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Ruth Vox's untouched drink sat before her as she scanned the room. She didn't need to have a sixth sense to know that, in principle, the majority of the cantina's inhabitants wanted to kill her. She was a Mandolorian, this was Coruscant, go figure. She wasn't wearing her armor, which was why she wasn't a shish kebob at the moment. No one knew she was a Mandolorian, but if they found out there would be trouble. When she caught sight of the Jedi she stiffened a little and then relaxed, she wasn't here for trouble. Even though a Jedi lightsaber would give her considerable prestige if she took him down, she knew she wasn't experienced enough to kill him, especially without armor.

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) ((Hola otra persona! Oh. Right. English. Hi other person!))

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) ((Haha it just showed up in my recently active posts and I went YAY:D))

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Stephen Van Ness | 65 comments ((This group is coming back from the grave, I think.))

Anthony dropped to the ground, wide-eyed, the knife still sticking out of his stomach where he had been pierced. Why hadn't he been warned by the force that he relied upon to keep him safe? This mistake would cost him dearly. Grunting, he fell to the ground. The masked bounty hunter stood behind him, with a smile on his covered face. "I win, jedi."
Rage boiled deep within Anthony's pale form. Reaching out with the force he pulled a ton of energy within his body and released it towards the bounty hunter. The bounty hunter toppled to the ground, dead. Hands quaking, Anthony reached out and removed the bounty hunter's helmet. He didn't recognize the face. Pain shrieked through Anthony's veins.
he thought as he drifted into a deep slumber.

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Ruth ((Hi guys! I love Star Wars! :) ))
Out of the corner of her eye Vox noticed the Jedi take a call on his comlink, she ignored him. A Rodian was occupying her attention at the moment. He came up to her and sat down beside her.

“Hello little human, I think it is a shame you are here alone. I have not seen you before, and I come often. I wonder if you have any friends, I’d be happy to be one.” Vox was glad she could understand Rodian, even if she couldn’t speak it. This one’s speech was causing warning flags to pop up everywhere.

“Listen,” she said, “I’ll pay you ten creds or a blaster to the head to go away. Which would you prefer?”

The Rodian seemed un-phased by her threat, he put a hurt expression on his face.

“I am sorry you think me worth so little, young human. I think if you really thought about it, you could come up with more than that.” That’s when Vox felt a blaster press against her back. The Rodian continued speaking,

“If you come with us, we will teach you a lesson about coming here unescorted, this is not the place for young-” As the Rodian was speaking Vox slowly stood up, she put a leg behind her, found the blaster-holders ankle, and tipped him to the ground. He fired but his shot went wide and hit a light instead, causing glass to explode everywhere. Vox drew a vibroknife from inside a sleeve, armorless, yes, weaponless, never. She stabbed the Rodian in a hand that was going for a weapon and flung herself to the side and the ground as the thug with the blaster, a Devorian, shot at where her back had been. Since she wasn’t there anymore, the shot hit the Rodian squarely in the neck. He gurgled and fell dead.

For a moment nobody breathed, and Vox stifled a groan. It didn’t matter that it was the Devorian that had actually been the one to shoot…she was a newcomer, and the Rodian was a regular, there was no way she was going to get out of here alive. She managed to get to her feet, but it less than a minute she was suffocating under a pile of very angry bodies and in a world of hurts.

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Ruth Vox wanted to laugh, but ended up coughing instead. This was ironic. Her whole body felt like one big bruise, except the scar on her back that would never feel again. She could still imagine the burn of the branding iron that marked her forever as one of the Death Watch's prized spoils of war. Long since healed, it was now a huge brown/red/black patch of scared and charred skin, in the shape of the Death Watch emblem.

She took the Jedi's hand and let him help her up. "I'll live." she said, but there was a searing pain in her side and she realized she was bleeding. Someone had cut a shallow wound around her ribs, she pressed a hand to her side. She needed to get home, fast. She had a medkit that would patch it up in a jiffy, but she didn't like the thought of losing so much blood.

