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message 1: by Starbubbles, Respected Elder (new)

Starbubbles | 871 comments Mod
Since there was some interest in reading this series, I thought we needed a topic!

This series follows two witches as they compete against eachother to become the next queen. How are they competing? Well, whoever collects the most hearts wins. To do this, they must win over people and capture their heart.

message 2: by Miss Ryoko, Supreme Overlord ;) (new)

Miss Ryoko (missryoko) | 383 comments Mod
I read this series for the ABC Challenge/Noble Cause challenge last year - it was pretty cute! The artwork was different. I really loved the fashion! There was a couple of hick-ups, whether on Anno-sensei's part of the English translator's part I don't know (like when Chocolat took Nishitani's heart in the first volume... it was pink when she took it but then later she said it was orange and so she had 305 ecure when really, it was pink and she should have had 1000 ecure), but I did enjoy the fact that the lines of good and bad blurred a lot.

The only thing that bothered me was that Chocolat and Pierre were only 10 and 13 years old... they probably wouldn't stay together forever. I know people really thrive off that "love is love and it is everlasting and conquers all" and blah blah blah...but I'm a realist, and I like literature to be realistic too in some aspects because then it's more meaningful (but that's just me).

Other than that, I really enjoyed the series and was glad it didn't drag on and on. The characters were fun and lovable, and I really liked that I couldn't predict what was going to happen because every time I thought something, something different would happen. I liked that!

message 3: by Starbubbles, Respected Elder (new)

Starbubbles | 871 comments Mod
I always forget about ages of that stuff. Though in this case I could have sworn they were in their teens. Like 16 or something. oh well.

message 4: by Miss Ryoko, Supreme Overlord ;) (new)

Miss Ryoko (missryoko) | 383 comments Mod
Nope, only Pierre was in his teens... and just starting in his teens! It was slightly ridiculous they were so young

message 5: by Lára (last edited Feb 22, 2015 08:16PM) (new)

Lára I own all the volumes and I think it´s a cute manga. Haven´t particularly enjoyed it but have read all of it (and I even tried re/reading it but stopped) but I still think it´s cute.

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