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You wish You knew (luv2write) | 194 comments Mod
((here ya go))

You wish You knew (luv2write) | 194 comments Mod
Ang left the sport center after a tennis practice

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Conner was taking extra classes this year and didn't have time to go to tennis with Ang. So when the bell rang, he walked as fast as he could to the sports center. But she wasn't there.
Conner scratched his head.

You wish You knew (luv2write) | 194 comments Mod
Ang walked towards her dorm. She was disappointed that she didn't see Conner

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Madela came running to Conner.
"Hey,Con, if you're looking for Ang, I think she went to her dorm." she said, out of breath.

"Thanks Ela, but you know I can't meet her now. Could you go into the girls' dorm and tell her we'll play tommorrow?"

Madela had nothing to do and ran over to the dorms.

You wish You knew (luv2write) | 194 comments Mod
Ang saw Madela, "Hey."

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Daisy Andrea wandered into the school

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"Hey Angela. Conner just wanted to know if you could play tennis tommorrow. His cell phone got junked, so he couldn't call you. Whatdya say?"

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Daisy Andrea looked for her building

You wish You knew (luv2write) | 194 comments Mod
"That sounds great." Ang said with a smile

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Bryce had just got out of class and decieded to go for a nice little stroll. He exited the building and walked around it, liking the way the breeze blew against his face.

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Madela skipped away.

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((can you make bryce come over to the tennis courts. we can make conner and him friends.))

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Daisy She dragged her stuff to the guys dormitory first on accident and then finally found her way to her room

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Madela kept running until she saw a new girl dragging her stuff.
"Hey, you need any help?" she asked
Conner could wait.

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Daisy "I suppose I do..."

You wish You knew (luv2write) | 194 comments Mod
Ang went in her dorm, changed into jeans and a tight fitted t shirt and walked around campus. She went near the sports center thinking Conner may be there

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Conner had already left after Madela hadn't come back. They both were probably doing something.

Well, here, I'll take that one. Do you know what your room number is?"

You wish You knew (luv2write) | 194 comments Mod
Ang couldn't seem to find him. She went to the cafe on campus

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Daisy "thank you, it's 73"

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"Really? That's close to mine, 82!"
Madela picked up the bag and trudged to the girls' dorms.

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Daisy "Cool"

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When they got there, Madela showed her the punch-in number lock.
"Did they give you your combination?"

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Daisy She nodded and pushed the buttons

You wish You knew (luv2write) | 194 comments Mod
Ang took her lapop out of her bag after she settled on a couch

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Madela walked in after her.
"Oh yeah, I totally forgot to ask you your name. I'm Madela!"

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Daisy "I'm Andrea"

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"Nice to meet you. And if you need anything, just come over to my room!"

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Daisy She nodded

You wish You knew (luv2write) | 194 comments Mod
Ang worked on a paper that was due later in the week

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Madela excused herself from Andrea's room and knocked on Ang's. She saw her working on something that was so long it could have been Madela's Santa Wishlist that she wrote when she was five.

"Woah! Lotsa work. Atleast they cut freshman some slack!"

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Daisy she smiled and unpacked

You wish You knew (luv2write) | 194 comments Mod
Ang laughed, "It's die Friday but I want to get it out of the way so I have time to do other things this week."

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((soz scarlet i got grounded so my dad woundn't let me on com. You still want Bryce to go to tennis coart?))

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((well, im here now.))

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Bryce walked off to the tennis court. The wind slapping him in the face.

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Connor saw someone coming over. Maybe he could play. He was bored anyway.

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Meka walked on to the court

You wish You knew (luv2write) | 194 comments Mod
Ang decided to take a break. She went to the track next to the tennis court and started to run laps. She wanted to be ready and in shape for tennis try outs later that week

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Meka was tall and small as it was but she loved to play tennis "Now who can i play with" she smiled

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Bryce saw a girl on the tennis court who caught his attention. "You wanna verse?" he asked her.

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"Sure love to" Meka walked over to the kid "Hi there I'm Meka" putting her hand out to him

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Connor decided to surrender for the day. Madela was probably doing something 'fun'.

You wish You knew (luv2write) | 194 comments Mod
Ang saw Connor on the courts and waved

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"Hi Meka, im Bryce. It is nice to meet ya" Bryce said. She was so pretty he thought to himself

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Connor didn't look in Ang's way. He didn't see her waving.

You wish You knew (luv2write) | 194 comments Mod
"Connor!" Ang yelled

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Connor heard someone call his name. It didn't sound like Madela. He searched until he found Ang.

"Oh hey! Sorry." he said as she ran over.

You wish You knew (luv2write) | 194 comments Mod
"Missed you at tennis today." Ang said

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"Yeah I'm so sorry, I totally forgot! Not going to happen again though. D'you wanna play?"

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