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Esther (essie7198) | 597 comments Name: Ciel Ingles

Monster Parent: A quarter Dragon

Age: 15,501 (15 1/2)

Gender: F

Grade: Junior

Rank: she hasn't been to the school long enough to get a rank

Personality: nothing really yet

Species: er... i guess this would make her 1/8 dragon?

Appearance: with huge dragon wings on her back, and small, about two inche big ones on her head ( )

Flaw: It's obvious to tell what her emotions are(which is sometimes good). When she's made the fangs come out and her eyes sometimes turn red, when she's happy her wings on her head bat a little(which messes up her hair too), and when she's sad they hang limply.

Favorite Food: rare meat, just enough so the outsides not red, she's not picky on which kind

Biggest Pet Peeve: when people play with the little wings on her head or call them cute

Favorite After School Activity: Fearsquad (the wings on her head really help her balance and doing flips)

Pet: tiny little griffin named Ayra about the size of a small cat

Crush: Open

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Open

Favorite School Subject: Oceanography

Least Favorite School Subject: Dragonometry, she tired of hearing about it

Classes: Dragonometry
Mad Science
History of the Undead
Clawculus A.P.
Biology Lap
Culinary Arts

Other: Eliza's her VERY distant cousin...

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Esther (essie7198) | 597 comments Name: Clare Angels

Monster Parent(s): A demon/human hybrid and an angel/human hybrid

Age: 15

Grade: Sophmore

Gender: F

Rank: Shy, quiet girl in the corner

Personality: Seems very sweet, and a goody-to-shoes and acts like her mother (the angel/human hybrid) because she was raised by her, but has her fathers personality deep on the inside

Species: 1/4 demon, 1/4 angel, 1/2 human (i like mixing a lot of species if u haven't noticed)

Appearance: brown hair

Flaw: Though it doesn't usually happen, when she gets really angry her eyes start to flame up and she can start to control fire a little bit, depending on how angry she is, and that she's super shy but that doesn't have anything to do with being a monster

Favorite Food: brownies

Biggest Pet Peeve: Other angels and other demons, they drive her insane because they almost constantly pick on her

Favorite After School Activity: Not her thing

Pet: A little unicorn about the size of a large dog, he's still a baby, named Midnight

Crush: Open

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Open

Favorite School Subject: Home Ick

Lease Favorite School Subject: Oceanography

Classes: Oceanography
Monster Literature AP
Mad Science
Home Ick
Physical Education

Other: Loves to draw and sing, also plays the piano and guitar

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