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message 1: by Vicki Jean (new)

Vicki Jean | 24 comments 3 years can you believe it....anyone interested?

message 2: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (lifeasabooknerd) I am, but I'm still waiting for some of the last mixed cds. (Not last Halloween though) LOL :)

message 3: by Vicki Jean (new)

Vicki Jean | 24 comments oh dear....
thats from when my life went all hay wire......
I'll send it out at the same time. I think I can have a H mix ready by friday, lets see what happens

message 4: by Amy (new)

Amy | 339 comments Mod
I'd like to do a mix as well...

message 5: by Phillip (new)

Phillip i'll do it!

michelle - did you not get my last mix?

message 6: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (lifeasabooknerd) Yep and I love it. Thanks!

message 7: by Phillip (new)

Phillip oh, good - your comment made me think you didn't receive it.

message 8: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (lifeasabooknerd) No, not at all. I just thought that everyone was sending a mix and I only got yours. Not complaining, I swear. I have enough music to play nonstop for months. LOL

message 9: by Phillip (new)

Phillip i received a lovely mix from you and amy j.

message 10: by Vicki Jean (new)

Vicki Jean | 24 comments I'm working on mine today, I've been distracted.

I've got a few old ones I'll include for Michelle, but when I deleted my profile I lost all my old lists.

message 11: by Vicki Jean (new)

Vicki Jean | 24 comments My mix is done, now if I could just Itunes to cooperate I can get the list....LOL

message 12: by Phillip (new)

Phillip hey "ellie", i still have the last mix that i sent to amy and michelle. i would be happy to send it to you as well. last time we sent our mixes via email. is it easy for you to download songs that way or would you prefer that i send it the old fashion way (by sending a CDR)?

let me know, i'm happy to send it either way. i will also send the new mix in whatever format you desire.

message 13: by Amy (new)

Amy | 339 comments Mod
hey guys - Michelle, I'm sorry, I thought I sent my last mix to you..

I'm going to be old-fashioned and send a CD, more than likely - but I'm still working on my mix, so I haven't made up my mind yet -

message 14: by Vicki Jean (new)

Vicki Jean | 24 comments Email it to me PG!

I'll figure out how to do it as well (eventually) :D

Here is mine!

Nightmare- Avenged sevenfold
Change (in the house of flies)- Deftones
All the Madmen- David Bowie
Indigo Children- Puscifer
Life is Beautiful- Sixx AM
Judith- A Perfect Circle
Blue Veins- Teh Raconteurs
Thinking of you- A perfect Circle
Rev. 22:20 (dry martini mix)- Puscifer
Your Betrayal- Bullet for my Valentine
Silver Springs- Fleetwood Mac
Over- A Perfect Circle

There it is......
I may add Skinned to the end of it by Blind Melon.....still deciding

message 15: by Phillip (last edited Oct 12, 2010 11:40PM) (new)

Phillip i'll send it to you, vj, but i need your email address ... message me

love the looks of your mix - can't wait to hear it. i only know most of those bands by name, not by their sound (of course, bowie, fleetwood mac and deftones are old friends, and one of my students brought an avenged sevenfold song in that she wants to do in jazz band). i love new music!

i know we are supposed to do a halloween theme, but i'm thinking about sending out my all star blues mix. or not. can't decide to get creepy or just deep into tragic love songs.

message 16: by Phillip (new)

Phillip Amy wrote: "hey guys - Michelle, I'm sorry, I thought I sent my last mix to you..

I'm going to be old-fashioned and send a CD, more than likely - but I'm still working on my mix, so I haven't made up my min..."

i'll love whatever you send.

message 17: by Vicki Jean (last edited Oct 13, 2010 09:21AM) (new)

Vicki Jean | 24 comments I've rearranged the mix. here is the finale

1 Vicarious-TOOL
2 Nightmare-Avenged- Sevenfold
3 Space Lord- Monter Magnet
4 Change-Deftones
5 All the Madmen- Bowie
6 Right in two-TOOL
7 Your Betrayal- Bullet for my Valentine
8 Judith- a Perfect Circle
9 Blue Veins- The Raconteurs (Jack Whites newest band)
10 Thinking of you- APC
11 Rev. 22:20 (dry martini mix) Puscifer
12 Save Yourself- Stabbing Westward
13 Life is Beautiful- Sixx AM (Nicky Sixx quitarist from Motley Crue)
14 Over- APC

15 SKinned- BLind Melon...just because I couldn't resist.

I'll burn today and get them in the mail!