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Stephen Van Ness | 65 comments It seemed like hours before Anthony started to feel pain bursting through his body. He awoke out of his jedi healing trance, and examined the damage. He had been able to take care of some of the more severe damage, but the remaining damage was still enough to kill him. He shakily stood up from his awkward position on the ground and left the building. Staying there any longer would certifiably mean a death sentence. Wincing with every step, he slowly made his way down an abandoned road. After a couple steps, he cried out, realizing that the knife was still wedged into his back. He had healed the skin over it, and his walking had jostled the knife and dislodged it from its safe position. He felt the knife make an incision on his heart, and realized that he could not last much longer on his own. Reaching into his cloak, he realized that though his comlink was gone, the bounty hunter had left him with his lightsaber. That was no use to him now, though. Looking around urgently, he spotted a cantina. Usually they were loud and bustling with activity, but this one was strangely silent. He walked towards it, and stumbled into the door to see a jedi helping an injured civilian. Suddenly, he felt lightheaded, and passed out on the ground.

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Ruth Stephen wrote: "It seemed like hours before Anthony started to feel pain bursting through his body. He awoke out of his jedi healing trance, and examined the damage. He had been able to take care of some of the mo..."

((Er...could you clarify something for me? 1st, Anthony is infiltrating a sith base, and a knife is sticking out of his stomach. Now, he's on Coruscant, and the knife is sticking out of his back. O_o I'm seeing some continuity problems here.))

message 9: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Vox looked at the Jedi, deliberating. If he took her to the hospital and if they found the scar on her back, they’d probably shoot her right there, or patch her up and call the police. If he took her to the Jedi temple it could be pretty much the same result. Or.. she could just walk home leaning on him, it wasn’t that far. Then she could get rid of him quicker, and he’d never know she was Mandolorian, she grimaced. At least technically Mandolorian.

"My place is quicker." she growled, getting annoyed at herself. She'd made her choice when she left Mandolore, now wasn't the time to be thinking about it. She gave the Jedi her address, and then pounded her head on a wall mentally. Now he'd know where she lived! She shouldv'e thought of that.

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Stephen Van Ness | 65 comments Ruth wrote: "Stephen wrote: "It seemed like hours before Anthony started to feel pain bursting through his body. He awoke out of his jedi healing trance, and examined the damage. He had been able to take care o..."

((Uh... okay. Here's what I had intended when writing that paragraph. I made a mistake with the knife... my bad... but the sith base was behind the wall of a store. Anthony has recieved intelligence that a sith base was rumored to be in that spot, so he took a leave of the temple to go and see if the rumors were true. While he was inside the store, he was comfronted by a bounty hunter who stabbed him. This leads us to present time, where he has just stumbled into a cantina where Vox and Avil are.))

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Ruth (( I'm here.:) ))

message 12: by Ruth (new)

Ruth (( i'm going to do something about anthony, so you can just focus on Vox if u want))

message 13: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Hara Shale was walking to a cantina. She was finally off duty, and she wanted to relax somewhere. That's when a man with a knife in his back stumbled out of the alleyway right in front of her.

"Sithspit!" she stumbled back a step, startled. Then she rushed forward, taking a medpac out of her utility belt. She yanked the knife out and slapped on a bandage, hoping the man would come round again. Then she noticed his lightsaber. Her red eyes widened.

"I've got to get you to the Jedi temple." She knelt down and wrapped his arm around her neck, hoisting him upward. Then, grunting with effort, she started toward the nearest cab. Hara hoped he would wake up and help support his own weight, right now it was like dragging a sack of bricks.

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Ruth "This just gets better and better." Vox thought sarcastically. Well, she was in this deep, might as well tell him.

"It's Vox, Arsia Vox. I like Vox better, and if you call me Fox or V I will kill you." She smiled, just in case he didn't know she was joking. Sort of joking. A little.

When they reached her apartment she let them in, and then pulled away from him.

"Stay here." she ordered, and left him in the main room as she went to her bedroom. She pulled her bloodied shirt off and wrapped a bandage on the cut with some bacta on it. Then she put a new shirt on. She glanced at her Mandolorian helmet sitting on her bed, she'd have to make certain the Jedi didn't go in there.

When Vox came out of her room she was carrying a blaster pistol. She pointed it at the Jedi and fired, the blue waves slammed into him and he fell unconscious to the ground.

"Thanks for the walk home, but no thanks." She walked toward him, meaning to throw him out in the street, but she tripped and slammed her head into a table. Her last thought was, I left the door to my room open! and she blacked out.

