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message 1: by Colby (new)

Colby (colbz) I have noticed that some books are only sold in e-reader format. So I was thinking about getting a kindle. I want to ask, though, is it worth it?

message 2: by Mairead (new)

Mairead (maireadjudge) i have a kindle and i love it. kindles are really good because they actually look like real paper and don't use a backlight so you don't need to charge them much. you can also get them to read to you and if you don't know what a word means you can look it up without leaving the page you're on and you can buy books on the kindle if you have wi-fi. the only thing is because i'm australian i can't get all the books i want from amazon. i would definitely recommend kindle :)

message 3: by Samita (new)

Samita I got an nook, and I love it. I travel a lot and it allows me to take my books with me. Ebooks are cheaper than hardcovers, not sure about paperbacks though. I recommend it if you read a lot.

message 4: by Colby (new)

Colby (colbz) Ok, thanks guys! I will take this into consideration.

message 5: by Scribble (new)

Scribble Orca (scribbleorca) have an ipad...but I can't recommend it over a Nook or a Kindle because I've never tried those. I do a lot of e-book reading on my lap-top/netbook, which is always on-line. What I don't like about the ipad is that you can only download books from the itunes store that is configured for the country in which you bought the ipad eg if I live in Germany and buy my ipad in England, I can only buy e-books from the UK itunes and not the Germany itunes. You can download the Kindle app onto your laptop, if you have one. Still heavier than any of the e-book readers.

I just love books, whether they are hard back, soft back or electronic. But a great big hard cover is pretty heavy to carry around, unless you always wear a backpack! :D

message 6: by Crystalmarie (new)

Crystalmarie (CrystalsNovels) I am torn between getting the nook or the kindle. i want one for Christmas, and i am not certain which one best suits me. i wish there was a way to trade all my books in for ebooks, i would love That :)

message 7: by Angie, YA lovin mod!! (new)

Angie | 2687 comments Mod
I want one soooo bad.... but not sure! I just don't want books to go out of print but a E reader would be so much easier when traveling! Or waiting for a book from the library!

message 8: by Jason (new)

Jason (foreverjuly) E-readers are definitely amazing considering how they allow you to take your entire library with you. I don't think we'll ever see the end of print books, and I myself often by books in print that I really love (like the Hunger Games).

For those of you up in the air about whether to choose a kindle or a nook, I think it's important to try it out first. Head over to a Barnes and Noble for the Nook and then a Staples for the Kindle. Apparently Best Buy is going to start selling both soon. Also, gives you a free 30-day trial.

If you have other questions, I'd be happy to help answer them or point you in the right direction if you're not sure. Since my books sell way more digital copies than print copies, I've definitely had to learn more about them. They're lots of fun!


message 9: by Crystalmarie (last edited Oct 25, 2010 03:36PM) (new)

Crystalmarie (CrystalsNovels) Jason wrote: "E-readers are definitely amazing considering how they allow you to take your entire library with you. I don't think we'll ever see the end of print books, and I myself often by books in print that ..."

Thanks Jason! I had no idea that Amazon gives you 30 days. I was set on the Nook, however my hair dresser was raving about her kindle (ebooks being cheaper apparently)
Thanks again for your input.

message 10: by Ralph Gallagher (new)

Ralph Gallagher | 53 comments The Kindle's also use the latest e-ink technology. It has a lot better contrast the the older version the Nooks are still using and it looks amazing.

message 11: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (krististern) I have a Kindle 2 and 3 and I love them. I have shelves of books and I decided to get a Kindle about 2 years ago. I'm so glad I did. I got a Kindle 3 in August and let my family use the Kindle 2. It's multi-functional and I never leave home without it.
I've been sick for awhile and having a Kindle has made getting books a lot easier and a lot cheaper for me. Shipping costs alone would have bankrupted me by now!

