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Free Black Library Ebooks

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message 1: by Brian (new)

Brian Starting tomorrow and for the next four weeks. Check it out.


message 2: by John (new)

John (angryjohnny) | 57 comments The first free e-book is available now.


message 3: by Brian (new)

message 4: by Steve (new)

Steve Chaput (stevec50) | 35 comments Great news I'll have to download it as soon as I can.

message 5: by Colin (new)

Colin | 23 comments This almost makes me want to buy an ebook reader.

message 6: by John (new)

John (angryjohnny) | 57 comments Adobe has a free one for your computer:

message 7: by Brian (new)

Brian nook and kindle also have free applications for the pc.

message 8: by Brian (new)

Brian 10/22/10
Hammer and bolter

message 9: by Brian (new)

Brian Trollslayer (Warhammer)

Also the first CD of Horus Rising.

message 10: by Brian (new)

Brian This weeks offering is Honour of the Grave.

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