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Stephen Van Ness | 65 comments ((holy... everyone is blacking out!!!))

message 16: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Van Ness | 65 comments Anthony did not sleep soundly. He was having a vision, a troubling vision of the future. A woman and a man stood in an alleyway. The man's face was covered, but Anthony could sense something familiar about him. The man wore a black mask, keeping his identity hidden, but the woman looked strangely like Anthony's son's friend from the Jedi academy. Then, Anthony watched in horror as the masked man was confronted by thirty man, and let out a force blast that evaporated the mens' flesh.
Anthony awoke slowly in a woman's arms, and groaned loudly, pain sweeping through his lungs.

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(( where can i jump in))

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

((Thanks and i still need a master))
Natalie walked around the city

message 19: by Ruth (last edited Jan 20, 2011 05:22AM) (new)

Ruth (( Only three? AAGGGHHHH!!!! (if you hadn't noticed i like long posts..heheh. :D) ))
Hara saw the man wake up as she put him in the taxi.
"Mah'hara'ariandi, of the Chiss corps at your service sir. You may call me by my core name, Hara." She paused for a moment, "I'm taking you to the Jedi temple, sir, but if you'd prefer to go elsewhere I'm at your service."

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Ruth Vox woke up with a groan, her head felt like it was going to split in two. She looked across the floor to see if the Jedi was still there, but he was gone. Where could he be?

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Stephen Van Ness | 65 comments Isaac wrote: "Ruth wrote: "(( Only three? AAGGGHHHH!!!! (if you hadn't noticed i like long posts..heheh. :D) ))
Hara saw the man wake up as she put him in the taxi.
"Mah'hara'ariandi, of the Chiss corps at you..."

((Good. Because I don't think I could stomach writing less than five.))

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Stephen Van Ness | 65 comments "Jedi temple. Now." He groaned and his eyes rolled around like a dying man. "I feel a lot worse than I look."
He fought nausea and unconsciousness for the entire ride back to the temple. He knew one thing, the medpack had barely helped. He was dying. The vision came back into his mind. A masked man, like a sith, with a woman who appeared like one of the Jedi padawans in the temple. Could it have a deeper meaning than just a hallucination? Groaning, a stab of pain floated through his body, and, once again, darkness encompassed him.

message 23: by Ruth (new)

Ruth "Isaac wrote:((lol, no at least three feel free to do alot more if you want. To be honest I often go back and..."

((Thank you, I'm actually thinking about writing a fan fic book sorta based on what we're writing. :D))

"Get a medic! Now!" Hara yelled at the first Jedi she saw. Others came and helped carry him to the infirmary. Mixed emotions crossed Hara's face, but the most prominent one was anger. She hated the Sith and the Mandolorians, and to have a Jedi die here, on home soil, without her being able to stop it was maddening.

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Natalie walked around town with her robe on.She hide her face with her hood.She knew she was still a padawn but she only had to prove to the concial that she needed a master

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((Should they meet or something))

message 26: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Van Ness | 65 comments Isaac wrote: "Ruth wrote:
((Thank you, I'm actually thinking about writing a fan fic book sorta based on wha..."

((If you do PLEASR post it somewhere on good reads, I'd love to read it.))"


message 27: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Stephen wrote: "Isaac wrote: "Ruth wrote:
((Thank you, I'm actually thinking about writing a fan fic book sorta based on wha..."

((If you do PLEASR post it somewhere on good reads, I'd love to read it.))"


Kay, I haven't started it yet but when I do I'll be sure to let you know.

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Ruth Vox ran through the streets, this time with armor on but without the distinctive Mandolorian helmet, that was stowed away in the small bag she carried with the rest of her meager possessions. She needed to find that Jedi. If he had gone into her room and seen her helmet then she wouldn't be surprised if a few Jedi showed up like sharks coming in for the kill. They'd think she was a spy, and they'd kill her. Lightsaber first, ask questions later. The war was too serious now to be lenient to infiltrators. They wouldn't give her a chance to explain that it wasn't like that, she wasn't who they'd think she was.

She headed as fast as her legs could carry her, straight to the Jedi temple. If he'd gotten there before her then at least she would go down fighting.

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Ruth Vox dropped her bag and took out her helmet. It was obvious he'd seen it already anyway. She put it on and the HUD lighted up, and when she spoke the voice scrambler made her voice sound slightly mechanical.

"I'd rather take you down with me than follow you to sure death." She took out her blaster pistols, but her hands were shaking. She'd never killed anyone before, and she probably wasn't going to start today, but it looked like she'd go down fighting like a true Mandolorian, even if theirs wasn't a cause she even believed in any more.

