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Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 146 comments Mod

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Serena  Greene (xxbreakxmexnotxx) | 34 comments Ceciet curled up by the window in the sun room enjoying the warm light filtering in. For such a horrible position she was in, she was willing to make the best of it.

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Carigan (cariganisawesome) | 128 comments Reece sat at the kitchen table. He was staring at the weird patterns on the table.

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Breathing shallowly Mae stumbled out of her room. It was to quiet, she needed to see someone else.

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Serena  Greene (xxbreakxmexnotxx) | 34 comments Ceciet slowly drifted off to sleep.

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Sava was pulled into the Asylum her parents finally let them take her. she screamed in fury and was put in a stray jacket and put in a room. she continued to scream louder.

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Seth was tossed into his cell. He caught a glimpse of one of the guards future. "Gonna die of a drug overdose." He said.

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Sava was still screaming they had no idea what cane could do there was seriously something wrong with sava she had a dark side named cane but she swears that she can see how people die and when and she can also see their ghosts she did every thing she could trying to save the people but it only made cane stronger

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Seth looked out the barred window and gripped the bars. "All because I predicted something." He grumbled.

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Sava could be heard through the whole asylum she was not sava she was cane 4 guys went into the room with cane and only one came out but he was barly breathing she laughed and started to laugh and speak in a different lauage

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Seth heard the laugh and looked around. "That is so not good."

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Cane was beaten and thrown into a room beside Seths room

sava made cane go away and sava sat up and started to cry "whats wrong with me" she whispered to herself

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"Duel personality." Seth said. Vision mode taking over. "Cane and Sava. Cane should be destroyed, or you will be pushed away and watch as Cane kills everyone nearby."

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Sava was holding her ears and started the cry more "cane stop" she whimpered

cane laughed in her head the conversation could be heard in the next room

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"Cane! Viras Miarta!" Seth said.

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cane laughed again and through herself against the wall trying to break the door down

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Seth sighed. He banged against the wall. "Tone it down nut job, you ain't busting out of here any time soon."

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cane hissed and sat down trying to keep sava asleep

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Seth closed his eyes. "Sava, I know you can hear me, Cane is weak against the old memories, use them as a chisel to knock her out. Break out of the prison she is trying to keep you in."

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Cane laughed "its not going to work" she laughed "why do you care what happened to her"

sava could barley move

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"Because I see a future, and I see you Cane dissolving into oblivion. That is if Sava fights back."

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

"she wont" cane laughed

sava just sat there in the cage of her own mind and watched as cane hurt people

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"We shall see." Seth said smugly.

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Cane fell asleep and sava woke up she sighed as the doctors came in and feed her there was a couple of male nurses who were trying hard to sneek in her room at night like they always did with the other females in the hospital

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"Hey!" Seth said grabbing one of the nurses. He looked in his eyes. "You go in there, you die."

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the guy hit him and walked into her room and pushed her onto the bed

cane laughed in savas head not helping her

sava hit the guy "STOP" she screamed

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"You are going to di-ie." Seth sang, playing the part of insane.

message 28: by [deleted user] (new)

Sava screamed again and scrached at his face

the guy smiled and held her down trying to get the gown off her that they put on the asylum victims

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Seth was really pissed off, but there was nothing he could do, and he couldn't tell anyone. "Sons of bitches all going to die, all by one hand, by the body they try to ravage, but the mind will be of a different state, and the Cane will hit your heads."

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he raped her and then left

sava laid on the bed crying and shaking her dress was ripped and torn off

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Seth growled. He knew they would die by Cane, but it still ticked him off that such sick men worked in the asylum.

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sava's door was left unlocked another guy came in and smiled "Welcome to the asylum"

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Seth managed to pick some keys and opened his door. "Get her like those other guys did and I swear to god I will break your neck."

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"this does not concern you " he said "go back to your room"

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Seth glared. "Trust me when I say don't go into the cafeteria tomorrow."

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he hit him and left leaving him out in the hall

sava was currled up in a naked ball crying

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Seth held his hand. "Slips on some wet tile and cracks his fucking head open." Seth growled, sitting next to her.

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

sava jumped feeling him in there she was scared that he was a nurse

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

Yuka wrote: "sava jumped feeling him in there she was scared that he was a nurse"

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Seth looked down at the gown. "Not even close."

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she covered her body part her whole body was sore and some parts bleeding she was still crying

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Seth looked at her. "I'm not gonna hurt you."

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sava looked up at him

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Seth looked at her and he didn't know what to say.

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sava looked hurt and abused but she still looked beautiful

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Seth reached and stroked her cheek.

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sava watched him

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Seth pulled his hand back and walked back to his cell.

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Sava did not want him to go she was to scared to be alone. fear sank over her eyes as he left. he future held nothing good the guy were going to keep trying to come into her room

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Seth felt her eyes on him and turned back around.

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