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Iscela (iscelapineda) | 40 comments Mod
This topic is for discussion on P.Q.'s Her Sanctuary. Let us know what your thoughts were of the book, what your favorite part was, favorite quotes, etc.

** Please Note - Spoilers are allowed, but if you are writing a comment please indicate at the top of your post if there are spoilers. Just to forewarn people. **

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Amanda Pea (amandapanda808) | 2 comments lol

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P.Q. Glisson | 45 comments Hey Amanda! Still sad and in love? :)

Hello Lovely, thanks for having me here. Sorry I didn't get on sooner. I believe I was answering questions on a different thread. Was that a mistake?
I'm in the process of purchasing a shipping business and I've been at the store learning the ins and outs of the job before I take over completely. Haven't really had a chance to check in, but I will answer questions as soon as I can.

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