"DARASUUM KOTE!!!" She screamed and started firing.

((p.s. Darasuum Kote means 'eternal glory'. Please don't kill me. :) ))

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((Should natalie prove to the councial she needs a master))

message 31: by Ruth (last edited Jan 24, 2011 11:37AM) (new)

Ruth (( you can have her do that if you want, or I could create a new character to interact with yours, but I'm already working on the other two story lines. I can, but...any help here guys?))

Hara left the Jedi temple and sat down on the steps, dropping her head into her hands. What a waste, she hoped the Jedi would pull through. Suddenly she heard a commotion, she looked up and widened her eyes in disbelief. It was a stinkin Mando fighting a Jedi! Slowly she stood up and reached for her weapon only to realize it wasn't there, she had left it back in her barracks. Now she'd have to figure out where to get one.

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Stephen Van Ness | 65 comments ((I have a plan for my guy already. He's not eligible. However, I could pop up another guy for you, one of my main character's friends, or something))

Anthony stood in front of the Jedi Council, head bowed in shame. This was the third time he had stood in front of them since he had become a knight. Who could say what would happen this time?

"You are irresponsible, and have broken too many laws of the order," one of the head masters was saying. "The first time you stood before us was a warning, when we sensed that you had fallen in love. The second time was when that love brought about new life. Now, you are standing before us for going against the council's wishes by endangering yourself and the order on a whim, trying to follow a lead that was purely guesswork."
Anthony grated his teeth together angrily. "I was right! There is a base there!"
"Did you see it?"
Anthony bowed his head once more. "That brings me to my second point. I did not see it because I was attacked by a Mandolorian. I believe that they have allied with the Sith."
There was a slight commotion about the council. The mandolorians were numerous, and fighting them alongside the Sith would sway the tide of the war. "Enough!" the leader of the council spoke for the first time. "Anthony, your punishment will be revealed to you in the morning. We must discuss what has occurred here."
Anthony nodded and left. He knew that this was the last straw. He would be dismissed from the order. He walked up to his apartment and packed the few items that he owned, including a photograph of his beloved. They had married in secret nearly fifteen years ago, and three years later she had met her end in a Sith siege of Dantooine. A tear dripped from his eye, and his droid floated towards him.
"Master, you are distressed. Is there anything I can do to ease your suffering?" The metallic voice comforted Anthony a little bit. The unique droid had belonged to his father, a Correlian police enforcer. The only reason Anthony knew his father was because of this droid. His father had sent it with him to the temple, but how the council had permitted it was beyond Anthony's understanding.
"It's okay, I3-Y5. We're just not going to be staying here any longer." Anthony smiled sadly. "And I think I know what we're going to do when we leave."

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message 34: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Van Ness | 65 comments Angelica watched the young man leave the council chamber and pursed her lips in dismay. Everyone knew that man, he was the one who had married and had a child within the temple. A master walked up to the door and waved her in.
She walked into the room with her arms crossed. "What?" she asked bluntly.
The leader nodded approvingly. "There is a young woman named Natalie who has just graduated from the academy. She is ready to be apprenticed."
Angelica nodded. "So?"
"You are her new master."
At this, Angelica lost her cool. "WHAT? ME? I can't take an apprentice... I can't handle such a distraction."
"She is waiting for her appointed master down in the main hall of the temple. Join her immediately. The council has decided that your first mission will take place on the remote planet of tatooine. There is a rumor of sith activity there, we want you to confirm this rumor. You will have a full briefing on your way over."
Angelica opened her mouth to protest, but no words escaped.
"A transport has been assigned to you. Go meet your apprentice."
Angelica stormed out of the room, furious. Guess it's time to meet my burden, she thought to herself.

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Natalie waited for her master.She just graduated and now she has to go on a mission.What if she died on the mission,she would never have the chance to become a master

message 36: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Hara watched with interest as the fight unfolded, then stared, furious, when the Jedi didn't kill the Mando. She ran towards him,

"Hey!" she yelled, "Peace-lover! Traitor! Kill her! She's a Mando!"

message 37: by Ruth (new)

Ruth ((kay, i'm gonna reply to ur post when i can, but right now i'm doing hmrk, i just wanted to tell u i posted the 1st 2 paraghraphs of my fan fic story, it's called "Stand". I think it should be in the writing section under sci-fi.))

message 38: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Hara ground her teeth but helped the Jedi carry the unconscious Mandolorian anyway. She knew she shouldn't have spoken as she did, it was insubordinate.

