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Name: Jade Silverlight
Nickname[s]: Jay
Age: 22
Gender: M
Phsyical Description: 6'7", black her, grey-blue eyes, well toned without being beefy, killer abs, always tan, square jaw, slight cleft in his chin
Emotional Description: Funny, kind, can be sensitive, but is rarly, quiet, you wouldn't know he was in the room unless you really looked for him, he likes the shadows
Intellectual Description: Very Intelligent, straight A student, want's to graduate with his MBA and take over his dad's company
Relationships: wants to ask Rebecka out
Missing Belongings: Rolex, white gold band((ring just plain metal ring)
Favorite things: His girlfriend (we he has one), cars, and guns
Occupation: Guns salesman at a retail store
Housing: Off campus but at the very edge so he's near all his friends
Other: Rich, but doesn't act it. Wants to be an architect.

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Name: Gupta
Age: 22
Gender: M
Phsyical Description:
Emotional Description: He is very quiet and doesn't say much.
Intellectual Description: He is averagely smart but doesn't show it.
Relationships: None
Missing Belongings: His dogs collar
Favorite things: His dog that he snuck onto campus, that's about it
Occupation: He sells pots
Housing: Dorm

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pothead! haha! JK

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 58 comments Name:Skylar Lucas
Physical Description:Black hair with silver streaks, about 5'11", green eyes, olive skin tone.
Emotional Description:Quiet, usually stands out, stays away from crowds, is claustrophobic. More of an animal person.
Intellectual Description:Super smart when it comes to animals.
Missing Belongings:A necklace representing the Yin Yang symbol he got from his sister before she passed away 2 months ago.
Favorites:Animals, his sister who died, and being alone but also hates it, the color midnight blue.
Occupation:Works at a pet store near campus.
Other:Can always be found sitting under a tree drawing the scenary around him or drawing the animals.

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I edited my charries relationship,
is it ok zoey??

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Jessica Name: Natayla Hawkins
Nickname[s]: Nat
Age: 19
Gender: female
Phsyical Description: description
Emotional Description: a reserved person until she becomes friends with them then she opens up.
Intellectual Description: she's smart but not a genius she's mostly trying to figure out what she wants to do for the rest of her life
Relationships: isn't in at the moment
Missing Belongings: her favorite earrings, some novels, and a new jacket.
Favorite things: snuggling up in her pajamas and reading a novel, just sitting outside to get air, and dancing.
Occupation: waitress
Housing: lives in a dorm

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) Lol I'll make a character when I get out of school... LMAO XD

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Name: Rose Linda Meadows
Nickname[s]: Roseh,Rosie, Lindy
Age: 19
Gender: Female!
Phsyical Description: Long pale blonde hari down to her butt,dark brown highlights,large gray-green eyes, about 5'6.
Emotional Description:Rosie is gennereally mellow, but Ifshe scared she'll flip.
Intellectual Description:Pretty smart.
Relationships: OPEN. >:D
Missing Belongings: A old painting of hers, a couple tee shirts.
Favorite things:Drawing,writing, her friends,music and singing.
Occupation: works at Barnes and Noble
Housing: Dorm

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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) Name: Ryan Hawthorn

Nickname[s]: Rye, Riri, Hawtie (lol)

Age: 20

Gender: M

Physical Description: Shaggy brown hair, toned but not beefy and rather skinny.

Emotional Description: Stable but sarcastic. Toughs out rough patches and keeps his cool; doesn't like to fight.

Intellectual Description: He's basically a super genius... But he's too lazy to do any of the work, so barely scrapes by xD

Relationships: Has dated a lot of girls, but none of them were serious.

Missing Belongings: Indian choker he's never taken off since he was a kid... Woke up one morning and it was gone.

Favorite things: Butterscotch candy and Sharpies. Sharpies cuz he loves drawing on himself.

Occupation: Hot Topic :D

Housing: Dorm

Other: LOVES the Piano. Has long, slender, graceful fingers that are MEANT for it.

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) xD thanks.

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Name: Rosaleen
Nickname[s]: Rose
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Phsyical Description:
Emotional Description: Rosaleen is a very shy and quiet girl and is nice and sweet
Intellectual Description: She is very smart
Relationships: None
Missing Belongings: iPhone
Favorite things:
Occupation: Works at Victoria's Secret
Housing: Sorority

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SAME ! (:

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