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Ralph Gallagher | 327 comments Mod
I'm looking at buying a Kindle 3 when I get paid in October. I'm of course going to need a cover for it, and I'm currently looking at the one made by Amazon. Has anyone had any problems with theres? Is it really heavy?

message 2: by stormhawk (new)

stormhawk | 542 comments I hear a lot of people like the amazon cover, but I didn't go that direction. I have an Oberon Designs cover and a Timbuk2 sleeve. I carry the Kindle to work in my messenger bag (also from Timbuk2) so the sleeve is perfect for that.

Nichole ~Bookaholic~ (nicholebookaholic) I purchased the cover with the built in reading light and LOVE it

message 4: by IUHoosier (new)

IUHoosier | 93 comments Nichole wrote: "I purchased the cover with the built in reading light and LOVE it"

Same here - I got the red Amazon cover with light - LOVE it. And the light is surprisingly useful.

message 5: by Ann (new)

Ann | 83 comments I also bought the lighted cover, I love it! I'm so happy I spent the extra money, I use the light more than I thought I would.

message 6: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (newtomato) Like the 4 above me, I also got the lighted amazon cover, and love it. The light being powered off the Kindle battery makes it a very clever accessory...

message 7: by Yodamom (new)

Yodamom Like above I got the Amazon cove with the lightr, I love it. The cord I don't see lasting too long, it will stretch out with time. I do think it will be easy to fix with a strap/band.

message 8: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (newtomato) Yodamom wrote: "Like above I got the Amazon cove with the lightr, I love it. The cord I don't see lasting too long, it will stretch out with time. I do think it will be easy to fix with a strap/band."

Agreed. I bet some clever soul on Etsy will come up with a replacement/solution kit.

message 9: by Dawn (new)

Dawn (morningmuse) | 5 comments I also bought the cover with built in light, it is a very bright light that throws a wider ambient path than I would like, its great for reading with, but not great for my sleeping husband. The cover is light, neat and easy to handle.

message 10: by Karen (new)

Karen | 60 comments I bought the cover but returned it, it doubles the weight of the Kindle. The size of the K3 is great to slip into a purse. I don't think it needs a cover, JMHO, Karen

message 11: by Ann (new)

Ann | 83 comments I agree with Karen, that the cover doubles the weight of the K3, but it's still so much lighter than the K1 I upgraded from, and the extra weight is also worth such a handy dandy light. The light is plenty bright enough, I was surprised how bright it is, and doesn't seem to wear down the battery much.

message 12: by Angela (new)

Angela (angelah110) | 82 comments Karen wrote: "I bought the cover but returned it, it doubles the weight of the Kindle. The size of the K3 is great to slip into a purse. I don't think it needs a cover, JMHO, Karen"

I think if your worried about scratches you could always get a skin. has tons of them they're about $20 and remove without any mess. I had one for my K2. I got the lighted cover this time 'cause I liked the light attachment.

message 13: by Karen (new)

Karen | 60 comments I don't worry about scratches, most of the time my Kindle stays by my recliner, unless I am going somewhere with a lot of waiting, then it fits in my purse. The skins are beautiful but I don't want the distraction in mt perifral vision. I had a skin on my K2. I didn't like the white. I will most likely buy the next version Kindle, provided the price is even or lover

message 14: by Ralph Gallagher (new)

Ralph Gallagher | 327 comments Mod
I bought a K3 and the case Friday! My case arrived yesterday and I love it. Now I just need my K3 to get here tomorrow. =P

message 15: by Jo * Smut-Dickted * (last edited Oct 04, 2010 06:16AM) (new)

Jo * Smut-Dickted * (josmut-dickted) I have an Oberon for my K3. While I like it I just ordered an amazon lighted cover. Almost all of my reading is done in places I need extra light and I'm going through batteries pretty fast (even the recharg ones have to be done every 10 hours or so)and the Oberon isn't as comfy for me to read with at night. I thought it would be softer inside but it's not really. Also the button prevents it from a smooth allt he way fold back although it's almost there. I know people get obsessive about their Oberon's and I do love the design and the way it looksin general...but maybe just my use of it differs. I think the reading with a light makes a big difference. If I didn't need a light and read in bed where I am recling and have to hold it up I think the Oberon would be perfect!

message 16: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte (charlotte-) | 32 comments I have the Kindle cover for my K3 without a light - I was concerned that it was just one more thing to break & the bedside lamp is still sufficient, even for my aging eyes! I used my Kindle for a few days without a cover, as I ordered it later, and much prefer the handling while reading with a cover - more options for holding and propping it, especially in bed.

message 17: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (newtomato) Yeah, the Oberons are gorgeous, but they struck me as being too bulky for the sleekness of the K3. Sounds like you'll like the Amazon cover, Joelle. When I read in bed, I frequently tent the cover so it stands angled on its own. It's easily folded all the way back as well.

message 18: by Katrina (new)

Katrina | 22 comments I got my new K3 today..and LOVE it. I just wish my K2 cover fit it, but oh well. I really want the lighted cover but the price tag is a LITTLE steep in my book. For now I will have to find something so I can throw it in my purse.

message 19: by stormhawk (new)

stormhawk | 542 comments I poked a couple extra holes in my K1 Oberon Cover, ran some cord through to snug up the tabs, and it's working just fine for my K3.

The Timbuk2 Sleeves are a great option if you're just wanting to toss your Kindle in a purse or briefcase. I've also wrapped it in soft fabric, like flannel, to put in the briefcase.

message 20: by MsBeaglely (new)

MsBeaglely | 7 comments I got the Amazon Kindle3 cover without the light. I've tried so many booklights over the years, only to be disappointed time & time again. It was a gift & I couldn't warrant having my mom pay an extra $20 for something that I probably won't use much. Out of all the reading lights that I've used, nothing's been better than my pocket flashlight.

I don't have any complaints about my cover, but this is my first Kindle so I don't have anything to compare it with. I buy cases for all my electronics that have any kind of screen (cell phones, iPods, etc.) because no matter how careful I am, the screen always gets scrathed or damaged. It protects my Kindle & I like how the cover folds back.

I do like the look of the Oberon covers, but they are a little pricey for my pocketbook. I only "paid" $14.00 for my Kindle, so spending $90.00 on a cover was not something I was even willing to consider. But that's just me.

Jo * Smut-Dickted * (josmut-dickted) So I got the Amazon Lighted K3 cover and I quite like it. VERY different than the Oberon. The light is not as bright nor does it hit the screen as well as I'd like but it will do the job. I like that it's very easy to fold back, the cord holds the pieces together and it is very streamlined. Due to the Oberon being leather it doesn't fold back quite as well and it looks gorgeous but with a light functionality it's not as good. Without a light just everyday I'd probably chose it over the amazon one though because it just has a bit more pizzaz.

I'm keeping both and I am sure I'll get good use of them!

message 22: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (newtomato) The Amazon cover is leather as well - just a different thickness/type/design.

message 23: by Eric_W (last edited Oct 07, 2010 07:07AM) (new)

Eric_W (ericw) I got the cover with the light built in and it works very well. If you want to spend a little less, Walmart has a GE booklight that hooks nicely over the edge, provides all the illumination needed, runs on AAA batteries that last forever, and costs $4.95. For most situations, however, my iTouch with the Kindle app. is absolutely the best.

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