When they arrived at the cell she stayed to stand guard as the Jedi left. She knew other Jedi could do it just as easily, but she didn't want the Mando out of her sight. She hoped the whole business would be wrapped up sooner than four days though, because she would have to report for duty again and it would probably be the front lines again. At least then she'd be able to go back to shooting Mando's instead of just guarding one of them.

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Ruth Vox woke slowly, the first thing she noticed was that she was no longer wearing her helmet. Then she noticed everything else, she was in a cell, with a Chiss trooper guarding the door. Her head felt like it was about to split open and she felt faintly nauseated.

This had been the worst day of her life. She had been shot at, knocked out twice, picked up and thrown in the air as though gravity was optional, been in a fist fight and blaster/lightsaber fight and the whole world probably knew she had Mandolorian armor now. She was exhausted. Even though she was lying in a slightly uncomfortable position on the floor, she just lay her head back down and tried to get to sleep. At this point she was doomed anyway, might as well try to enjoy her last moments in blissful unconsciousness. Within moments she was asleep.

message 40: by Ruth (new)

Ruth ((Stephen, what're you going to do with your Anthony character? Are we going to see him again?))

message 41: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Van Ness | 65 comments ((Yeah. I just sat down to continue his story.))

A half an hour later, I3-Y5 appeared in Anthony's doorway. Anthony could tell that the droid was upset, how the droid managed to create an emotion on his static features was quite beyond Anthony's capacity of understanding. "Bad news?"
"The Jedi Council has decided that you are to leave the order. They advise you to pack your things and leave before the end of the day."
Anthony nodded sadly. He had seen this coming. "All of my things are packed." He turned to walk out of the door, but I3-Y5 stopped him.
"Sir, you seem to have left your lightsaber on the desk."
Anthony turned towards the desk, and lifted his hand to grab his lightsaber, but stopped. Did he deserve to wield this weapon of a warrior? He pulled his hand away. For what he had done, and what he was about to do, did he really want the mark of a Jedi hanging from his belt? Then, he realized that he needed the weapon. He snatched it from the desk and stormed out of the room, down the hall, and out of the temple.
In about an hour, he had made it to his destination. The Sith base. He pulled I3-Y5 to the side. Opening his lightsaber, he pulled out the green crystal inside, it, and crushed it with his heel. Closing the compartment, he looked over at the droid. "Alright. I... We are about to do something very dangerous. I will never be the same again if I ever get out of this. But, the sacrifices of one Jedi that benefit the order as a whole, even though they may be devastating, are worth it. I want you to record everything that happens to us in your memory, and in exactly one year from today, I want you to return to the Jedi council and give them all of the information you have accumulated."
The droid's voice chip emitted an affirmative beep.
"I want you to never, under any circumstances, remind or reveal to me, any of the events that have happened within this conversation."
Anthony lifted his hand to his head, took a deep breath, and waved it over his skull. He felt the memory of the ludicrous idea slip out of his head. What was he doing? he asked himself... he couldn't remember. Then, he looked down at the ground and saw the shattered crystal. Ah, yes. He was going to become a Sith. Walking proudly to the door of the Sith base, he stormed into it, holding his lightsaber out in an expression of peace.

message 42: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Stephen wrote: "((Yeah. I just sat down to continue his story.))

A half an hour later, I3-Y5 appeared in Anthony's doorway. Anthony could tell that the droid was upset, how the droid managed to create an emotion ..."

((Awesome! That's a cool twist. Can't wait to see where it goes. Do you want someone to interact to? Or do you want to just do a storyline on your own?))

Hara snorted as she left the temple. Yes trooper, that's fine trooper, just leave trooper, don't mind me trooper. She shook her head, it was her job, she shouldn't expect thanks anyway.


Vox woke up with a start. She wasn't disoriented at all, so she knew she hadn't slept long. She got up off the floor and looked at the Jedi.

"No hello? How was your day Vox? Or are you just going to call me Mando from now on?" She knew being sarcastic wasn't the smartest thing to do, but it didn't look like things could get any worse anyway.

