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message 1: by Gideon (new)

Gideon | 1 comments Hi All!,

I am on a quest to find out where Savannah's breedmate mark is. Yes, you might say I should be the one to know it BUT the truth is, none of us in the compound know. Ms. Adrian hasn't disclosed that information on any of the books. Sav would love to know herself.
If any of you knows or has contacts that could find that out directly from Ms. Adrian we would love to hear from you!
Please send me an email at gideon@orderomb.com if you have that info.

Thank you in advance,


message 2: by valee, Your moderator :) (new)

valee | 301 comments Mod
lmao! This is definitely the best thread so far,lol, original.

Gideon, you're hot babe, I have this crush for hot geeks! Love you and I'm terribly sorry you're not getting your own book! I would love to see more of this 2 characters in the series, we definitely don't see enough Gideon unless it is for pc's issues. And Savannah almost has not a word at all.

Please Ms. Adrian, give us more of this 2 amazing characters.

Robin *loves sexy books* | 27 comments lol, love this idea. i wish she would give us some sort of prequel short story about them getting together. whenever they are together, they are so loving together, they make me smile. i love how he teases her..

message 4: by valee, Your moderator :) (new)

valee | 301 comments Mod
I know, me too. Specially in the last book, they had some great scenes. I would love a prequel!!!

message 5: by Akeisa (new)

Akeisa Abercrombie (cocoqueen) | 33 comments I totally agree!

message 6: by KnottyGirl (new)

KnottyGirl Reviews | 1 comments I know this is late, but it's on her shoulder. It was revealed in Hunter and Corinne's book.

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