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Pairings in the books you write about / wish happened?

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message 1: by amina (new)

amina (akkas_reading) | 4 comments Hey, all! :D

So, as I read the series, my fanfiction muses were popping pairings and storylines out of canon (as they do) and I just wondered if anyone else thought of any pairings that didn't happen / could have happened in the books which they really liked.

My list:

> Philip/Rowan - I think these two would be kinda cute, the witch who refuses his legacy and the kind, gentle lamia who knows exactly who is is and is still very controlled, calm and practical - their personalities wouldn't clash, they are actually a little alike in mind, too.

> Gillian/Gary - Personally, I think they went together better than David/Gillian and, don't get me wrong I know they're Soulmates, but...Gary's great. He helped her so much. As to whether he truly believed he loved her and they could have been, it's up to reader discretion, but I loved this pairing!

> Blaise/Ash - To me, there are hints to this - it may well have happened in their past and you gotta admit it's one hot/evil hook-up. It's like Damon/Katherine to me a little (from TVD), deliciously wrong but oh-so-enjoyable to imagine/see...

> Kestrel/Jeremy - I CRIED WHEN HE DIED LIKE THAT. Then when that pain subsided a little, I was all like, wait, NO, this could've been great. They were talking and flirting, and I think her fire to his calm, cool demeanor works well...in my head at least.

> Jeanne/Hunter - 'nuff said. This could have been the ultimate HATE relationship, but it'd still be firey. XD;

Uhm...I'm sure there's more, but...over to you guys?

message 2: by Daylighter (new)

Daylighter (pantea13) i agree with the Gillian/Gary one!!

message 3: by Malithi (new)

Malithi | 8 comments I don't agree with Blaise/Ash

message 4: by Fatema (new)

Fatema Meamari (fmeamari) Gillian and Gary.
Kestrel and Philip.

Penelope (The Reading Devil) (thereadingdevil) Malithi wrote: "I don't agree with Blaise/Ash"

i agree with u :p

message 6: by Drew (new)

Drew (drewcajandab) Definitely Rowan and Philip. :) They should have been given their own story (I wouldn't mind if the one with Gillian and David -- Dark Angel -- goes out of the way)!!!

message 7: by Sporty (new)

Sporty No1 | 5 comments Who is Jeanne?

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