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message 1: by Lori, Super Mod (new)

Lori (tnbbc) | 10123 comments Mod
Go ahead, ruin it for me. I don't care if I know everything!

message 2: by Emmet (new)

Emmet O'Cuana | 8 comments All I will say is, the sequence with the undead child murderer/paedophile? Seriously icky.

Overall I really enjoyed the book though. It managed to be frightening in parts and then very intimate. Beautifully done.

message 3: by Jo (new)

Jo Agreed on the Paedophile! I enjoyed the book a lot. I loved the eerie feel it had and its originality.

message 4: by Dionisia (new)

Dionisia (therabidreader) | 332 comments I can't wait for this discussion to get underway! I read this last year and loved it.

message 5: by Shelli (new)

Shelli I'm not even a horror genre fan....but I REALLY LIKED THIS BOOK A lot! There were parts that were disgusting and gorey, but I felt this book was so much more than that. Hakan's character was a monster in every sense of the word..he was completely disgusting....however, while not warm and fuzzy...I did come to care about Eli, Oskar, Virginia and Tommy...and their stories.
Some scenes that stick out in my mind:
The acid scene!
Virginia cutting herself and drinking her own blood....
The CAT scene....
Tommy beating Hakan.....
and I really liked the scene where Eli was explaining to Oskar how it was for him to be a vampire.

message 6: by Hilary (new)

Hilary (renfrew) | 66 comments The library I borrowed this novel from had it shelved in the YA/Teen section. I don't think it belongs there...

message 7: by Shelli (new)

Shelli Renfrew wrote: "The library I borrowed this novel from had it shelved in the YA/Teen section. I don't think it belongs there..."

I totally agree!

message 8: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Phillips | 133 comments Shelli wrote: "I'm not even a horror genre fan....but I REALLY LIKED THIS BOOK A lot! There were parts that were disgusting and gory, but I felt this book was so much more than that. Hakan's character was a mons..."

Shelli I agree with your favorite scene selections below although at the same time they were some of my favorites they totally grossed me out! I really did enjoy Oskar's developing friendship with Eli how and the many aspects of that developing friendship. The Morse code and the Rubric's cube to name a couple. The friendship allowed Eli a semblance of a normal childhood in his existence and Oskar an alliance amongst all the bullies.

message 9: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Phillips | 133 comments Just finished the book today and I was wondering about every one's interpretation of the ending. Was that Oksar or Eli on the train and whichever one it was, was the other in the "old trunk" that was part of the luggage?

message 10: by Shelli (new)

Shelli I thought Oskar was on the train and Eli was in the "old trunk."

message 11: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Phillips | 133 comments Thanks for your interpretation Shelli. I had to think about for a bit but I think my final conclusion is the same as yours since most people who saw Eli thought of her as a she not a he. My other brief thought was that Oskar was in the trunk so that no one would recognize him from a "nearby" town and report his whereabouts to the police but that seems way more far fetched.

message 12: by Leslie T. (new)

Leslie T. (lat0403) | 69 comments I think it was day time so it would have to be Oskar. The guy said the train would arrive while it was dark out and Oskar said he'd have help then.

message 13: by Shelli (new)

Shelli That's right Leslie!

message 14: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Phillips | 133 comments Good point Leslie. My far fetched thought regarding the last chapter would have meant that Eli had "bitten" Oskar and he to was now a vampire but he could very will have been Oskar the human.

message 15: by Shelli (new)

Shelli I guess I didn't think Oskar was a vampire......yet.

message 16: by Jo (new)

Jo I also thought that Eli was in the old trunk.

message 17: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Phillips | 133 comments He very well may not have been a vampire yet so that's a good point you brought up Leslie. I just thought he might have been one already because in the chapter before the last one it had mentioned that Oskar was "blue" (if memory serves me correctly). He was blue because he had been under water to long.

message 18: by Leslie T. (new)

Leslie T. (lat0403) | 69 comments It really never even crossed my mind that Oskar could be a vampire. I don't really think Eli would turn him.

message 19: by Jo (new)

Jo I never thought about that either. I wouldn't think Eli would turn him but if he was about to die then maybe he would.

message 20: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Phillips | 133 comments Jo, yep. That's the only reason I thought that Oksar might be a vampire was because he was either so near death or already dead from being held under water. I do believe though that Eli would have only turned Okskar as the very last resort.

message 21: by Jo (new)

Jo Definitely! Eli certainly didn't seem happy to be a vampire and wouldn't want that for Oskar.

message 22: by Elena (last edited Oct 17, 2010 04:47PM) (new)

Elena I was loving the book a lot up to about 2/3 into it when it came to the scene where they cut Eli's penis through a hole in a table...the book went downhill for me from that point on. And then with all the references to Hakan's, the undead, erections. I really don't think any of this added to the story.

