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Kokanut | 2 comments kokanut was sitting in her backyard when she felt the ground tremble

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Darkerling the Necromancer ((I think you need to make a charre first))

John was play WoW on his computer and felt the tremor. Dang he thought, Now I won't be able to finish getting to level 138.

Note: I don't play WoW

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Isabella | 1339 comments Mod
Izzy was sleeping and she didnt feel the ground tremble

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Dager jumped off a building roof.

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Victor was in a tree resting.

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Rose walked to an apple tree.

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Victor was still sleeping.

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She jumped up trying to get an apple.

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Victor heard her and woke up.

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"AH! Come on!" Rose jumped higher.

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Victor looked down to Rose "having trouble?"

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She looked up. "YES!"

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Victor chuckled and pulled an apple from the tree and dropped it to her.

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She smiled and caugh it. "Thanks!"

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Victor smiled slightly and jumped down from the tree.

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She bit into the apple. "What.."

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Victor looked at her "whats wrong?"

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She tilted her head. "What wrong with YOU?"

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Victor smiled slightly "nothing...why?"

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"GAHHHH..I give up!" Rose threw her arms up and walked away.

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Victor grabbed ahold of her arm "im not following you.....what do you want to know?"

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She looked up at him and smiled.

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Victor chuckled slightly "well......?"

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She smached his head and jumped back. "hahaha!!" She laughed.

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Victor winced slightly and looked at her then sighed.
(aww man....i g2g byes....will bb on later)

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She laughed again.

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Victor walked up to Rose "well now....."

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She stoped. "....y-yes..."

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Victor smiled slightly "its not hard to little sister has a crush on me...haha"

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Rose gaped at him. "WHAT!?"

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Victor laghed and poked her cheek "your cheeks give you away"

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Her hands flew to her face. "THEY DO NOT!"

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Isabella | 1339 comments Mod
((creeper :D jk...))

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Victor laughed "sure they do....your as red as a cherrie"

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Rose threw her apple at him. "Jerk!" She turned and saw Celia. "What?"

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the apple hit his face "agh....w-whats your problem?!"

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Rose frowned. "....I hate you.." She ran into the forest.

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Victor frowned "hey Rose! Im sorry alright!" he ran after her.

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Rose ran faster.

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Victor caught up to her and grabbed her hand "i told you im sorry!"

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She stoped. "Let me go."

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Victor tightned his grip putting his arms around her "im not going to let you go.....your my sister....its my duty to care and watch over you...."
(aww crap....i g2g byes)

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Rose sniffed. 'Why do you hate me then?!"

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Victor frowned "i dont hate you! why wpould i! your my sister i love you!"

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"..Caues you always make fun of me."

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Victor frowned "i said im sorry.......i wont ever do it again....alright?"

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She frouned and sat down.

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Victor sighed "alright....let me sorry alright....." he said it with a concerned voice.

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She huffed. "Ya fine."

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