I have no experience with the Nook or ipad so I don't have any input on those. I do know that I wouldn't trade my Kindle for one of them ;o]

message 12: by Crystalmarie (new)

Crystalmarie (CrystalsNovels) As of today NookColor is being released. Now because of that, i will buy a kindle. Why the heck would we want color? that would give me a headache. Guess B&N wants to compete with apple?

message 13: by Jenny (last edited Oct 26, 2010 04:54PM) (new)

Jenny (narcisse) I am in agreement with you on that one. It seems to me that B&N should have focused their energy into improving the functionality of their standard Nook rather than waste time trying to be a one-trick iPad. Why would you want a backlit screen on a device dedicated solely to long-term reading of books, without any other bells & whistles? It only causes tension headaches and is bad for your eyes. I guess I just don't get it. If I want to read books on a screen of that type, I'd do it on my computer or phone for free rather than wasting that much money on something that offers me nothing new or special.

I have a Kindle and a Nook both. I prefer the Kindle. It's much lighter, has better contrast as mentioned above, longer battery life (up to a month if you keep the wireless off when you're not downloading books), more intuitive controls, and easier/faster functionality, not to mention Amazon has the largest selection of e-books and the better support + customer service for the device. I like the Nook alright; I just like the Kindle a lot better.

message 14: by Vina (new)

Vina  (vinapeace10) | 1 comments I'm caught in between a Nook or a Kindle. My neighbor has a Nook, and she said she did her research, and a Nook is better than a Kindle. I think I'm going to go for a Kindle though, because I do most of my book shopping, and everything else on there. I looked at the designs and I don't think I would like the little touch screen area on the bottom. Is the Kindle better?

message 15: by Ralph Gallagher (last edited Oct 27, 2010 06:19AM) (new)

Ralph Gallagher | 53 comments From what I've heard from Nook owners, it's very glitchy. I've heard quite a few people say that their little touch screen portion doesn't work very well, and that their page turns are a lot slower than that of the Kindle. I believe it's also bigger and weighs more and their battery life doesn't come anywhere close to the Kindle.

ETA: LOL!! The Nook Color "Read for up to 8 hours without recharging with wireless off."

message 16: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (krististern) Vina, Obviously, for me, it's Kindle since I've gotten two of them :o] but I think Jason made a great point, try out the Kindle for 30 days and see how you like it; do the same with the Nook. That way you can spend your dollars on what's best for you.
Sometimes we get caught up in little functions in gadgets and I think a touch screen may not be that important in the big picture.

I can attest to the battery life. I charge mine about every 25-28 days and I use the wireless at least once daily for my blogs and to have my books sent.
Page turns are faster then if I were turning them myself.
Funny, when I read a print book, at the start I find myself trying to hit the page turn button!

As far as color and a back-lit screen I'm not sure I'd want those options on my Kindle. The sharp contrast and choice of font sizes, justification and other choices makes personalizing my reading experience perfect (among all the other amazing things the Kindle does)Check out the web page and read some reviews. There's a review that's one of the first that really goes into detail on all the aspects of what the Kindle can do.

For me, there was never a doubt when I shopped around, that it was Kindle for me.

message 17: by Brittany (new)

Brittany (blackandboujee) I think eReaders are gifts sent from Heaven. It's not about eReaders trying to put books out of print, because no ereader will replace the feeling of a book in your hands. It's about portability.

I will be buying a Nook because I love the touchscreen and I love the ability to read in a brick-and-mortar B&N store portions of books for free. I do think eBooks are over priced, eBooks should cost less than a paperback any day, but that's just my opinion.I stick with free reads mainly.

I have an iPhone in which I use Stanza for reading eBooks but the screen hurts my eyes. So I'm ready for my Nook.

message 18: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (Reading is Better With Cupcakes) (imjustcupcake) | 18 comments The Nook is actually supposed to be having an update next month which will improve the page turning, making it faster than it currently is.

Also, they are not going to stop working on the regular Nook just because Nook Color came out. It is just another member of the family.

What I wish is that Kindles that are in Targets and Best Buys were not just demo models, but ones you can actually play around with. I really want to see one in action, but do not know anyone who has that one.

message 19: by Lahni (new)

Lahni The Nook is quite a bit bigger and heavier than the Kindle 3. Plus the Kindle is much more intuitive to use. I played with the Nook for quite a while at the store and am very happy I decided to go with the Kindle. I love it!

message 20: by Gareth (new)

Gareth Mottram (garethmottram) | 9 comments I've just got a Kindle for an early Christmas present - I'm pretty thrilled with it! The paper-screen technology is very comfortable to read and the vast number of free and cheap books - most with free taster/preview is just outstanding. I like the instant dictionary for any word you highlight and the facility to bookmark and save quotes and add notes.

