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Couple Descriptions

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Vampire/Human: This couple will produce a Half-human, Half-vampire child. The only down side is that the child will be hated by humans(for the vampire side) and hated by vampires(for the human side). Since the exhistence of vampires was proven, vampires have thought the humans as weak.

Werewolf/Human: The off-spring of a Werewolf and Human are not half and half of their parents, since Werewolves can change into humans. So the off-spring will either be all Human or be all Werewolf. Unlike the half-Vampires Humans, kids born from Werewolf and Human are not hated and that's only because the Werewolves risk there lives for the humans lives.

Werewolf/Werewolf: Simple what the off-spring will become full Werewolves.

Vampire/Vampire: Same as Werewolf/Werewolf, but the off-spring are full Vampires.

Vampire/Werewolf: There's only one of this couple, since it's Forbidden, but the off-spring are half-Vampire and half-Werewolf. Since both sides are at war the off-spring will be hated from both groups, plus the Humans.

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Dusty (mrsbieber) i need sumone to make a guy for violet thats either human or were wolf or vampire or maybe a human and ampire that she could love both of or vise versa like a love triangle

Ivie the one with a LOUD HALARIOUS laugh  (posionivy01) What about a three some? Hhaha!

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