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message 2: by Camille (new)

Camille (camlovesraptors) | 3 comments I love the series but I kind of hope she doesn't. I feel that she completed what she set out to do and it's reached it's end. If she does I'll read them, but I just think that it might not be nearly as magical.

message 3: by Cat (new)

Cat | 11 comments i can imagine like when harry s kids go on adventures

message 4: by Alicia (new)

Alicia (aliciaftw) I'd enjoy a prequel, personally.

message 5: by Lady (new)

Lady (bestnewfantasyseries) | 49 comments Ah..yes, a prequel...great idea.


message 6: by Brianne (new)

Brianne (iliketoreadbooks) | 242 comments NOOOO! it's okay to wish for it. but if it came out, it wouldnt be that great. think about it.

message 7: by Alicia (new)

Alicia (aliciaftw) Did. I'd like it. Especially if it was from Lily's perspective.

message 8: by Brianne (new)

Brianne (iliketoreadbooks) | 242 comments too much of a good thing...

message 9: by Alicia (new)

Alicia (aliciaftw) This isn't candy.

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Too much of a good thing is great!

And yes this isn't candy.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

And ella i agree with you.
I don't know what i will do if she doesn't!

message 12: by Brianne (new)

Brianne (iliketoreadbooks) | 242 comments im sorry. i love harry potter. but i'm not sure about this new book thing. i didn't really like tales of beetle the bard.

message 13: by [deleted user] (last edited Oct 02, 2010 06:34PM) (new)

This wont be tales of beetle the bard.
It will be a new BOOK IN THE SERIES.
Don't you get it.

And how could you not like it if it was the tales in the deathly hallows?
I wasn't meant to be this be thick book.

message 14: by Alicia (new)

Alicia (aliciaftw) I don't know, personally I wouldn't knock it til I read it. I guess there's always some fear that an author will drag something along forever and keep trying to churn money, but I'm going to trust JK until she does.

Beetle and the Bard was decent I thought - more like fantastic beasts and quidditch through the ages. I treat them as something separate, though related.

message 15: by Alicia (new)

Alicia (aliciaftw) *Ella* wrote: "Brianne wrote: "im sorry. i love harry potter. but i'm not sure about this new book thing. i didn't really like tales of beetle the bard."

I didn't like it either. Didn't really appeal to me. Too ..."

I haven't read it since it came out, but if I remember right, wasn't it really directed at children? As much as any fairy tale we tell is.

message 16: by Brianne (new)

Brianne (iliketoreadbooks) | 242 comments i enjoyed fantastic beasts and quidditch through the ages. it was just beetle the bard.

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

This discussion is for beetle the bard is it!

message 18: by Brianne (new)

Brianne (iliketoreadbooks) | 242 comments Thank you.

message 19: by Alicia (new)

Alicia (aliciaftw) I don't know why you're saying thank you, like this is some contest for how many fans want it, and how many don't. =\ Comes across as hostile!

Issas - I don't know. The thing is, I don't imagine JK doing it for the money, and that's where a lot of authors fail, I think.

message 20: by Annie (new)

Annie (annieiscool13) I hope she writes a new book! Maybe she should write a book about the Marauders?

message 21: by Alicia (new)

Alicia (aliciaftw) I always thought something on the Founders would be interesting, but no one ever brings that up.

message 22: by Pandy, "It unscrews the other way." (new)

Pandy | 1575 comments Mod
I think that would be interesting too. I'd love reading any companion books or short stories (preferably prequels) she might write. (Of course, I'd want to read anything at all that she might write!) I hope that the possibility of an "eight" or "ninth" book doesn't necessarily mean another book about Harry - his story, as many fans and JKR seem to think, feels finished. I guess that doesn't mean that we won't get a book about the next generation, but it still seems kind of unlikely, at least for a while.

message 23: by Cat (new)

Cat | 11 comments hi!!!!!!!

message 24: by Madison (new)

Madison | 6 comments Yeah. I think it wouldn't be a great idea to make another HP book. She said originally that it was the end of the series, so it should stay that way.

Just my opinion.

message 25: by Abi (new)

Abi Lou | 184 comments I think she's a great author, and hope she doesn't stop there! More HPs would be great! I don't know what or who she'd write about, though. Voldemort's dead.

message 26: by Madison (new)

Madison | 6 comments yeah i agree

message 27: by Abi (new)

Abi Lou | 184 comments Maybe she should write the textbooks or something. You know, like "Hogwarts, A History".

message 28: by Alicia (new)

Alicia (aliciaftw) Yeah, I'll agree that Harry's story feels finished. I don't think I'd enjoy it if any new books followed his story more, or his kids for that matter. However, I think there's still room for more books about the HP universe, and more world building. It's pretty common in fantasy books, really.

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

Well maybe she could write about another horcrux and the death eaters fight back.
Voldermort does not have to be dead!!!!!!

message 30: by Alicia (new)

Alicia (aliciaftw) ...yeah, that kind of mentality is what I'm worried about.

message 31: by Brianne (new)

Brianne (iliketoreadbooks) | 242 comments yeah...if voldemort comes back i'll kill harry myself.

message 32: by Alicia (last edited Oct 03, 2010 11:53PM) (new)

Alicia (aliciaftw) I can't even stand roleplays that do that. Voldemort, or his followings uprising. I love the Universe, but we don't need to have Voldemort come back ten times or anything.

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

Why not?

And you people call yourselves fans!!!

message 34: by Alicia (new)

Alicia (aliciaftw) There's so many things in the Potter Universe that could be focused on. Why do we need to replay the same thing over and over?

