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Other books by M.C. Beaton are written under Marion Chesney

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message 1: by Gale (new)

Gale | 17 comments Mod
After reading all of M.C. Beaton's books I hungered for more. After searching on the internet I discovered M. C. Beaton once wrote under Marion Chesney. There are series under this name such as the Poor Relations, the Six Sisters, the House of Manners, etc. Check your local library or a used book store.

message 2: by Jo (new)

Jo Beverley (jobeverley) | 2 comments The Six Sisters are Regency romances and a lot of fun. The style ia bit dated now, but there's a lot of humour in them and some delicious romances. I particularly liked Deirdre and Desire.

I found some of the other series a bit bleak in places.

message 3: by VeronicaS (new)

VeronicaS (complicatedreamer) I started with Marion Chesney and read all her series books, then discovered Agatha Raisin and Hamish Macbeth. I am currently working my way through Hamish.

message 4: by Karen (new)

Karen Beck (ksjcbeck) | 5 comments I knew Marion long before she was MCB! I have almost all of her Marion and her MCB books...love them. I wrote to her (snail mail) in the 90s before the internet. She actually answered me and sent me a couple of her books. I loved the Poor Relations series....Emmie and Effie are a hoot!

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