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Stephen Van Ness | 65 comments Ruth wrote: ((Awesome! That's a cool twist. Can't wait to see where it goes. Do you want someone to interact to? Or do you want to just do a storyline on your own?))

((I was gonna make myself a sith lord to be a master for my character, but it would be awesome if someone else hopped in and gave me a hand. That's what roleplaying's for, isn't it?))

message 44: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Vox raised an eyebrow, this was new. Maybe they'd actually give her a chance to explain herself, maybe they'd let her go, maybe everything would turn out alright, and maybe she was kidding herself. Oh well, at least she'd have a chance to defend herself.

"Sure." She shrugged.

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Stephen Van Ness | 65 comments Anthony dropped his lightsaber on the ground as he felt the grip of the Sith Lord tighten around his throat. He kicked it towards the Sith. "Let go of me, My Lord. I'm not one of them," he managed through gurgled gasps.
Anthony could see he had peaked the man's interest. The Sith smiled slyly. "I sense no deceit from you." The Sith Lord released his grip. "However, you still haven't told me why I should possibly even consider letting you live."
Anthony smiled as he walked over to the Sith Lord. "I have much training, and I know the Jedi and their ways very well. I can be of much use to you, if you do not end my life now."

((I hope you don't mind me putting words into your character's mouth... I thought it was important to do so to help advance the storyline... if i didn't, my entry would be kind of short...))

message 46: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Vox opened her mouth and then stopped in surprise and closed it again. Then she opened it again,

"What are you talking about? If you're referring to when I blasted you, I wasn't going to do anything to you. Just throw you out of my apartment and then pack and leave. I shouldn't have given you my address. As to the last part..." Vox sighed and sat down on the cot.

"You may as well sit down. This'll take awhile." She paused to gather her thoughts. "I didn't want to kill you because I'm not really a Mandolorian. I'm not like them, not really. I grew up on some planet in the Outer Rim until I was ten, and then the Death Watch came and slaughtered nearly everyone in my village except the young that showed promise. I was one of those young." Vox stopped and then started on an entirely new subject, hoping the Jedi would be able to keep up. She never thought she'd have to explain this to someone.

"I couldn't stay with them! The Death Watch were fanatical, it's true, but they still showed courage and honor like the rest of them. Mandolorians were never meant to be beholden to anyone, and now they're just Sith lapdogs. I know why they did it. I grew up in the aftermath of war on the losing side. We are still suffering at our defeat at the hands of Revan. The best reason is that they joined to see glory and feed their families....the worst....?" Vox felt like punching someone, it was so frustrating!

"They killed my parents! Yet they fed me. The Death Watch do not show love, the have a very brutal sort of compassion, if that's even the correct word. When I arrived at my new home they branded my back with the Death Watch symbol, I was spoils of war. Even after that, I couldn't help but admire, not them, the Death Watch are too fanatical, but the rest of the Mandolorian race. They were noble. Now they've been reduced to what they've always been before, mercs. But for a while in the Mandolorian Wars they held their own. I couldn't stand to work for the Sith, so I left. I'm worse than you...aruetiise, it means stranger and foreigner. I'm hutuun, cowardly, and aruestiise, which also means traitor." Vox looked at the Jedi sidelong.

"I'm crazy aren't I?"

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Ruth Vox smiled a little at his response and then shook her head.

"No. Why do you ask?" The look on the Jedi's face worried her. She answered his questions, but maybe that wouldn't be enough.

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Ruth Vox shook Avil's hand. "Thanks, it's a relief to finally know your name. What are you going to do? Talk to the other Jedi? You realize once I get out of here I'll probably have to leave Coruscant, which reminds me, do you have my bag somewhere? It had all my things in it."

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Ruth ((well, guess it's now my turn to put words in your characters mouth. :) ))

Vox stood up as Avil entered the cell.

"We need to leave. Now." Vox nodded and grabbed her bag. They left the room at a run.

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Ruth Vox nodded "Sure, if you already know the basics, I can also teach you to be a good copilot. It shouldn't be hard to get to Ord Mantell though, most people want to leave. Autopilot should get us there without a problem." Vox went into the cockpit and set a course for Ord Mantell. Then she went straight into one of the cabins on the ship and placed her bag near a bunk,

"I'm getting some sleep." She yelled, knowing that Avil would be able to hear her, the ship wasn't that large. She collapsed into a bunk and was out in seconds.

((srry it took me so long, been busy))

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