The only tiny irritation is moving to the next page - it's really easy and ergonomic to do whichever hand you are holding the kindle in but I would really have liked for some sort of smooth animation of page turning to happen on screen instead of a brief flicker... I know, I'm sad!

I didn't really compare it with other readers so can't give any feedback there I'm afraid.

message 21: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (krististern) Hi Gareth!

Have you read a print book since you've gotten your Kindle?

I had read on another bloggers site that she wanted to purchase an e-reader based on the fact that she could look at 'pretty color book covers' and wasn't very concerned with functionality. That made me shake my head. To spend extra cash for pretty color book covers?

Truly, people really need to be trying out before they buy and definitely do their research!

I had the opportunity a few days ago to check out the Nook Color (my friends sister had the use of one), I cannot tell you how HAPPY I am that I bought my Kindles!
My friends sister was able to return the Nook Color and is now awaiting her new Kindle 3. I leant her my Kindle 2 showed her a few things and with the help of the Kindle guide that is present on all Kindles she was able to get a feel for all it's functions.

If you ever have questions about your Kindle-any version, there is an Author/Blogger, Michael Gallagher, who is the Kindle King. I subscribe to his Kindle Blog and receive it daily-this guy is no slacker or you can sign up for it free at he just went to wordpress this month. His site is super informative and he always has the newest free books updated daily and has loads of information re: Kindle news, updates & answers to any e-mails questions he receives.

The only complaint I had about the Kindle 3 was the QWERTY board didn't have numbers so you have to go to the SYM key, press it, hit your #"s, press the SYM key to get out again etc... (I know....whine) but on his blog I learned all I had to do was press the ALT key and use the top row of letters. I know this is getting extremely lengthy, not my intention--Sorry!
Just wanted to share a good site for those of you who are Kindle users and also, for those of you who are still wavering between e-readers... well, I've used both now and I can tell you that the Kindle way out-did the Nook.

message 22: by Lahni (new)

Lahni Kristi - Thanks for the link to the Kindle blog!

message 23: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (krististern) Yqw! Mike is a great guy and an awesome resource for all things Kindle plus other things--very smart cookie, that one!

message 24: by Ann (new)

Ann I was very torn on whether or not to buy a Kindle. The way I decided was downloading the free Kindle app on my iPod touch. After reading one book on it I realized I would love the full sized Kindle. I also have the app on my Android phone, which was also free. I've read 10 or 15 books between them both. It's a good way to try out the format without having to commit to anything. My birthday is in a couple of weeks, and I'll be getting mine then... so excited!

message 25: by Gareth (new)

Gareth Mottram (garethmottram) | 9 comments Kristi wrote: "Hi Gareth!

Have you read a print book since you've gotten your Kindle?

I had read on another bloggers site that she wanted to purchase an e-reader based on the fact that she could look at 'pr..."

Hi Kristi

So let's just be clear... are you a Kindle fan or not ;) Thanks for the info and especially the link - I'll pop over there now.

To answer your question - I am still reading print books... for now. They are books that I had bought before the Kindle arrived however so we'll see if I actually buy a print book in the future!

I originally asked for Kindle for two reasons - all the free and cheap books and to better push my book in the medium. However, after just a week or so of using it, I seriously question if I'll return to print versions if they're available on line as well.

We'll see...


message 26: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (krististern) Hey Gareth

I know, I know... it was difficult to tell by my posts--
I tend to hold me love for me Kindle close to me dear ole heart! LOL! ;o]

The reason I asked if you were reading any print books still was because I get ARC's or books that aren't out on Kindle still and I find myself pushing the page turn button all the time-of course it's not there.....

I got my Kindle because I couldn't get books the traditional way (browsing, shopping, etc...) anymore and shipping from Amazon alone would have been outrageous for all the reading I do.

BTW-Jason Willow-Amazing cover art and the prologue grabbed me to the point where I won't be getting my arc reviews done!

message 27: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (narcisse) LOL, when I read ARCs I tend to try to tab up to get definitions. If only paper books had instant word look up. :/

message 28: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (krististern) I know!!!
That's another bonus! Along with 'search'. I've started using the note/highlight function a lot more, too. Really, I think most of us are just barely using the available functions on the Kindle(s).