Hey PG I have a disc of old Fleetwood Mac (just blues) would you like it?

Its a live recording

message 18: by Vicki Jean (new)

Vicki Jean | 24 comments Amy will you send me your new address?

message 19: by Vicki Jean (new)

Vicki Jean | 24 comments actually I need everyones except Michelle (I still have the envelope from your mix )

message 20: by Phillip (new)

Phillip vicky jean - sure - send it to me, i like early fleetwood. i will also send my address. yay!

message 21: by WitchyFingers (new)

WitchyFingers I'm in, and I am going to include my Late Summer mix, too. I made it but never sent it out. I've been....lethargic.

message 22: by Vicki Jean (new)

Vicki Jean | 24 comments Gina I need your address also.
My computer crashed last summer and I lost all my programs. they were able to save some of my documents but only a few.... and all of your address' were saved to a word doc.

message 23: by Phillip (last edited Oct 21, 2010 09:02AM) (new)

Phillip ok, so i figured out what i'm going to put on my halloween list - a compilation of music by miles davis. i'm sure you've all heard of him, but not a lot of people appreciate the range of music he covered in one lifetime - here's a sample of things to come - the last two tracks are long, so there are fewer songs ...

au privave (from the genius of charlie parker - miles was 19 years old on this track - 1951)
how am i to know? (from relaxin' - 1955)
tune up (from steamin' - 1956)
woody'n you (from workin' 1956)
on green dolphin street (from '58 sessions - 1958)
blue in green (from kind of blue - 1959)
water babies (from water babies - 1967)
pinocchio (from nefertiti - 1967)
in a silent way (from in a silent way - 1969)
pharoah's dance (from bitches' brew - 1969)

miles is the black cat of jazz - unpredictable, clever, shrewd, and dangerous; that's why he's my choice for halloween! this is a nice introduction, i tried to span a lot of the styles he worked in (and invented). he continued to make music into the '90's (after a brief hiatus in the late 70's), but this is my favorite period of his work. there is also a lot of live stuff from the early 70's that i love but the tracks are too long to include in this mix.

message 24: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (lifeasabooknerd) I'm really excited about your mix, Phillip. As much as I love music in general, I've never really known how to approach the jazz genre. I just feel more familiar with classic rock and the like. Sounds dorky, but I guess I'm intimidated and I like to know a little bit about the things I'm listening to, especially since I know jazz has so much background. I DID take jazz DANCE, but surprisingly, no jazz music was played. Hehehe...

message 25: by Phillip (last edited Oct 21, 2010 09:33AM) (new)

Phillip cool - i've almost got all the tracks converted to MP3s, so i should send this stuff out by the end of the weekend ... in time for halloween!

and, pharoah's dance is some spooky shit - you could play it loud on halloween and scare a few kids with it.

message 26: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (lifeasabooknerd) LOL, I plan on doing that. The older kids anyway. If they can get jobs and drive cars, why the hell do I have to buy their candy?!?!?!

message 27: by Phillip (last edited Oct 21, 2010 08:46PM) (new)

Phillip since you're interested in knowing more about this music, here's a little biographical material on miles davis:

as i listed above, miles got his start playing with the legendary charlie parker, who, almost singlehandedly, created the language of modern jazz (after ww2). he was 19 when he first played with him, and he said he used to have a heart attack every night he would play with him because bird (charlie parker) would take his solo and then walk off stage and go to the bar and leave miles alone for like 15 minutes on the bandstand to "deal" with soloing over the crazy fast tempos he used to play on. that's a hell of a place to get your education. soon he was leading his own bands, and the first records i have listed (walkin, workin', steamin' and miles - which i did not include anything from) are all considered his first masterpiece recordings. he was still really young at the time.

