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Adrian Moya | 21 comments so... do i write the BookTalk thingy here?? :/

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Adrian Moya | 21 comments 1) Opal Koboi Artemis Fowl Eoin Colfer
2) -Opal Koboi(Bad Character), Holly Short(Good Character), Artemis Fowl(Good Character)
-The LEP(includes, Holly Short) is trying to keep Opal Koboi from taking over the world
-Opal Koboi, because she wants to control the world, and everyone on it
-Holly Short wants Artemis Fowl to help her stop Opal Koboi from controling the world
-When Holly Short and her commander, Julius Root, go into a cavern, and attempt to rescue a fallen comrade, and find out that Opal Koboi is back, and she wants to take revenge. Julius Root dies..

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