carson Okay. Rp? I'll go make a charrie.

message 11: by Izzy (new)

Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) WAZZUP PPLS?

message 12: by Carson (new)

Carson Wha???

message 13: by Izzy (new)

Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) in other words HI!!!

message 14: by Carson (new)

Carson Oh,okay. Hi!!

message 15: by Izzy (new)

Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Hi!!! i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored

message 16: by Carson (new)

Carson I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy

message 17: by TinCanKreations (new)

TinCanKreations (TCCreationsKable) | 93 comments Mod

message 18: by Chachi (new)

Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 13 comments Soup?

message 19: by TinCanKreations (new)

TinCanKreations (TCCreationsKable) | 93 comments Mod

message 20: by Izzy (new)

Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) i like soup but only specific kinds

message 21: by TinCanKreations (new)

TinCanKreations (TCCreationsKable) | 93 comments Mod

message 22: by Chachi (new)

Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 13 comments lolz :D

message 23: by TinCanKreations (new)

TinCanKreations (TCCreationsKable) | 93 comments Mod

message 24: by Carson (new)

Carson I'm not a big fan of soup. lolz

message 25: by TinCanKreations (new)

TinCanKreations (TCCreationsKable) | 93 comments Mod

message 26: by Chachi (new)

Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 13 comments not even chicken noodle? *gasps*

message 27: by TinCanKreations (new)

TinCanKreations (TCCreationsKable) | 93 comments Mod

message 29: by Carson (new)

Carson Yep. I'm into pasta.

message 30: by Chachi (new)

Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 13 comments shocking because I hate pasta-well depends how you make it

message 31: by TinCanKreations (new)

TinCanKreations (TCCreationsKable) | 93 comments Mod

message 33: by Carson (new)

Carson Its in my blood...... I'm Italian.

message 34: by TinCanKreations (new)

TinCanKreations (TCCreationsKable) | 93 comments Mod
im Australian, Scottish, and Irish

message 35: by Carson (new)

Carson Neat. I'm English,Italian,and Irish.

message 36: by TinCanKreations (new)

TinCanKreations (TCCreationsKable) | 93 comments Mod
Go Ireland!

message 37: by TinCanKreations (new)

TinCanKreations (TCCreationsKable) | 93 comments Mod
oh yeah and American

message 38: by Carson (new)

Carson Go Ireland! Yeah,me too.

message 39: by TinCanKreations (new)

TinCanKreations (TCCreationsKable) | 93 comments Mod

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)


message 41: by TinCanKreations (new)

TinCanKreations (TCCreationsKable) | 93 comments Mod

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

im me.

message 43: by Carson (new)

Carson Hi

message 44: by TinCanKreations (new)

TinCanKreations (TCCreationsKable) | 93 comments Mod

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)




* "and I have excitement!"

* "but, Midbus has pride. MIDBUS POWER UP!"

* "I am the great Cackletta's most best pupil, who is named Fawful! I am here, laughing at you! If you are giving us the chase, just to get your silly princess's voice, then you are idiots of foolishness! Princess Peach's sweet voice will soon be the bread that makes the sandwich of Cackletta's desires! And this battle shall be the delicious mustard on that bread! The mustard of your doom!"

* "Your lives that I spit on are now but a caricature of a cartoon drawn by a kid who is stupid!"


* "Bah! Now is when the talking stops! I do not have time to stop and smell foul roses such as you!"

* "Soon Princess Peach's voice will be Cackletta's snack cake!"

* "Have you readiness for this?!?"

* "Ouch, Hotness! It is the overheat!"

* "Now is when I ram you."

* "The Super Mario Bros. that I hate are here!"

* "I drizzled rage dressing on the country next door. Rage dressing on a salad of evil!"

* "May we flee?"

* "Preparations have completion!"

* "Beef? I am lacking in beef. Fawful is beefless."

* "Yes. Mustache."

[edit] Complete Final Speech

* "I have fury! At last, my entrance with drama! Finally! Now is the time where my true might shines, like many angry sunbeams of rage! St-standing in the spotlight at such a gala of spectacularity... My nerves are nervous! But... Now that I am thinking... Cakletta's revival was all thanks to my quite nasty efforts! Which means that all this time, I am Fawful, who is just a toady! Such working, all for others! And THAT means... The true meaning of our battle gives me fear and confusion!! I need no long speech before this battle, which will now be mighty! Snack on my wrath, fink-rats!"

