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5 Years Ago

A sleek Mayback 62 was rolling onto the street at Three in the morning. The streets barely had any padestrians, only the only joggers with their rare companiment of a golden retriever or a little Norwegian Elkhound. The area was known as New York's City Office Central. The Mayback's drver, a middle aged man with starting to show gray hair, came out of the vehicle. Opening the back seat door to let out a polished woman with dark brown misty hair and two other men. After giving her driver a slight nod in thanks she entered the building with no doorman to assist her. She looked at the elevator pannel to see where the man she had asked to see three days before had his office. The office skyscraper was home for many workaholic bussiness man and woman.
The level she walked into was obviously designed by a top decorater. The lighting was by chandeliers and modern lamps that you could find in the furniture section of Bloomingdales. The office had that move toward the future feeling.
"Ms. Grennish." A woman with light sandy blonde hair and a Calvin Klien pencil skirt stood up from her desk. "He is expecting you, just let me tell him you have arrived." She smiled warmly and walked across the hallway where a very large office was held. She opened the steel sliding doors a bit so just her body took up the opening. After saying that Ms. Grennish had just arrived and waiting out in the Lobby she came back to tell the guest to walk in.
Blair Grennish felt the friction that her rubber sole Louis Vuitton heels. She didn't fix her hair or bother to straighten out her skirt, she wasn't nervouse but a little frightened. "Nice to see you Ms. Grennish, what do you need to see me about?" A black leather chair turned around so that Blair could see the face of a Vampire. Brown Hair combed back with a blue silvery eyes was the first thing you would have noticed. The Amani blue suit with a loose open collar, not bothered to be closed by a tie told Blair he was wealthy and was cocky.
"You are aware I'm sure that we aren't the only ones."
"I've heard rumors not anything I could definantly say is true. Is your visit that confirmation?"
"You as well know this is not a joke! We wouldn't even be here if this wasn't an emergency!" One man finally said what he thought but Blair quiet him down.
Blair didn't answer but told both men to wait outside while she handled it. "You know what we must do."
"Is an Immortal suggesting murder?"
"You have any other plans? By another few years we may all be slaves to their bidding."
"I see, so what would you need our help?"
"Your kind and mine could deal with this problem quickly if we work together. By ten years, they will be extinct." Blair said with no emotion.
"For this to become official I need to know you trust me and my kind as we could trust your word and your kind."
"This is business, trust will come later. You understand I believe how this workds."
The man smiled and took out his hand. "Deal."
"Deal." Blair shook the man's hand.

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Manders (Swimfish) ((me no comprenda des roleplay))

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((What don't you understand?))

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Manders (Swimfish) ((can u explan this rp to me in a shorter form than ur first post plz?????))

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((Shadow Hunters kill Vampires. Vampires and Immortals are working together to kill the Shadow Hunters. ))

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Manders (Swimfish) ((lol ikr))

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((Ok, also Shadow Hunters don't know that the Vampires and Immortals are killing them so all the captains, (your characters if you're a Shadow)are going to go on a mission to stop all the killing of their race))

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((Um...I'm confused))

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Manders (Swimfish) ((k i guees))

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((Just go with it, don't worry you won't need to know about it))

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