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Steph sat in a tree.

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Seth walked in the park with his sunglasses on and yawned. "Moved again, what a pain in the ass."

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Sava woke up in her room she had brusies on her and she started to cry. Outside the weather changed from sunny to raining. Her father came in after unlocking the door "Get your a** up and get ready for school" he hissed at her and left. Sava got dressed and left for school.

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Seth was walking to the same school and saw Sava. And the bruises.

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Sava walked to her locker not looking at anyone

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Seth opened his locker, but without opening it with his hands. He made the illusion of doing so, but used his levitation power to lift the lock and open it.

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Sava got her books and ran to class sitting in the very back

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Seth walked in as well and was in her same class. "Hey!" He said with a wave.

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Sava did not answer she looked away covering her body.

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Seth sat beside her and whispered. "I saw the bruises."

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Sava jumped but did not talk

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"I can help you."

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"dont bother" she said and moved away she started to cry.

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Seth looked at her pencil and it floated up. "I can do more than anyone."

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She looked at him. "No just go away" she looked out of the window it was raining.

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"I won't take no for an answer." Seth said. "I don't like abusive people."

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She stood up and ran out of the school. He knew so other people must have known she ran back home and ran into her house slamming the door.

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Seth had teleported after her.

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She sat in her room. Her dad was getting drunk. she sighed and fell asleep in her bed.

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Seth was on her house. He could smell the alcohol and scowled. He began to move everything in the room her father was in, making it look like a poltergeist was in there.

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Her father made the stuff stop he also had powers. He chuckled and walked into Sava's room and laid down on top of her holding her down and kissing her neck.

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Seth teleported into the room. ""

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His father threw him out of the window with out even looking at him then her made a forse feild over him and sava so the boy would not interupt

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Seth levitated a pin that was inside the shield and threw it through his eye, and into his brain, killing him.
((Damn. I GTG. Back in about 50 or so.))

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the father fell over dead. he had already started to rape sava in her ass and as he colapsed dead he went in deep and stayed in her.

sava screamed out in pain

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Seth growled and gently pulled him out of her. Then once he was out he threw him into the wall. "Bastard!"

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Sava whimpered falling to the floor weakly

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Seth went to her side. "Are you all right?"

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Sava was in pain

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Seth put a hand on her arm.

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Save screamed out in pain

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Yuka wrote: "Save screamed out in pain"

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Seth retracted his arm. "I'm sorry!"

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Sava whimpered

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Seth picked her up and teleported to the hospital. "Help!" He called out and she was rushed in.
((You have a thing against father's it seems.))

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((Yes very much so))

Sava looked at him

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((Not gonna pry.))
Seth was by her side as they got her fixed up.

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sava was awake and was alittle better

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Seth was sitting by her bed. "Hey." He said.

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"Hi" she whispered

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"How you feeling?"

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"Good." He said. "Your dad is dead." He said.

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she was shocked

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"They get the idea that when he assaulted you, you grabbed a pin and shoved it through his eye, right into his brain in self defense. No charges will be held."

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"Oh" she ssaid

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Seth sighed and levitated a cup of water to her.

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she watched

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Seth lowered it to her hand.

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