I did find out that to receive a PDF to your kindle email is 10 cents a pop which isn't much but can become kind of costly if you give it out to anyone but publishers/authors. Just an FYI!

I noticed that a lot of newer indie books will say "not yet indexed". Have you gotten that yet? It just started recently-within the past month or so.
I just got Jason Willow, Gareth's book, and his doesn't do that so maybe it's just a hit or miss thing? I'll have to e-mail Mike and see what he says about it.
Also, Check out Jason Willow, not a plug for Gareth, well, maybe it is (but a well deserved one) but this book is GOOD! I started with the prologue to just get a feel for it, ended up buying it and now I'm on chapter 4 LOL and I've got a lot of reading/writing to send in! I'm finding I don't want to stop reading it!
Have a good one, Jenny!

message 29: by Gareth (new)

Gareth Mottram (garethmottram) | 9 comments Kristi wrote: "Hey Gareth

I know, I know... it was difficult to tell by my posts--
I tend to hold me love for me Kindle close to me dear ole heart! LOL! ;o]

The reason I asked if you were reading any print..."

Hi Kristi

Thanks for the Jason Willow complements - how lovely. The main cover art was done by a good friend of mine who is also ridiculously talented in filming and editing... don't like him at all really!
Glad the prologue caught you, hope you stay hooked!
TTFN (ta ta for now... don't think it's proper text speak 8-] )

message 30: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (narcisse) When you download a book to the Kindle, it begins indexing the book for searches. If you download a lot of books at once, it is possible that the Kindle will get stuck indexing. A restart should fix it. Or if it is a recent download, the index just may not have completed yet.

For the emailing PDF's to the Kindle, you can send it to your instead of, and it will be sent to your regular email instead of to the device, which is free. Or, you can go into your Manage My Kindle on Amazon and set a maximum price that you want to pay for a PDF to be converted and transferred wirelessly (because the charge is determined by the size of the file). Anything that would cost more than your maximum will be sent to your regular email, like the address does. I get a good amount of NetGalley books, so I use that a lot.

message 31: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (krististern) Wow, Thanks, Jenny!

I just went on and checked the max price for the pdfs. That was a goldmine of info you gave. Thanks again so much! That was incredibly helpful!

Some of the indexing problems were from archived books; my son (and other family members) use my Kindle 2 and when I transfer over a book from archives or DL books, that problem does seem to happen then. I took your advice and restarted my Kindle. I don't restart often even though it's been recommend by others as well as you. Makes sense!
That's why I like these threads; there's always something to learn!

Thanks again!

message 32: by Kristi (last edited Nov 07, 2010 10:12AM) (new)

Kristi (krististern) Works for me, Gareth! TTFN is quite proper, I assure you.

You've got quite a talented friend--jerk that he is :D

I made it to chapter 4 but I had to stop and get back to some other books I need to finish but I look forward to getting back to Jason's story.

message 33: by Gareth (new)

Gareth Mottram (garethmottram) | 9 comments Hey Kristi

Thanks a million for the nice comments on JASON WILLOW - really glad you're enjoying it.

Sorry I didn't see this earlier - I've been trying to get to grips with the Kindle discussion areas and Kindle Boards now that I'm also selling direct through the Kindle Store but it costs a little more there.
I tell you what - Goodreads is soooo much easier and more user friendly for trying to find new books, give and read reviews etc... it's like coming home!

message 34: by Cari (new)

Cari Walker I am hopefully going to be getting a nook this christmas. I am excited to get one.

message 35: by Michele (new)

Michele | 10 comments My library just started enabling people to check out ebooks! (Except for Kindle books which have proprietary software).

Now that I don't have to buy books for the reader, I am rushing out to get a Nook. Yeah!

message 36: by Michele (new)

Michele | 10 comments Colberto wrote: "I have noticed that some books are only sold in e-reader format. So I was thinking about getting a kindle. I want to ask, though, is it worth it?"

