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Cale_Steps | 29 comments If you are are royal. NO PEASANTS IN THIS FORRUM PLEASE!!! This is a forrum where the royal people can come and discuss matters of 'importance'. They are welcome to 'rant and rave' about their servants or share castle feast invitations.

We will also be doing roleplay for the royal people. If you are a king or queen, please state the name of your castle!

If you are on this forrum to simply chat with the classes around you, please use ((....)) to enclose your chat. This is so you do not disturb the role play around you.

You can only partisipate in roleplay if you have a character that has been RETYPED somewhere along this topic. YOU CAN NOT HAVE MADE A CHARACTER ELSE WHERE AND THEN COME HERE AND PLAY ALONG WITH THAT CHARACTER IF YOU HABE NOT YET RETYPED THE CHARACTER HERE!

Thanks to all that follow the rules!

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Appearance: long straight blonde hair, blue eyes, short height
Gender: female
Age: 14
Personality: kind, shy, quiet
Caste system: nobility
Family: Lord Guther and Lady Verionica are her parents. She doesn't have any other family

Name(s):Lord Gunther and Lady Veronica
Appearance: he is stout. brown hair and beard. she is short and thin, has blonde hair
Age: He is 50 and she is 43
Caste system: Nobility
Family: have a daughter named Valistity

Name: Kyle Kingsbury
Appearance: tall, blonde, brown eyes
Gender: male
Age: 19
Personality: loud, annoying
Caste system: Nobility

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Cale_Steps | 29 comments ((Nice entries Pammy!))

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