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message 1: by Jesslyn (new)

Jesslyn (jesslynh) | 69 comments Mod
Just in case you did not hear, the last book of the series is getting published in March 2011. Its up for pre-order--and for you Kindle fans, it's available in that format as well.
Here's the link:

message 2: by Clair (new)

Clair (merialc) | 3 comments I really enjoyed the first two books in the Clan of the Cave bear series, after that it felt to me as if it was stretching even the realms of fantasy by having the main character invent everything under the sun.

message 3: by Jesslyn (new)

Jesslyn (jesslynh) | 69 comments Mod
I kept it in perspective-more as a representative on how things came to be. But the world was so vivid and compelling, I stayed with it. I have to say that I HATED Plains of Passage, but overall, it remains a great series, IMO.

And of course, unlike so many series today, it has an ending to the story in sight. I'm not sure what has happened to that, but wish more current writers would finish the story and move on to new characters, worlds, whatever.

message 4: by Fembat (new)

Fembat | 2 comments Thanks for that! I fell upon these books purely by chance and, overall, I enjoyed them.

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