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Elias Miranda | 17 comments I read about somebody named Pi and his past life left him sad and gloomy. I do not no what that is yet. It did not say. It also talked about how attended the university of Toronto and he majored in religious studies and zoology. He is really interested in the two toed sloths and the three toed sloths.

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Elias Miranda | 17 comments I read about these two girls named Ella and Tory. They are the popular girls in there school. They have a little click that they hang out with, and they are thinking about adding new members to it. It sounds like a great idea until Ella finds out that Tory mom told her to ask one of the very unpopular girls at there school to join there group. This creates a big disagreement between the girls. As they continue to talk about it they end up working the situation out.

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