he went on to help forge the "cool school" of jazz, a style much more soft spoken and laid back than the be bop tradition he came out of (forged by charlie parker, dizzy gillespie and thelonious monk). he made another series of legendary records with arranger gil evans called the birth of the cool - i only have that stuff on vinyl, or i would have included it here - damn. miles went on to make three groundbreaking records for columbia with gil evans (sketches of spain, porgy and bess, miles + 19). these are more "orchestral" sounding records and all considered classics - if you've never heard sketches of spain you really are missing out on some gorgeous music, check it out.

by the 1960's, miles' changed bands from his classic sextet from the '50s with john coltrane , cannonball adderley (saxophones), bill evans (piano) paul chambers (bass) and philly joe jones (drums) and he formed a new quintet with wayne shorter (saxophone) herbie hancock (piano) ron carter (bass) and the young tony williams - who started with miles when he was 18! and went on to become an influential drummer on all the guys of my generation.

this band was revolutionary because they began to really change the roles of the rhythm section (piano bass drums) and the whole way that jazz musicians play together. i've included some classics from this group and wish i could include a lot more. all of those young musicians that worked with miles, and countless others got their start in his band - he was great at recognizing talent and knowing how to use it.

by the late 1960's, miles began using electric instruments (keyboard, bass) in his bands - water babies is the first record that features those kinds of instruments, and it's a real turning point in his work, that is the last record he made with a fully acoustic lineup - the last two songs on the record use electric instruments and signal things on the horizon. next came in a silent way and bitches' brew, which are considered landmark albums that changed the shape of jazz in a radical way - the grooves they are playing over are a lot more rock-based. miles had started to book his band at rock clubs and met jimi hendrix, who he said was the greatest guitarist ever - and they were preparing to make a record together right at the time when jimi died (countless musicians have mused on what bitches brew would have sounded like if jimi had been on it). so, at a time when jazz records were being overshadowed by rock 'n roll, bitches brew was the first jazz album in the 1960's to go gold. it was advertised in rolling stone and many of the other rock magazines, and suddenly miles had a rock following - and in turn turned a lot of rock audiences on to jazz.

his stuff from the 70's is kind of like listening to sly and the family stone only totally freaked out with crazy jazz soloists playing on top of funky grooves - that style of jazz is still alive today and miles pretty much singlehandedly invented that style. as i said above, he had a lot of personal problems and wasn't seeing the future of his music, so he took a few years off. when he returned in 1980, he had another all new band and continued in a new style that was more influenced by pop - but somehow had incorporated all his early styles as well. that is the basic style he stayed in until his death in the early 1990's.

message 28: by Phillip (last edited Oct 21, 2010 10:35AM) (new)

Phillip Michelle wrote: "LOL, I plan on doing that. The older kids anyway. If they can get jobs and drive cars, why the hell do I have to buy their candy?!?!?!"

my advice? buy a big water pistol for those slackers.

message 29: by WitchyFingers (new)

WitchyFingers Phillip wrote: "since you're interested in knowing more about this music, here's a little biographical material on miles davis:

as i listed above, miles got his start playing with the legendary charlie parker, wh..."

Love it - thank you!

message 30: by Phillip (new)

Phillip you are so welcome, miss gina.

message 31: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (lifeasabooknerd) VERY grateful for all the background info, Phillip. I think its important to put the music in its creative context.

message 32: by Phillip (new)

Phillip cheers, michelle

message 33: by Vicki Jean (new)

Vicki Jean | 24 comments addresses folks.....please :-D

message 34: by Phillip (new)

Phillip hey folks,

i was hoping to have the miles compilation ready to send before i leave on this east coast tour, but it didn't happen - i have to leave in an hour and i'm not ready and i haven't finished converting all the songs to MP3s. SOOOOO, as usual, i'll be late in sending these. i will try to get them off to you all after i return from the tour on november 8.

sorry to be late AGAIN.


