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Human age:
Vampire age:

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Human age:19
Vampire age:451

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Ya!! awessome!

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-FROZEN- (Otaku4Life) Name: Haruhi
Human age: 16
Vampire age:
Appearance: Coming soon!
Crush: Open!
Other: Is human

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-FROZEN- (Otaku4Life) :)

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Name: Luke
Human age: 20
Vampire age: 675
Personality: Quite,funny,smart
History: He is a powerful fullblood vampire lord.
Other: People always say he's a girl.

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thanks X)

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Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) Name: Kira
Human age: 17
Vampire age: 500
Apperance: vampire Pictures, Images and Photos
Crush: Damon

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Darkerling the Necromancer Name: Susan
Human age: 18
Vampire age: 22
Apperance: 5'5"
Personality: Shy, tends to keep to herself, friendly
History: Only just became a vampire, is still getting use to it.
Crush: Luke

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added a pick for Damon....finally

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ohhh yum

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lol ikr

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yes totally!!

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Name: Meena
Human age: 16
Vampire age: 224
Personality: Generally pretty nice, but dont get on her bad side. She is funny and protective
History: Was brutally changed accepted her fate and moved on. But she was left on her own for the longest time. Had a small coven who were all burned for being wiccan. This was in a small town of Russia. She left and has been on her own for the bas twenty years
Other: Doesnt usually talk.

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Name: Ben
Human age: 18
Vampire age: 567
Personality: a bit dark and twisty. Intense, can be rude but nice when you get to know him
History: Sold as a pirate ship when he was young. When the ship landed on a small island the locals attacked. Since he was so young they kept him alive. They all turned out to be vamipres and let him choose as to whether or no to become one. Ben figured he would die eventually. But it didnt happen. After several centeries on the island more settlers came. He smuggled off and began wandering over america.
Other: Is pretty rich

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nice charries!

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Name: Dimitri
Huamn age:20
Vamp age:651
Personality:friendly at times,doesnt talk much though.
History:he grew up in Russia,so obviously he has the accent,he left Russia after his family died.......he is good friends with Damon
Other:rumored to be a very powerful vampire,even leader of a coven.....but no one knows for sure.

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Name: Lilly
Human age: 19
Vampire age: 529
Personality: lonly,quite,sad a lot
History: She's Irish! She moved with her vampire family.
Crush: needs one

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nice charrie!

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y ty

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no problem

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Hazuma wrote: "nice charries!"


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no problem :)

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Mande-- | 103 comments Name- Kia
Gender- f
Vamp age- 232
Age- 17
Other- None
Crush- Ben
Dating- No

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Name: Shadow
Human age: 19
Vampire age: 824
Personality: like a shadow, little evil
History: He is a vamp. lord
Crush: would like one
Other: Knows Luke.

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Isabella | 1339 comments Mod
Name: Izzy
Human age: 5
Vampire age: 10
Personality: brave and doesnt like 2 show weakness
History: doesnt rely on ppl and it has always just been her
Crush: Amaris Hanjinki - doesnt want to admit it
Other: Never refuses a dare

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Isabella | 1339 comments Mod

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Isabella | 1339 comments Mod
aww thnx :D

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TheMadHatter (aristophanes) | 2226 comments How young can they be? I was thinking of using my profile picture for my lil' vamp :)

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that would work

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TheMadHatter (aristophanes) | 2226 comments cool thanks

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no problem

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TheMadHatter (aristophanes) | 2226 comments Name: Amaris Hanjinki
Vampire age: 316
Apperance: Look at my profile picture
Personality: Very sweet and kind but can become "Dark"
History: Family was killed by vampire hunters, his parents and one of his older brothers died saving him
Crush: Izzy
Other: Has "Austic moments" so he zones out

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he a boy right..

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TheMadHatter (aristophanes) | 2226 comments Yep

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Isabella | 1339 comments Mod
i edited mine :D she has a crush on Amaris Hanjinki

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