The only problem with Kindles is that you're tied to buying Amazon books only. You won't be able to shop around at the new Google ebook store or any of the other independent book stores that will be selling online books. Most libraries aren't loaning ebooks that are compatible with Kindles either. Maybe that doesn't matter since Amazon books might be the cheapest anyway, but it's something to consider.

message 37: by Stacia (the 2010 club) (last edited Dec 07, 2010 02:46PM) (new)

Stacia (the 2010 club) (stacia_r) I have a Nook and use Calibre to convert books that don't fit my format with no problem. I'm guessing that you can do the same for books to Kindle?

message 38: by Colby (new)

Colby (colbz) IDK, I will check into it.

message 39: by Ralph Gallagher (new)

Ralph Gallagher | 53 comments Michele wrote: "The only problem with Kindles is that you're tied to buying Amazon books only. You won't be able to shop around at the new Google ebook store or any of the other independent book stores that will be selling online books. Most libraries aren't loaning ebooks that are compatible with Kindles either. Maybe that doesn't matter since Amazon books might be the cheapest anyway, but it's something to consider. "

This is a lie. There are plenty of places that sell books compatible with the Kindles. Fictionwise, ARe, OmniLit, and many publishers all sell Kindle Friendly formats.

You can also convert any non-DRM book to a Kindle format using either Calibre or emailing Amazon and having them do it.

message 40: by Chloe (new)

Chloe (chloebooklover) I just got kindle for pc for free, and found a bunch of free books :)

message 41: by Tarryn (new)

Tarryn (the_opal_bibliophile) I used the site 4shared to find pdf e-books. I can also convert those pdf files to kindle files with Mobipocket Creator. It's all really simple. You can put those files on the kindle for pc too, whether you have a kindle or not.

message 42: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (narcisse) Where do people keep getting the idea that you can only buy Kindle-compatible books from Amazon? That has never been the case.

message 43: by Tarryn (new)

Tarryn (the_opal_bibliophile) I've never tried to buy books for my kindle anywhere other than Amazon because I just use that and 4shared but I always assumed if I wanted to I could find books for Kindle other places. It would be kind of stupid if you couldn't.

message 44: by ijul (yuliyono) (new)

ijul (yuliyono) (ijul) | 6 comments ...I really want to have one, but in my country, its price (Kindle or Nook) is sooo expensive...I've to save a lot my money before buy it...

message 45: by Tarryn (new)

Tarryn (the_opal_bibliophile) Like I mentioned before, 4shared is a great place to download free e-books. You won't be able to read them anywhere but on the computer but you'll still get to read them.

message 46: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (K5_Music_Angel) | 10 comments I have a kindle app on my andriod and I totally adore it. I'm still trying to save up to buy an ACTUAL Kindle for my birthday in July, though...

message 47: by Tarryn (new)

Tarryn (the_opal_bibliophile) Kindles are totally awesome. I wish I had the newer version but the one I have now is still really awesome.

message 48: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana (tatiana_g) I am thinking of buying an ereader and was all set to pick Kindle, until I found out:

1) Kindle doesn't support the majority of digital library books - they are DRM-protected epubs

2) you can't read ARCs offered by Netgalley and other Galley Grab - again, epub documents are not supported

This made me really reconsider my decision. I think I will settle on Kobo or Nook.

message 49: by Crystalmarie (new)

Crystalmarie (CrystalsNovels) I bought the B&N Nook last month! I couldn't pick between the Kindle or the Nook. When i planned on purchasing the Kindle- Target had it out of stock. So i went to B&N and studied the Nook. Finally, i couldn't wait any longer- and i just bought it (the Nook)...... & I am very glad i did. They both have their perks. But honestly, i believe whichever you go with, you will learn to love. I love having pictures on my Nook. Pictures are my thing. And i have heard you cannot do it with the Kindle. So that to me was a major thing. You see i am a learning Photographer. I love my Nook, happy with the choice i made. Sometimes i wonder if it's too good to be true. ha.

message 50: by Erin (new)

Erin I think the Nooks are better. I have the original Nook, not the Nook color. I was reading other posts in this thread, and someone mentioned the page turning on Nook is slower on Kindle. Nook just had an upgrade and the page turns really really fast now. Before my mom and I got Nooks my dad probably spent a total of 5 hours researching the difference between the Kindle and Nook to make sure the Nook was the best choice, and apparently to him it is.
I also downloaded the Nook app for my Droid phone and it is awesome. I was at the boat show and I was beyond bored and so I ended up reading half of one of my books on my phone. And you can get a kindle app for phones too, so I would recommend getting an e-reader.

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