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Ari walked down the dark empty street with a soft yawn.

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Damon was outside his house. He looked out to the street and seen a girl. He cocked his head at her.

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She licked her lips softly and shivered at the cold wind. She crossed her arms over her chest and tried to warm herself.

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Damon walked outside on his front lawn and hid behind a tree watching the girl.

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She didn't notice the man watching her. She shivered again and sat down on the curb slightly in a ball as she stared at the never ending strech of blacktop before her.

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As he watched her, he wanted her. He stepped out from behind the tree.

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She looked up brisquely and then back down again paying no mind to the stranger. She coughed softly and sneezed shivering yet again. She regreted not bringing a jacket to put on over her tanktop and sweats.

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Damon shrugged off his jacket smiling evil to himself. He walked over to the girl. "Are you cold."

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She nodded looking up. She shivered again holding herself tighter. She looked a tthe jacket "are you gunna let me barrow that?" she asked looking confused "you don't even know me..."

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"So?" He said, he walked closer to her and put the jacket around her shoulders. "Better?"

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She clutched it qnd nodded "ya... Thanks" she said softly. Ari smiled slightly and held her hand out to him "I'm Ari"

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He looked at her hand and took it. "James." He lied.

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She smiled a bit more "nice ta meet ya James" she said happily.

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Just Joe (justjoe) ((hey Ashley, I'm back :) can we continue where we left off please?))

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