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

Well what else then?

message 36: by Brenda (new)

Brenda I really like the ideas about writing about the founders or about Hogwarts history. Even one about his parents. I'm not sure how I feel about one about Harry's children.

message 37: by Alicia (new)

Alicia (aliciaftw) I wouldn't like his children. There can't be much to tell, other than the general teenage things, and then it'll just seem like some roleplay plot.

Anything referenced in the books could be made into novels. For example, there's high fantasy universes like Dragonlance and Forgotten realms which have main storylines, and then tons of other series.

message 38: by Alicia (last edited Oct 04, 2010 05:33PM) (new)

Alicia (aliciaftw) Isaac wrote: "David wrote: ". And as far as story, I'm not sure she'd be able to create a convincing protagonist, for harry children or the marauders. The only other plausable evil doer would be gridenwald who faught dumbledore, but his back story was covered so thurowly that it would be like kicking a dead horse."

I thought Lily could be a pretty good antagonist. You have all the drama with the Snape/Lily/James love triangle for the romantics, and then there's voldemort uprising, time in the Order of the Phoenix, right up until her death.

message 39: by Alicia (new)

Alicia (aliciaftw) Already edited it; I meant to say protagonist. =\

If it was marauders they do have an antagonist, but I'm not sure how well it could be done. The Rise of Voldemort could be interesting, if pulled off right, I think.

It may just be my girly-romantic side wanting to hear more about the love triangle, I'll admit. I have the feeling that the majority of fans feel content with the flashbacks in The Prince's Tale.

message 40: by Brianne (new)

Brianne (iliketoreadbooks) | 242 comments i read a really good fanfic about lucuis and narcissa.

message 41: by Sarah (last edited Oct 05, 2010 07:22PM) (new)

Sarah I | 4 comments I agree with Isaac 100%

message 42: by Randi (new)

Randi (The Artist Formerly known as Guitar Chick) (guitarchick) | 170 comments I'm very divided on this whole new book thing. J.K. is very talented and I missed all the book releases and Deathly Hallows part 1 is my first midnight premiere, and I would love a book on the Marauders. Fascinating bunch they were although that was kind of covered in James Potter, but I'd like to hear it from J.K.
ON the other hand, I like how the series ended, but I do want to know where it really began. I can't pick a side on this argument.

message 43: by Brenda (new)

Brenda (brlemon) I would be very concerned if J.K. Rowling where to write another book.....I guess I keep thinking about J. R. R. Tolkien. His Lord of the Ring's Trilogy (including the Hobbit in this group) are some of the best books written. But when his son uncovered extensive notes and unpublished books, he decided to release them and gave us Silmarillion and a few other titles that just sit on the shelf. These books do go "back to middle-earth" but quite frankly, the story line was done with the ending of the Lord of the Rings.....nothing more can compare.

I also remember a conversation I had with my college painting instructor who said that no one should ever attempt to paint Water Lily's because it has already been perfected by Monet and even Monet would not attempt to outdo the perfection he achieved by revisiting the scene.

A finally, take a look at some of the most famous writers of our time such as Harper Lee who wrote To Kill A Mockingbird. She realized that what she had done was so powerful, so perfect that to try to capture that magic again would probably not work.

Harry Potter is done and finished. It is a masterpiece of a series with legions of fans. Whatever J.K. Rowling writes will always be held up against this series. The pressure would be enormous to write another book and have it compared to her masterpiece.....

message 44: by Alicia (new)

Alicia (aliciaftw) I was under the impression that Tolkien fans enjoyed all of the books, even though that were not apart of the main trilogy.

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

I would love a story on harrys kids Albus James and Lilly

message 46: by Randi (new)

Randi (The Artist Formerly known as Guitar Chick) (guitarchick) | 170 comments Truthfully, as another avid Tolkein fan, I find the Lost Tales ect. quite interesting.
I will buy J.K.'s revent attempts, but if the consistency goes down, I'll accept the madic has been captured.

message 47: by Alicia (last edited Oct 08, 2010 06:47PM) (new)

Alicia (aliciaftw) *Ella* wrote: "I think that (Like SM did) she could write a book from either Ron or Hermione's point of view. I would find THAT extremely interesting, plus just a chance to see what THEY were thinking instead of ..."

But there'd be no new content, really. Do you think it'd end up being that interesting? And yes, the original story is in Harry's point of view. We see Harry's feelings, Harry's thoughts, and the camera follows Harry most of the time.

message 48: by Emma (new)

Emma (zeeberg) Oh. My god.
That would be awesome.
Wait. No.
It wouldn't. I don't know! AAAAAH! It all depends of course. I trust J.K. Rowling to write a good book, she's that good an author. But I don't want it to be about Harry. Something about The Founders would be good. I would also like a stiry on his parents and their time at hogwarts, and/or after hogwarts. And maybe some on Sirius or Lupin?

- But I don't want her to write another HARRY POTTER. That story is finished. It was great, the greatest book ever as far as I'm concerned, but it is over.

message 49: by Alicia (new)

Alicia (aliciaftw) Emma (Pulvis et umbra sumus) wrote: "Oh. My god.
That would be awesome.
Wait. No.
It wouldn't. I don't know! AAAAAH! It all depends of course. I trust J.K. Rowling to write a good book, she's that good an author. But I don't want it t..."

I share the same thoughts.

I think founders would be really cool, because then you also have the medieval element! I don't know how many Harry Potter fans like the middle ages though.

message 50: by Emma (new)

Emma (zeeberg) Well, you'd have too, wouldn't you? To be a HP fan? 'Cause it's all kinda medieval all the time. Like, the school and the fact that they don't have elctricity. The wizarding world probably hasn't changed much the last many hundred years.

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