I never thought about Eli or Oskar being on the trunk. I thought Oskar was running away to meet Eli somewhere and the trunk was full of this things. I agree that it was Eli. That is why I love to read books in a group. I had totally misinterpreted the end! Now it makes more sense.

message 23: by Erika (last edited Oct 19, 2010 08:26AM) (new)

Erika (erikareading) I totally agree with your points Elena. This book totally crashed and burned for me 2/3 the way through and I wasn't even liking it that much to begin with. Although I think it started to turn more around where we find out Eli isn't/wasn't a girl and then the whole scene with the penis in the bowl and the guy slurping it was the pivotal crash and burn moment. I didn't find the book eery/creepy/scary at all so the goriness and over-the-top events like this really really detracted from it for me.

I definitely loved parts of the story and vampirism details though. I really liked that Eli was 12 mentally as well as physically and that the vampires didn't have too much of a superman like strength/unbreakable thing going on.

I didn't get the ending either but now that I read the comments it makes total sense that it was Oskar on the train and not as a vampire. Eli did say that he would never turn Oskar.

message 24: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Phillips | 133 comments The question does become however if Oskar was blue from being held in the water to long would Eli have been forced to turn Oskar? Had he possibly used mouth to mouth resuscitation/CPR to revive him and been successful? I would hope for the latter but in my estimation the author does leave either possibility open.

message 25: by Leslie T. (new)

Leslie T. (lat0403) | 69 comments I think the biggest question I had when the book was finished is why was Hakan so much like a zombie?

message 26: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Phillips | 133 comments As far as my interpretation goes, he was a zombie because the "snake" that grew in ones heart when you were infected was the only thing keeping Hakan "alive" (in like a zombie state). The "snake" had not been killed by a stake to the heart or burned in by fire.

message 27: by Leslie T. (new)

Leslie T. (lat0403) | 69 comments Oh yeah, I remember Victoria talking about something like that. I forgot all about that. So Victoria became a vampire because she didn't die. The ones that Eli killed would've been like Hakan and that's why he snaps their neck. I assumed it was just so they wouldn't become a vampire.

I love how there are so many different versions of vampires.

message 28: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Phillips | 133 comments Leslie, that's one of the great things that I love about reading group discussions. Chat about the books reminds me of things I may have forgotten and it's great :o) Also I had not thought about the neck snapping thing. Glad you brought that up. Eli could very well have been taking an extra precaution with the neck snapping he did to his victims, hoping to minimize the possibility of a zombie existence.

message 29: by Jo (new)

Jo I think the erection thing was to make him more scary. He was basically dead and was only being kept alive by the vampire in him but he still had enough of himself left to still be disgusting and perverted. He was a creature to be feared and he certainly became a creature at the end! But yeah, i could have lived without that part!

message 30: by Shelli (new)

Shelli Yes...I remember Victoria wanting to die, but realizing the "thing in her heart" wanting to live...I think she would have been a vampire like Eli...Hakan was so close to being dead, but his "heart" had not been killed properly, so he was zombie-like....he was just disgusting, but didn't ruin the story for me....I liked it through to the end!

message 31: by Jo (new)

Jo He didn't ruin it for me either. He was an important character really because who else would go out killing for a vampire other than him because Eli was a child.

message 32: by Rosemary (new)

Rosemary (romerc) | 31 comments I just finished this book. I mostly liked it but also thought some parts of the book were rather gorey and creepy but maybe the author wanted that effect?! I felt Eli was in the trunk at the end also and Oskar was getting onto the train. I also thought Eli may need help and Oskar was taking Hakan's place. He wasn't evil like Hakan but loved Eli as a friend and would help with her/his survival. My daughter saw the Swedish movie and really liked it. I'm not sure how the American version will turn out. We'll all have to go see it and decide!

Abigail (42stitches) | 360 comments I finally got to finish the book. And. Wow. I loved it. I didn't find it terribly disturbing, except for some of the things Virginia went through. I thought everything else was rather tastefully portrayed. And the last scene made me laugh. I noticed a review on the back of my copy where someone called the author "Sweden's Stephen King." I couldn't believe it at first, but towards the end it did seem somewhat appropriate. Overall, makes me want to watch the movie again.

message 34: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Phillips | 133 comments How is the movie? I have not seen it yet.

Abigail (42stitches) | 360 comments The Swedish film was amazing. Followed the book well, but cut out most of the really graphic stuff and kept a few secrets unless you already knew what to look for.

message 36: by Karina (new)

Karina just finished the novel. I do not like vampire/horror novels (The Passage anybody) but this novel was awesome! I do agree that after 2/3 of the book, I wanted it to be over already but once I talked myself out of it, I enjoyed this novel. It was creepy, disgusting at times, but definitely one of the better novels about vampires in a long time. It still isn't as scary as Salem's Lot (for me anyway) but it came pretty close.

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