[edit] Fawful's Bean 'n' Badge Transcript

Below is the full transcription of the first conversation with Fawful in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. The baby Mario Brothers have just entered his shop:

Fawful: I have'Babies: (Player selects the option "Um, OK.")
Fawful: Then now you listen! I am here, merchant of badges, only sometimes with fury, but once I had fury at all times. I drizzled rage dressing on the country next door. Rage dressing on a salad of evil! And then the bad men came. Red and green bad men. I had the punishment. Bad punishment with hammers and jumping on my head and the overheat of my ship. I have a little fury even with my remembering...Red! And green! A pair of jumping hammers in red and green who are looking just like you!


Those brothers of badness! My brain aches at their overalls! I have fury AND headache now! Fawful would be here, reigning over all and laughing at you! ...But no.


Stupid mustaches! Hairs like the dirty tail of a horse in a barn built by a farmer who is crazy!


(Fawful throws off his red cloak, revealing a white Elvis-like suit)
I am waiting like an elevator. I have the commerce. I run Fawful's Bean 'n' Badge, but...the day comes soon when Fawful rises again, and then no baby's candy has safety! I am counting chickens before they are even eggs, before the chickens are even chickens!


Hooof... Heffff...D-Did I...have insanity?
Babies: (surprise)
Fawful: Did I...have evil? I suppress the fury, but sometimes... The fury has me. Red and green puts the fog of rage in my eyes, and my mind goes crazy.
Babies: (surprise)
Fawful: P-Please... I will be fine. No worrying for Fawful. We talk of beans. Beans and badges... We begin trading! What are you wanting?

[edit] Bowser's Inside Story

* Such easiness! So easy it gives me the gleeful chortles. I have such strategy! And now for the leaving. You are having a date with Peach's Castle!
* I HAVE VICTORY! Easy as bread sandwiches! And now for the proceeding with the plan I have planned! Midbus! Come! Fawful calls you!
* You have energy like a little angry battery with no friends.
* It is I who added the nuts to that statue!
* Now a Midbus battle will unfold like an angry dip of many layers on the chips of wildest hopes!
* Your plan that I laugh at now makes for more laughing!
* You are wanting your castle? You are not getting there!
* Bad noise!!!
* Fawful... just... wanted some kingdom conquering...
* Your strongest enemies will fold like napkins who are crying!
* Lucky hits will shower down like a happy waterfall! You will have such fury!
* Fawful is on the cozy couch, sipping tea that laughs at you!
* Fawful sings a song of bad! Mushroom Kingdom is so sad! All of it is for Fawful! And the... rhyme... with... that...
* I have remorse...
* Fawful only got half the [Dark Star's] power... but I am thinking it is enough to KO you, the King of Stupid!
* Fawful says farewell to all your fink-rat faces forever!
* Bowser! Meet...FURY OF FAWFUL!
* You will wander forever in my modified Castle of Peach until you cry from lack of doors!
* Beef? I am lacking in beef. Fawful is beefless.
* I have fury?
* You have the impatience...You must stop and sample the sprinklies in life's salad bar.
* Fawful scattered your minions like litter from a sad, ugly cat. Are you wanting to hear them? For they are on the TV show. The TV show of your tears!
* Oh, I am feeling the power! It high-fives Fawful's face!
* Soon, I will have your castle! ...You will visit, perhaps! Fawful will reserve the Crying Room for the crying for your minions. And the crying will be like a savory soda for my soul!
* Fawful tried... Fawful gave the 110 percents... Fawful worked the overtime... Fawful was the team player... Fawful put in the hours... Fawful got the hands dirty...
* Fawful has remorse, Fawful understands.
* Here Fawful goes...The disappearing...Forever disappearing... WITH YOU!
* You keep reapearing like the ugly rabbit out of the hat of the magician who stinks!
* But Midbus has pride... Midbus power up!

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

who said this?

message 47: by Carson (new)

Carson I have no idea............

message 48: by Kate (new)

Kate Duerksen I'm Kate or my other nickname, Cake

message 49: by Carson (new)

Carson Hi. I'm Cartle.

message 50: by Kate (new)

Kate Duerksen Hi

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