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Single-click Search in Hayward & AC Libraries

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message 1: by Rasheed (last edited Oct 01, 2010 10:57PM) (new)

Rasheed (rasheed12824) Hello everyone.

I've added a Link+ link which you can use to search for any book at over 50 libraries in California and Nevada, including Hayward Public and AC Libraries. I'm a member of both:)

Follow these steps to see the search link on every book's page:

(A) Short way
Just click, and move it to the top of your list.

Just in case this doesn't work, there's a longer method:

(B) Long way
1- Click the green More… link under any book's synopsis (Old Filth as example)
2- Click the customize order link at the top right
3- Change the sort order of the popular links list on the right to alphabetical
4- Browse to the Link+ link and click add. Currently it is the second link on the 3rd page.
5- Move it to the top of your list.

[Note: Link+, not LinkCat. The latter is for Oregon and Washington libraries, I think]

List of participating libraries in Link+

I hope it will be as useful to you all as it is to me.

message 2: by Harvard (new)

Harvard Square | 2 comments Thanks, Rasheed. I'm in search of good stories, here's the most read story on the LitVote site to date, the sublime 'Vale of Cashmere' from VOICE FROM THE PLANET. Nice to know which libraries it's made it into!

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