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message 1: by Petunia (new)

Petunia | 33 comments Mod
Go ahead, post your poetry here.

[*GirLy_tricksy*]! (chhayaluvbooks) | 2 comments this is my first poem plz give suggestions


The words from ur lips rivers
The deepness make me shivers
you've got the strongest powers
on u god's bleesings always showers
You're the angel sent from above
ur words r magical stuff
Ur love is contagious
for me its precious
Nay, ur words r only to say
may its fragnance always stay.
You're the princess of may-fair
my eyes always find u to stare
You're words r always touchimg
its effect is never ending
for everyone you are the angel
Oh!the immortal princess of life's circle

pls guide me if any mistakes

message 3: by Jude (new)

Jude (judehnd) Hello, I'm Jude Henderson and this is one of my poems

Title: White Red Rose
Genre: Poetry/and something else
Description We all want to change, at some point in our lives, we need it. But changing, always comes with a price.

White Red Rose

There’s a white rose beneath my window.
Its petals pose in this winter cold,
Of dying wishes and desperate hopes.
My hand gently moves toward the cold white rose,
Until I realize its filled with a million thorns.
A sting in my hand, a deep red pain,
Running blood that falls upon the white red rose.

There’s a red rose beneath my window,
Its petals shine in the golden light,
Of living dreams and freshly hopes.
My hand gently moves toward the now red rose.
The beautiful rose gazes outside in this winter cold,
Though she feels safe and worm
Inside my hands, that have now become the newly home
Of the pure red rose

By: JH

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This is an example of my writing so check my Goodreads page for more =)


message 4: by Jude (new)

Jude (judehnd) Another one of mine:

Title: Red Ribbons
Genre: Poetry/Drama
Description: Its pretty itself explanatory.

Red Ribbons

She sees her
Soft white skin,
The soft blue veins
That mark a way
Beneath her skin
In her pale white wrist,
She feels her pulse
Its pressure underneath,
Almost like its someone
Who wants to scream,
She traces lines to
Relieve the pain,
She holds in her hands
Her deadly reflection,
And traces her lines
Again and again,
She extends her arm
For everyone to see,
To show the world
Those dark red ribbons
That adorn her sleeve,
Those simple lines that
Caused the pain,
Those beautiful ribbons
That released the pain.
And only to realize
That the ribbons in her sleeve. . .
They belong to me.
Only to realize
That the girl with red ribbons.
That girl is me.

By: JH

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message 5: by Petunia (new)

Petunia | 33 comments Mod
The last one is amazing, and the other two are good too. Post some more!!

[*GirLy_tricksy*]! (chhayaluvbooks) | 2 comments hi..chhaya
here's my another poem
U FOr Me

Oh!My dearest possesion.
I love you so much,
I can feel you in every touch.
You are always mine,
For me you are my sunshine.
You are in my dream in night,
and in morning in every sight.
You are so special for me,
that in every sight i want you to see.
If you are with me i am always strong,
without you i feel i am wrong.
I am always there for you,
towards you i'll be true.
for me you are like glowing sun,
I'm sorry if anything wrong i've done.
for you i can climb a hill,
or forever stand still.
at last I love you the most,
hope our love ever grows.

message 7: by Stacy (new)

Stacy (nocturnal_owlette) Hi, and here's my poem.

Likes to use big words

message 8: by Petunia (new)

Petunia | 33 comments Mod
Oohh. I LOVE poems like that. There is just something about adjectives. (wow i sound like a nerd!!)

message 9: by Petunia (new)

Petunia | 33 comments Mod
Okay. Here is a new one I did.

Sleek and silent she creeps upon us, blowing in the wind.
She splashes onto little towns as winter is whisked away.
She cowers under the ground, taking hold, and breaking through the warm soil.
Bidding Winter goodbye, she slips into his place.
A budding leaf, a warm gust, Spring is here. She is in the air.

message 10: by Petunia (new)

Petunia | 33 comments Mod
cmon guys- share some more poetry!!

message 11: by Emily (new)

Emily (azara3) | 9 comments Life's Cycle

Blackest night at noon:
Swirling, fathoms deep.
Maelstrom at twilight:
Gray, nightmarish sleep.
Brightest white at midnight:
Sharp, insubstantial leap.
Safety at dawn:
Hope too kind to reap.
Rainbow ever after:
Or 'til storms again weep.

message 12: by Petunia (new)

Petunia | 33 comments Mod
This one has some cool wording... but I don't really get it :D

idk... help me?

message 13: by Emily (new)

Emily (azara3) | 9 comments To be entirely honest... I don't remember. I think it was something about how when everything looks perfect, it isn't, and we have our own problems we deal with inside, but they will end, at least for a little while.
I have no idea. :)

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