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Grand Conspiracy (Wars of Light & Shadow, #5)
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Janny (jannywurts) | 414 comments This is the official opening of the discussion for Grand Conspiracy - as the third arc of the Wars of Light and Shadow picks up pace.

This is a NON SPOILER TOPIC - if you are reading the book, just started for the first time, or are revisiting the story to pick up more depth, post your impressions here.

Welcome to October, a fine month to enjoy a fun read.

Alissa | 52 comments I'm currently finishing ch III "Caithwood" so I'm wary of the other topics, just some titles are spoilery enough! So far, I was impressed by the part with Asandir explaining the boundaries of the Sorcerer's scope of action, it was really nice because many elements were already known, or derived from the past books, but to have them all neatly explained, and capped with the oh-not-so-negligible end moved the stakes even higher.
The part about the forest was not easy to read, I guess it was deliberate considering the "actors" of the scenes, but I struggled a little to keep my pace, while the subsequent events featuring my favorite turncoat blew my socks off and I'm now back in track :):)

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