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message 1: by Ibis3 (new)

Ibis3 | 322 comments Mod
Just opening this thread if anyone is reading any of the Giller nominees and wants to discuss 'em. (Or, chatter about the winner after it's announced in November.)

message 2: by Ibis3 (last edited Nov 01, 2010 08:57PM) (new)

Ibis3 | 322 comments Mod
I missed the first one (never saw an ad for it -- good job, Bravo), but Bravo is showing profiles of all the shortlisted books every evening this week at 7pm under the title "One Country 5 Books". It doesn't look like the episodes are available online either (good job, CTV).

ETA: It appears that episodes are repeated during the day on the regular CTV channel.

message 3: by Ibis3 (new)

Ibis3 | 322 comments Mod
CTV now has the episodes online:

message 4: by Ibis3 (new)

Ibis3 | 322 comments Mod
So is everyone going to go out and buy the books as Jack Rabinovitch exhorts us to? They all look interesting.

message 5: by A.J. (new)

A.J. I've read Light Lifting, which I think deserved the prize, and Annabel, which I think didn't (although I expected it to be shortlisted).

I'm now reading The Sentimentalists, having been lucky enough to snag a first printing. I like it, although I like Light Lifting better.

I hear good things about the Selecky book, and will probably find a copy and read it. I might skip David Bergen's. Undecided.

message 6: by Miriam (last edited Nov 11, 2010 09:17AM) (new)

Miriam | 4 comments A.J. I agree with you. I'm about half way through The Sentimentalists, and am liking it more now than I did at the beginning, but I thought that Light Lifting was far superior.

I have all the rest, except for Bergen's (which I will borrow from my mother). I think I'll read them all. It's too bad I started with the MacLeod. I suspect they will suffer in comparison.

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