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Characterization in Your Novel

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MsBounds | 9 comments Mod
Write a short PARAGRAPH that answers the questions below:

1) What book are you reading? Who is it by? Who is your main character?
2) What does your character look like?
3) What kind of person is your character? How do you know?
4) What do other characters think of the main character? How do you know?

message 2: by Taylor (new)

Taylor | 4 comments I am reading The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. The main characters name is Ronnie. She has brown hair with one purple steak. She is tall and skinny. Ronnie doesnt listen to her parents. She disobeys alot. In the book when the parents tell her tshe has to come home at a sertain time she just stays out the whole night. Part of why she does this is because she hangs out with the wrong type of people. The other character (her dad and brother) think that she trys to avviod them and doesnt ever want to be seen with them. They dont like that she does that because the whole reason they had came down there was to hang out with there dad. She never wants to be seen around them.

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