(see you soon, vj!)

message 35: by Vicki Jean (new)

Vicki Jean | 24 comments WOOHOO

PG is coming to my house!

message 36: by Phillip (new)

Phillip yes! i'm in seattle NOW (had a 3 hour layover - ate fresh halibut and watched the giants destroy the rangers), but i will back after a brief detour through boston - cambridge - providence - new york city - brooklyn - nyc - brooklyn - philadelphia - brooklyn - nyc.

whoooohooooo! is right!

message 37: by Michelle (last edited Oct 28, 2010 09:53PM) (new)

Michelle (lifeasabooknerd) LOL Have fun! And be safe, of course.

I can live with the mix delay. I've got enough to keep me busy with The White Stripes. Haha!

message 38: by Amy (new)

Amy | 339 comments Mod
I've been crazed with moving stuff (doing it Monday), so, yeah, my mix will probably be late. But I have started it! And looking forward to receiving - Ellie, I'll give you my address now!

message 39: by Vicki Jean (new)

Vicki Jean | 24 comments YAY!
I'm all ready to send!

message 40: by Phillip (new)

Phillip hey amy,

good luck on the move.

i was thinking of emailing the MP3 tracks. if you want to receive it that way, make sure i have your email addresses (i have vj's, gina's and michelle's). amy, thanks for sending your new mailing address - i will send your disc via uspo, unless you want to receive in the other format. if so, send your email address.

i survived my red eye flight and am enjoying a nice visit with my friend jorrit in boston. looking forward to our concert in a few hours.

message 41: by Vicki Jean (new)

Vicki Jean | 24 comments Ok Michelle and Amy, cds are on their way hope you enjoy them! Pg is going to pick his up when he gets here and Gina I still need your address!

message 42: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (lifeasabooknerd) Got mine Ellie, thanks so much! Can't wait to listen to them, probably tomorrow, while the girls are otherwise occupied. :)

message 43: by Vicki Jean (new)

Vicki Jean | 24 comments hope you like them!

message 44: by Vicki Jean (new)

Vicki Jean | 24 comments PG will be here tonight!

I get him for what, a whole 7 hours, wonder how much sleep he's going to need.....LOL....

message 45: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (lifeasabooknerd) Hahaha...have fun! I'm sure he can make up for it another day, right? One late night never killed anyone.

message 46: by Phillip (last edited Nov 08, 2010 11:30AM) (new)

Phillip ONE late night???? you realize i've been on tour since october 28!!!

lots of late nights and amazing concerts, good times with good friends.

but big props to vicky jean and steve for the awesome hospitality: sweet dogs, good food, friendly folks and door to door chauffeur service to and from Sea-Tac .... you can't get that in new york city!

i'm pretty sure i got 6 hours of sleep, which is more than i'm used to. we could have snuck a movie in there somewhere! it was more like 12 hours in the company of vj ... now i'm stuck in the airport, flight was supposed to leave at 10, it's looking more like 2 ... hopefully i'll be home in time for my gig that starts at 9!

message 47: by Vicki Jean (new)

Vicki Jean | 24 comments OMG!
we should have checked your flight before we left!, I'd have loved to hang for the day!!!!!!!!!

message 48: by Phillip (new)

Phillip ended up flying to oakland in a small 50 seat plane with prop engine. wow! now i'm on the train, looks like i'll have just enough time to make my lessons. :)

message 49: by Vicki Jean (new)

Vicki Jean | 24 comments I flew from Jackson Ms to Dallas Tx on one of those, though I dont think it held 50 people.... I was scared to death.

Glad you made it home!

message 50: by Phillip (last edited Nov 08, 2010 05:21PM) (new)

Phillip yeah, made it back to oakland and was just 5 minutes late for my first lesson. phew! off to the house, have something to eat, then off to the lost trio gig. :)

i should be able to get the miles davis mixes off to all of you tomorrow.

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