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Fawful waited... and waited. He sighed as he thought back to when the two little red and green tykes had walked in and traded his glorious badges for measly beans. They were fawful's main source of food. Above him, the royals were no doubt having another huge party. He though of how cackletta had raised him from a child. "NO, no thinking of those thoughts!!!" he cried out. He rubbed his temples. "hahhh... HEADGEAR!" He called out as his work-in-progress flying headgear flew to him. "Hmmm... it seems I am needing more parts for-" A giant sound filled the room. The sound of koopas, goombas, boos and other various minions pounding in your door. "I HAVE FURY! Now i will be having work on this later, and NOT NOW, of when I am needing it!!!" He yelled, frustrated. He blasted open the ceiling, which was really the floor of the castle, and head a toad cry out in pain. oops. Fawful smiled and managed to get his headgear to carry him to rose town, a quaint little town in Geno's woods. He would have to hide for now.

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